Tired of boring old camping? Want to find a new way to fiesta in the forest? Well get ready to soak up the sun with your dog and prepare for a long weekend getaway with your favorite four legged pal because you’re going glamping! Glamping with your dog provides the opportunity to get out and see the world while spending quality time with your pup. Glamping is a luxurious way to camp that is both glamorous and comfortable. Look no further to find everything you will need to prepare you and your dog for your glamping trip. We will help prepare you and your pup for the adventure that lies ahead. 

Whether you are adventuring out into the wilderness or onto a sandy oasis, we will cover exactly what to bring to make the best of your trip. Pup necessities, safety and traveling tips, we do all the research and find you the best products to ensure you have an adventurous and safe glamping trip with your furry friend. You will never want to go glamping without the company of your canine companion again. There is no road trip better than a pup road trip! 

Table Of Contents 

  • Glamping necessities for your dog                   
  • Glamping Tips to Remember                            
  • Benefits of Glamping
  • Summer Glamping necessities                                              
  • Fall Glamping necessites                                                   

Glamping Necessities for your dog

  • Plenty of Food/ Water
  • Travel container
  • Bug repellant 
  • Travel pet bed
  • 6ft leash
  • Sunscreen 
  • Flashlight 
  • Dogs favorite treats 
  • Dogs favorite toys 

Before taking off for the weekend with your pup, you want to first make sure you have all the necessities. First, you will want to make sure your pup has plenty of food and water.  Pack lots of safe drinking water and their favorite energy boosting food but keep in mind that you will be a little more adventurous and active than normal. They will need their food and water bowls as well as some of their treats and play toys for maximum luxury, because what is a glamping trip without your furry friends favorite treats and toys !? 

Travel Container:  The Vittles Vault Gamma Travel-tainer is a great pet food and water bowl set made for traveling or glamping with your pup. This set comes complete with food and water bowls along with a storage container for extra food; perfect for a quick hiking trail.  The travel set provides airtight food storage while keeping your pups food and water fresh for every use. This product is travel size and always ready to fulfil your pups needs. 

Bug Repellant: Another very important glamping tip: bring veterinarian recommended Bayer Animals Health’s K9 Advantix insect repellent. With the wide open range of the forest comes a wide open target on your dog’s skin for pesky insects. Bringing along this pet safe bug repellent will keep those nasty ticks and other critters from latching onto your pups skin as well as keeping your pup safe from parasites and other disease causing bugs. K9 Advantix is a pup safe bug repellent that protects your pup from insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas within 10 minutes of being in contact with your dog. Unlike most other insect repellents that will not start working until the bugs have actually bitten the skin, K9 Advantix works before the insects start to bite. So your pup does not have to indoor any of the discomfort or pain that comes with those pesky parasites during any adventures while glamping with your dog.  

Travel Dog Bed: While being awake with your pup on your glamping trip is exciting and fun, being asleep should be just as enjoyable while on your adventure filled vacation. A luxury travel bed is just what your doggie needs. The Chuckit travel bed is a perfect place for your pup to rest their head and store their bones. This bed is great for travel and is great for both indoor and outdoor sleeping. Whether it be in your glamorous cabin or outside under the stars and fresh air, your pup will be chillaxin in comfort and style. This bed is convenient for glamping because not only is it perfect for outdoor and indoor comfort but it also has a sewn in loop that allows the breathable plush fabric to be hung in the air to dry. Just incase your active pup goes for a dip in the water to cool off before relaxing under the forest trees. Before you know it you and your pup will be dozed off in a comfy vacation snooze. 

6ft Long Leash: Another very important tool to pack along for your glamping trip is a long 6 foot leash. The Mycicy Rope Dog Leash is a 6ft long reflective leash that is perfect for glamping. This leash is made from high quality mountain climber nylon rope that makes it strong for hiking or swimming or biking activities. The Mycicy Leash also has a reflective material threaded in the leash that makes you and your pup visible to passing vehicles. This is very important especially when hiking during dusk hours. Whether out running on the beach or in the forest, the Mycicy Leash will allow your pup the ability to explore all the new things around them. This long leash gives your pup the freedom to adventure around while you still stay right by their side. When you and your pup go to make friends at the local doggie park, this leash is perfect for giving your dog the full adventure play time experience as well as allow time for them to get comfortable with their surroundings for maximum comfort and luxury. It is important to remember to obey leash laws and use them where they are required. Some vacation spots, doggie safe parks and glamp sites may have leash laws that expect a leash to be used at certain times of the day as well as require a leash to be no longer than 6 feet long. 

