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The GoDog Dragons are one of our favorite plush toys for our own dogs. They have a stimulating design, and are incredibly durable due to their Chew Guard Technology. They’re great for fetch, tug of war, and even just for dogs that like to lay down and chew away at their toys. No matter what kind of pup you have, we can find a GoDog Dragon that they’ll love. 

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GoDog Dragons with Chew Guard

GoDog has quite the impressive selection of plush toys for sale. Hens, turtles, pigs, ladybugs, alligators, kangaroos, and clams – you can find just about any GoDog animal buddy for your dog. The GoDog Dragons are a staple of the GoDog plush collection. They are a prime example of what GoDog does best with their plush toys: make quality products that are easily recognizable to any dog lover.

GoDog Dragons are the go-to dragon dog toy in the land of milk bones and tennis balls! While they are not completely indestructible (like any other plush toy), their variety, stimulating design, and durability through their Chew Guard Technology™ in comparison to most soft toys make these dragons one of the best plush toys on the market. GoDog is so confident in this, they guarantee all of their toys to last longer than standard plush toys, or they will provide a one-time replacement, but more on that later.


On their dragon line, GoDog has options ranging from the standard GoDog Dragon plush toy to the GoDog Skinny Dragons. You are sure to find a style and size that is the perfect fit for your pooch! Below, we break down each style of GoDog dragons and describe the pros and cons of each. Using this article as your guide, you will be able to find the perfect toy for your dog! 

Standard GoDog Dragon

The standard GoDog Dragons are currently sold in six colorful variations, and each of these variations come in two sizes: small and large. Each variation has different exact dimensions from the other variations, but all the small standard dragons are about 9” x 7.5” x 7.5”, and all the large standard dragons are about 11” x 6” x 11”. The small dragons are perfect for small-medium sized dogs: corgis, bulldogs, beagles, and the like. The large dragons are great for your medium-large sized dogs such as retrievers, German shepherds, bloodhounds, and rottweilers. The standard model also comes understuffed for a more owner-friendly approach.  In addition, GoDog offers alternative models of these dragons, all with Chew Guard Technology™!

SKinny godog dragon

GoDog Skinny Dragons have long, trunk-like bodies that are ideal for a friendly game of tug-o’-war, for a household with more than one dog, or for larger dogs in general. The small models are 11 inches long, while the large models stretch to 15 inches long.  By comparison, GoDog Dragon Grunters are a rounder, egg-shaped version of the standard dragon. These are great for any owner looking for a plush toy/ball hybrid (7.5” x 8”) to toss around with an active sheepdog or terrier who enjoys fetching. For those that are in love with the more recent trend of stuffless dog toys, the GoDog Dragon Flats are right up your alley.

While this version of the dragon dog toy isn’t completely stuffless, it does have significantly less stuffing than its counterparts.  The flat bodies (only 3 inches thick) may even make it easier for older dogs to hold in their mouths for long periods of time. Like the standard dragons, these models come in a bunch of different colors. The amount of variety is very impressive. GoDog even sells Santa Claus and reindeer dragon varieties for the holidays!

Made with Chew Guard Technology™

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The Chew Guard™ material in the GoDog Dragons sets them apart from the average plush toy.  GoDog describes the guard with the following description: “The Chew Guard™ lining was specially engineered to withstand tough play. All seams are double stitched and reinforced. Dogs are tough but chew guard is tougher!” Not only is the Dragon line of dog toys from GoDog more durable than most plush toys because of this special manufacturing process, they also fall on the softer side of the spectrum.

What's in a godog dragon?

The outside of these dragon toys is made with a soft and durable bubble plush fleece. The inside of that fleece is lined with a mesh-like material, and all seams are double stitched for added durability. The double stitching alone is a defining factor in determining toy quality. The mesh inner liner further enhances that durability. The durability combined with the softness of the bubble fleece makes the material both attractive and long-lasting for dogs. The double-stitched baby fleece not only keeps the body from falling apart, but is extremely soft, and will please your pooch. The unique bubble texture gives your dog one more thing to explore on these dragons and something to pick at without destroying the toy.

Another nice aspect of these dragons is that they are extremely under-stuffed. So, if you have a destructive dog, and they do tear into this toy, the mess left over is manageable. Rather than traditionally stuffing the dragon-like other plush toys, GoDog uses a filmy, plastic lining for stuffing. The toy creates a low volume plastic crunch when played with, so it does make more noise than traditional stuffed plush toys. However, it’s not enough to annoy you as you enjoy dinner with the family or your favorite television show.


The dragons are machine washable and can be machine dried on a lower setting. Which is yet another testament to their durability. Most plush toys would not last if put through washing machines, and especially not through drying machines. This is nice if you have a dog who slobbers on their toys or drags their toys through dirt.


The dragons themselves, regardless of what model they are, have various body parts that are double-stitched to the body. Some have wings, spikes, limbs, eyes or tails, or all the above. While these body parts are colorful and fun, they are the weakest part of this toy’s design. These additional body parts, compared to the very durable base, can be ripped off fairly easily. 

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If your dog picks apart toys just for fun, these parts will be the first things to be torn. The same can be said about the puncture resistant squeaker inside the dragon. Stronger dogs will be able to break the squeakers in these toys. The squeaker is responsive and fun in addition to being puncture resistant, but it is not indestructible. Especially if a chew-happy dog is set on reaching the squeaker.

Why we love them

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Like many other GoDog toys, the Dragon line is on the upper end of the cost range for dogs toys. This is justified, as you are buying a quality plush toy that is exceptionally durable, safe, and fun for dogs. They last much longer than the average plush toy thanks to GoDog’s Chew Guard Technology™, mesh lining, and double-stitched fabric. Their colorful and soft designs, engaging plastic texture, and puncture-resistant squeaker ensure that your dog will take interest in them. They are guaranteed to be safe for your dogs and any children who may get ahold of the toys. 

Even though the GoDog Dragons are more expensive than most plush toys, they pay for themselves in no time. They simply have greater overall value than the average plush. Rather than dealing with cheap plush toys that are ripped apart in no time, these dragons are here to stay with you and your pup for the long run. You will not only get what you pay for with this quality product, but you will get more than what you paid for.

safety guarentee

GoDog truly holds to their safety guarantee. “We NEVER allow in our products: parts smaller than 1¾, long strings or elastic cords, metalized mylar paper, magnets, exposed springs, sharp points, small round holes that could trap small fingers or large openings that could trap a pet’s or child’s head.”

GoDog Dragons certainly live up to the guarantee that they are more durable than your every-day plush dog toy. Their soft, double-stitched fleece, along with Chew Guard Technology™, allows these dragons to outlast any average plush dog toy. The wide variety of colors, shapes, and models, and puncture-resistant squeaker will be engaging and attractive to your pup. However, like any other plush toy, these dragons are not indestructible. They are best bought as “buddy” toys rather than for rough play.


If you are looking to buy the most durable and plush dog toys, the GoDog Dragon is the best choice. However, some dogs are set on destroying their toys rather than using them cooperatively or as “buddies”. Dogs, with enough time and energy, will be able to chew through these plush toys. Luckily, GoDog does provide a one-time replacement if your dog does tear into their GoDog Dragon. If you own a dog that rips through plush toys, we recommend hard toys that are meant to withstand destruction. The well-known Kong toys are an excellent option, they even have puppy items completely safe for the little ones!