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GoDog has a variety of fun toys that are soft, durable, and fun for dogs of just about any size. They have patented ChewGuard Technology, as well as RhinoPlay toys that keep dogs engaged, and some of our favorite retrieval toys. Our in-depth review will cover everything you need to know in order to decide if these toys are right for your fur babies! Our toy testers love these toys, and we’re betting your dogs will love them, too!

GoDog has a wide range of toys that our dogs absolutely love. Why? They make fun noises, there are so many unique shapes to pick from, and they last! Our dogs like to lay on the floor and simply lick or chew at the toys. GoDog’s toys are great for both active and passive playing dogs. They’re also suitable for indoor and outdoor play. They feature strong, soft, and flexible materials that are safe for your walls, and safe for Fido.

Coming soon we’ll review all of our favorite GoDog Retrieval toys. No need to buy them and worry about having to send them right back. We’ll tell you how long they last, which ones are right for your type of dog, and even give you tips and tricks on what to look out for in terms of wear and tear. We’re confident that your dog will love GoDog’s toys, simply consult them on their favorites! Check back with us soon to check out the full GoDog Retrieval Lineup. Fortunately, all of our picks are available on Amazon; you just have to sit back, read, and wait for your dog’s new favorite toy to be delivered right to your door.

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There are nine toys in GoDog’s Retrieval line. All of these toys are designed specifically for interactive pups! They’re easy to throw, fun to retrieve, and keep Fido interested longer. If your dog tires of retrieving the same old tennis ball over and over again, or simply manages to destroy all of their fetch toys, this line of toys is perfect for them. While not designed for chewing, all of the toys in this line are incredibly durable.

Oftentimes dogs struggle to find their toys if you throw them too far. Why? Dogs have different vision than we do, they don’t have a full range of color. This can make it hard to identify colors, especially if they’re dull or similar to that of the surrounding area. Fortunately, all of the toys in the Retrieval line are extremely bright! Unless you’re in a bright ball pit or bounce house, they’ll stick out immediately to Fido!

Ultimate Ballz

GoDog’s Ultimate Ballz are the perfect fetch toy for dogs that like tennis balls. They look and feel just like a regular tennis ball; however, there’s much more too them than that. These balls have tough core technology, which is basically a durable inner core that withstands chewing and constant aggression from dogs. These balls last much longer, and are safer for your dog to play with. Traditional tennis balls have a special fuzz on the exterior that can wear down your dog’s enamel. These super ballz won’t hurt your dog’s teeth, and won’t break open like a regular ball would. 

You’ve probably noticed by now that these aren’t colored like a traditional tennis ball. They’re dyed in fun colors that are not just appealing to Fido, but they help both you and your pup identify them faster. Dog’s can often struggle to find toys at a distance due to their eyesight, having toys with bright colors that contrast grass makes games of fetch much easier for them. 

You’ll be happy to hear that the super ballz are the same size as a traditional tennis ball. Which means, you can pop them into any of the ball launchers you have lying around at home. Additionally, it’s the perfect size for your dog’s bite. 


The Winger is one of the most interactive toys in this line. Basically, it acts like a slingshot! When you order from Amazon, you receive the winger, plus the tough core tennis ball. The slingshot exterior is made of a flexible rubber that obviously stretches and snaps back to it’s original position. The slingshot is easy to use, and your dog will love retrieving the ball for you! 

To use it, simply pull back on the end of the slingshot, and release! The ball will go flying, further than you could ever throw it! 

The Winger can fit just about any ball, but the tough core tennis ball is definitely the best fit. Additionally, it has the extra strong core that your dog will have a hard time chewing through. 

The rubber used on the outside of the slingshot is safe and comfortable on your dog’s teeth and gums. We wouldn’t recommend letting them chew on it for long periods of time, but it’s definitely durable to withstand your dog’s bite as they race back to you with the toy. 

One of the best parts of this toy is the price! This Winger along with the ball is under $3! In our opinion, it’s well worth the money. 

Ultimate Disc

GoDog’s Ultimate Disc is much more than a traditional frisbee. It features GoDog’s classic Chew Guard Technology; meaning it has double stitched re-enforced seams that make it nearly impossible for your pup to destroy. On the outer rim of the disc, you’ll find a soft tubing that’s comfortable and safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. Much better for their oral health than a traditional plastic frisbee. 

The Ultimate Disc is so much more than a simple disc however. It can also be used as a water bowl. Simply flip it upside down, and the dome shape and sealed fabric allows your pooch to drink from it. This is the perfect toy for beach days. Whenever Fido gets thirsty, simply fill it with water. 

ultimate disc

The Ultimate Disc is available in two sizes to accommodate just about any breed. The smaller disc is 11.2 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches, and the large is  13.4 x 10.2 x 0.8 inches. Both sizes are lightweight, durable, and of course, act as a water bowl as well. 


The GloBone is another great interactive retrieval toy for your pooch! It features two tough ultimate ballz on each end, and a fun glow rubberized body. The two balls can withstand your pup’s chewing, and are also lightweight, making it easy for your pup to carry the entire toy around with them. As you can probably guess, when you throw this toy, it will bounce in every direction. This will entice Fido to play, and keep them guessing. 