Glamping Tips to Remember 

  • Look ahead at the weather 
  • Updated Vaccinations 
  • Dog safe Glamping site
  • Park rules 
  • Leash Laws
  • Clean up after your pup
  • Be mindful of locals and wildlife

Summer Glamping

One thing is that you should always look at the weather ahead of time. If the weather is planning on being very hot, remember to bring lots of water to keep you and your pup hydrated. Another thing to remember is to make sure your pup is all caught up with all of their vaccinations. They will be meeting lots of other furry pals to play with and we do not want any furry friends to get sick. Whether going to a beach, lake, or forest, you and your pup can go on tons of fun adventures and enjoy an abundance of great pup filled activities. When glamping by a lake in the warm sun, there are plenty of water filled activities to enjoy. You can go paddle boarding with your pup or enjoy a calm relaxing canoe ride on the lake or river. Most glampsites have a source of waterplay, whether it be a pool or a lake, always plan accordingly. There is swimming, park playing, biking and trail running for exercise. You can visit your glamping spot’s local dog park and both you and your pup can enjoy play time with new friends. It is extremely important to keep these things in mind before you start your glamping trip. Also make sure to clean up after your pet and be mindful of the people and wildlife around you. Remember to pay attention to leash laws and make sure your glamp site is pet friendly but most importantly have fun! Nothing is better than spending quality time with your pup and relaxing under the summer trees. 

Dog Sunscreen: Next you will need some simple glamping safety gear to keep your pup safe and happy. If you are planning on going somewhere with lots of sunny sun, then do not forget the sunscreen for both you and your dog! Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned; which can be very uncomfortable and painful for them. The Beach & Dog Co. Canine sunscreen is an all natural cream that will help protect your pup from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as keep their skin moisturized and their fur nourished with its organic and naturally scented oils. These oils include lavender oil, coconut oil, and peppermint oil. The Beach & Dog Co. Canine sunscreen also uses organic ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, and bentonite clay. This product has no Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or Benzophenone and is Veterinarian recommended for all your pups. 

Fall Glamping 

If you are planning on glamping in the cooler months, do not fret. There are plenty of fun activities to do during the colder weather. When glamping in the forest during the cooler months, it is a good idea to bring a heat source such as a portable heater to keep you and your pup warm on outgoing adventures. Or if you are a super glamper and can make your own fire than more power to you. You can always or for a calm relaxing hike with your pup and then returning to sit by the warm fire. You will need lots of big blankets for you and your pup to stay warm during the cold nights. Just an excuse to cuddle and snuggle with your pup all night if you ask me. Cooler weather is the perfect time to play games of fetch and hide and seek with your pup because they are able to run around and get exercise without getting overheated or sunburnt. You can go for a dog picnic at the dog park or lay out in your fuzzy blankets. Outside activities can last longer and adventurous hikes are more relaxing without excessive panting or sweating. No need for shade or air conditioning when they have the cool blow of fall air whipping through their fur. So grab the blankets and snuggle up with your pup this cool season when you go glamping. 

The Benefits of Glamping 

  • Adventure with your pup
  • Bonding time
  • Exercise for you and your pup
  • Explore the world
  • New and improved camping
  • Luxurious and cozy 
  • Lots of activities 
  • Dog friendly glamp sites 
  • Vacation with your dog
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Explore / enjoy nature 
  • Quiet/Relaxing retreat 

Now that you have all of the necessities to keep your pup safe, happy and healthy; it is time to start the glamping fun! Vacationing with your pup is a great way to get you and your furry friend out to see and smell the world around you. There are plenty of adventures and activities that lie ahead with your glamping trip. Remember the glamping benefits and tips that you have learned and you’ll have a fantastic family and doggie filled vacation. Go have fun with your pup and enjoy your adventurous vacation together, but always remember there is no need to go camping when you can go glamping!