One of the most popular and joyful gifts to give is a loving, furry addition to the family. Prior to making this decision, there are a few things you should consider before giving a dog as a pet. Ensuring you’ve done all your homework will set you, and the new dog owner, up for success!

Things to Consider Before Giving a Dog as a Gift

The very first thing to consider before gifting a dog as a pet is whether or not the recipient actually wants a dog. The best way to get this information is to come right out and ask them if having a pup is something they are up for. If this is a surprise gift, it is vital that you do your homework to find out if a dog is the best gift for this person. For example, consider if they have time and money for the new responsibility that is having a dog as a pet. If this person works long hours or travels a lot, they probably don’t have the time needed to properly train and care for Fido. Dogs can also be expensive at times, especially in their first year.

You will also want to consider their home environment. A larger breed dog would be fine for someone with indoor and outdoor spaces. On the other hand, a smaller dog is better for someone who lives in an apartment. Next consider if they have kids and/or other pets? If so, an adaption kit might be a better way to go about gifting a dog. This way they can pick out their own pet, ensuring it is a good fit for their home.

Upon getting a new dog the recipient will need to make a vet visit for any procedures or shots that may be needed. Consider if they can afford this right away or if it should be included in the gifting of the pup. Soon our team will provide an in-depth article on everything you should consider when giving a dog as a gift.