dog id tag

A dog tag may just be your dog’s most important accessory. Dog tags help other identify your dog if they go missing, and also get into contact with you. As much as we all hope our dogs never leave our sides, accidents do happen, and it’s good to be prepared! One of our favorite dog tags is made by Gotags. It’s durable, comfortable, and will give you peace of mind. 

why do i need a dog tag?


One of the very first things you need to buy for your dog is a dog collar and dog tag. Dog tags are absolutely necessary because they identify your dog, and may potentially prevent a devastating loss. Most city councils require dog tags, so you’ll need to purchase one right away. They are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to protect your dog. Your dog should even wear their dog tag when they are inside the house, just in case they run outside. The sound of a dog tag jingling will also allow you to keep track of your dog while they are walking around the house so you know their whereabouts.

Make sure your dog has a dog tag on every collar they own if you like to change them up. Or, you can purchase a Pet ID Tag Quick Clip which allows you to quickly and easily transfer your dog’s dog tags to whatever collar they are wearing. It’s available in two sizes, small and large. It’s a must-have if you have a stylin’ pup who likes to change their look.

GoTags Dog Tags


GoTags LLC has a huge selection of quality pet tags and collars. The company seems to have plenty of experience and expertise in making affordable customizable collars and tags. Their Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags are their classic, tried and true offering for any pet owner looking for a cheap and effective dog (or cat) ID tag. They have a sleek design, are highly customizable, and are very easy to order via Amazon.


These stainless steel tags are available in two sizes: regular and small. They are on the smaller side compared to average dog tags; the regular-sized tags measure at approximately 1.6” x 1.1”, and the small tags measure at approximately 1.3” x 0.9”. Their petite size makes them less bulky and less likely to make noise. They are also only available in a standard chrome color. However, his particular line of pet tags is available in nine unique styles and shapes: bone, bow tie, flower, heart, house, ranger badge, rectangle, round, and star. Each of these stainless steel designs look very sleek, and are much more durable than typical dog tags. These glossy tags truly shine, and are sure to spiffy up any dog in need of a nice ID tag. The writing is engraved on each tag, making it difficult to come off. The tags also come with a standard split ring attachment. However, these tags are not very scratch-resistant, so you may notice some cosmetic wear over time.


GoTags LLC has made sure that you have enough text room to print almost anything you desire on these customizable pet tags. These tags allow for up to 8 lines of personalized, laser-engraved text: four lines on the front and four lines on the back. This is a ton of room compared to most other tags. They offer plenty of room to write your name, your pet’s name, your home address, phone number, as well as special messages. Unfortunately, the custom engraving is not compatible with languages other than English or with special characters. The laser engraving is clear but shallow, which allows this product to be priced very affordably. However, because of this, the text has a tendency to fade away over time, but the overall customizability and cheap price give these tags undeniable value.


GoTags’ Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags are also great because they are really easy to order via Amazon. First, you choose from the nine tag styles and select the tag’s size. Then, you type up to eight lines of personalized text to be engraved onto your tag. Finally, you checkout and order your tag. The entire process can take less than a minute, which is a relieving experience compared to the frustration of customizing a tag in-store.

GoTags’ Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags are extremely easy to order and highly customizable in their text and design style. Despite the fact that the engraved text has a tendency to fade over time, their sleek and petite design, as well as their extremely affordable price, make them a great option for any owner looking for a quality, customizable pet tag.