Interactive toys like the GloBone always seem to capture our dog’s attention longer than traditional toys. They never know how it’s going to land, and it’s fun for them to retrieve for us. The rubber center has little indents that are great for your dog’s teeth and gums. 

The Globone features three ball shapes that your dog will love to chew on, additionally, the stick middle makes it easy for them to carry it around with them. 

This toy is ideal for just about any situation. It floats, making it perfect for trips to the beach, lake, or pool. Additionally, it’s the perfect evening toy! You’ll never lose it due to its bright glowing center. 

You can purchase this toy in two sizes. The smaller bone is 3.5 x 7.7 x 2 inches, and the large is 4.5 x 11 x 2.6 inches.We highly recommend the GloBone for dogs that love retrieving and need one toy to capture their attention no matter where they go or what time it is. 


The TriFlyer is similar to a disc, but seems to fly differently, intriguing dogs. As you can see, it has three ‘arms’ that spin much like a propeller when you throw it. At the center of the flyer is one of GoDog’s Ultimate Ballz. Needless to say, the core will last! The Ultimate Ballz have a stronger core than traditional tennis balls, but still draw dogs to them in the same way. 

This toy is great for summer play, it floats, and is durable enough for outdoor play. Due to its bright yellow design, it’s also very easy to see in grass, and in dark water. Fido won’t lose this toy! Additionally, the triflyer will always land with one arm up, making it very easy for your dog to grab quickly so they can get back to you. 

The TriFlyer is easy on your dog’s teeth and gums, making it the perfect interactive toy. You can purchase this toy in either a small or large. The small is 8.3 x 8.7 x 2 inches, and the large is  11 x 11 x 2.6 inches. 


The ScrewBallz are built much like the Ultimate Ballz. With a bright colored design, and a super-tough core, they’re a great retrieval toy for dogs with a strong bite. However, these balls aren’t traditional spherical balls, they have a tough core that’s shaped much like a screw. The weird bumps create unpredictable bounces that are fun for your pooch to chase after. When Fido does finally manage to catch the ball, they are easy to pick up. 

The Screwballz are easy to spot in both water and grass. They’re waterproof, lightweight, and they even float. No matter where you play with your pup, these are a great choice! They’re safer for your dog than traditional tennis balls, and they seem to encourage play more-so than traditional balls. 

If your dog is constantly growing tired of their fetch toys, this is a great toy to try out. If nothing else, the unpredictable bounce will get their attention!

You can purchase this ball in either a standard tennis ball size, or large. The standard is 2.4 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches, and the large is 3 x 3 x 3 inches. When you order from Amazon, you’ll receive two of these fun balls for under $5! In our opinion, they’re well worth the price.  


The GoBone probably looks very familiar. It’s basically a non-glowing version of the GlowBone. On each end of the main rubberized center, you’ll find two Ultimate Ballz, perfect for dog’s that have a strong bite. They have a super-tough inner core made with tough core technology that can withstand chewing, and the exterior is much better for your dog’s teeth. 

In the center, you’ll find a very tough rubber ‘stick’ that’s comfortable for your dog’s teeth and gums. They’ll love retrieving this odd-shaped toy! We find that this toy is perfect for water play. It floats, is easy to spot, and is easy for your dog to grip from every side. 

The GoBone is ideal for larger dogs, as it’s only available in one size. The dimensions are 4.5 x 11 x 2.6 inches, making it pretty hard for tiny pups to pick up. 


You’re probably on this page because your dog loves fetch, well, what kind of help would we be if we didn’t offer you a great launcher! After all, your arm can only do so much. 

The GoFetch is must easier top use than traditional ball launchers. As you can see, it has a couple of unique curves. Tis curvature allows you to get a great throw every time, regardless of strength. Additionally, you don’t have to have a perfect tennis ball sized toy to use the launcher. The duro-flex hinged jaw will open and close on your dog’s favorite toys; plush toys, rubber toys, and more!

When you order the goFetch from Amazon you’ll even receive a free ultimate ballz to use with it. we highly recommend this interactive toy for dogs that love fetch, and need to burn off some extra energy.  It’s  6.1 x 26.8 x 3 inches, and weighs just 8 ounces. 

Sonic Stick

Last, but not least, is GoDog’s Sonic Stick. If your dog tires of the same old toys, this is a great toy for them. The Sonic stick engages just about all of your dog’s senses. It’s bright in color, flashes with lights, and even makes a whistling sound. This is the perfect fetch toy for nighttime play. Throw it out far, and your dog will easily fetch it with the various noises and lights going off. 

Though at first glance this toy looks like plastic, it’s actually made of a flexible material that’s not only safe, but comfortable for your dog’s teeth and gums. 


The sonic stick is ideal for most dogs, it’s 9.3 x 11.4 x 2.2 inches, and weighs just 8 ounces. When you order from Amazon, batteries will be included, and it’s also very easy to replace the batteries once they die out. 

While we wouldn’t suggest letting Fido use this as a chew toy, it is a perfect fetch toy for outdoor, nighttime play! 


GoDog’s Retrieval line is perfect for dog’s that like to run around and play fetch with you! Their line is far from ordinary, from flyers, to toys that double as water bowls, and even sonic toys! If you have any questions about the products we’ve covered here, please reach out to our team at [email protected]