A truly tough and durable dog toy is one of the most sought-after products in the canine world. Many pups have strong jaws and make it their personal mission to seek and destroy any toy that comes their way. In fact, dogs can rip, tunnel, or chew their way through almost anything with determination! As a result, many dog companies market their own variation of durable toys. For example, GoughNuts specializes in producing “nearly indestructible” rubber dog toys through use of an almost patented technology.

GoughNuts started with their Original Ring in 2006. Since then, they have expanded to include a wide variety of toys. Each uses the same patented technology and design for great durability. In particular, the GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy caught our eye. The toy mimics a “figure eight” style to allow interactive play between dogs and their owner. With your pup on one end and you on the other, an impressive game of tug-o-war is soon to follow!

The Importance of Interactive Play

Interactive play with your dog is an important component to their upbringing and daily life. First, it provides a great opportunity to both train and practice key commands. Think of a game of toss with a ball. In fact, this simple activity can include verbal commands such as “stay,” “okay,” “fetch,” and “leave it.” Furthermore, your pup will come to understand your body language; practicing non-verbal commands.

Second, interactive play gives your dog physical and mental stimulation. Not only will they gain healthy exercise, but their brain will also receive a work out! Without this, Fido can become a bored dog and bad behaviors may begin. This includes home destruction, excessive chewing, unnecessary barking, and much more. In short, if you don’t give your pup something to do, they will find their own defiant way of keeping busy!

There are many ways to find interactive play with your furbaby. While some require a human to participate, others are designed for self-play. For fabulous interactive self-play options, view our articles Petsafe Busy Buddy Dog Toy Line or Sodapup’s Crazy Bounce.

Goughnut’s Now Patented Technology

In 2006, GoughNuts introduced their first dog toy: the GoughNuts Original Ring. Since then, the company has grown to produce four specialized, durable dog toys. This includes the original ring, stick, ball, and tug.

In the interest of dog chewing safety, the company manufactures their rubber toys with a red-colored core. Specifically, this is called the “safety indicator.” Once your pup chews through the outer layer, you will begin to see the red color. In essence, you will know when the toy is no longer safe for your furbaby and proceed to replace it. While their very first design followed a “green for go” and “red for stop” method, the company now manufactures toys in various outer layers. Yet, the red-colored core has remained the same. Unfortunately, the GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy TuG does not sport this safety indicator technology.


The company believes in the durability of their toys. Each has been “designed by Mechanical and Polymer Engineers.” Consequently, your can purchase any of their tough dog toys with a lifetime guarantee! If, by chance, your heavy chewing dog breaks through to the red core; simply return the product for a free replacement.

The Product: GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy

TuG Original Variation

The GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy TuG Original is shaped like a “figure 8” to promote hands-on play with your pup. The toy gives you a great interactive option but is easily played with alone. It measures 9” long x 5” wide x 1.4” cross-section. Furthermore, you will be happy to know the product is USA made!

The company explains their toy is “virtually indestructible.” After doing our research, we agree that the GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy is highly durable. Customers explain how the tough rubber-made product held up to their German Shepherd or two Rottweilers. In other words, the product is great for extreme chewers!

To elaborate, GoughNuts admits there is no such thing as an indestructible toy. While many customers fell in love with the tough toy, some describe their pup’s ability to chew through it. Consequently, some dogs have an undying determination for destruction. We recognize that your dog may be able to chew through tough rubber. Luckily, GoughNuts has an excellent lifetime guarantee policy! Simply return the chewed-through toy to receive a replacement.

Color Options for the TuG Original

Our recommended TuG Original variation comes in orange, red, green, yellow, and black. Each is marked with modern red “paint strokes” to indicate no safety indicator is involved. While we see this as a minor drawback, the company explains their decision for change in design: to protect the owner during interactive play.

Although the TuG Original does not contain a safety indicator core, the toy is just as durable. Your pup can chew and pull to their heart’s content! Due to the company’s lifetime guarantee, you can expect to pay between $20 and $30.

Black Maxx Variation

The Black Maxx is by far the most highly rated variation. This GoughNuts Interactive Toy is designed for larger dogs due to its increased size and weight. For example, the Black Maxx measures 11” long x 6” wide x 1.5” cross-section.

Customers elaborate, noting how strong and heavy this variation is. Yet, it still has some flex. In fact, the toy will bend without placing stress on your furbaby’s joints. Additionally, one customer raved how it held up to their five “American Bullies”!

Unfortunately, the toy will contain a slight rubber smell. Although you will not be able to smell it unless you sniff it up-close, some dogs may not find it preferable. Again, no safety indicator core is placed in the Black Maxx variation.

Is This Toy Right for My Dog?


We recommend the GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy for strong chewing dogs. In essence, this big, tough toy is not designed for puppies or small breeds. On the contrary, the TuG Original or Black Maxx is best for strong-jawed tuggers.

Pups with larger heads and bigger jaws tend to have the most force behind their teeth. This includes mastiff breeds, bull dog breeds, shepherd dog breeds, and others. For example, the Kangal has a jaw force of 743 PSI and the Rottweiler has a jaw force of 238 PSI!


 We do not recommend the GoughNuts Interactive Toy for puppies, toy breeds, or senior dogs. In fact, the hard rubber will not be good for fragile teeth and jaws. Furthermore, puppies should not be encouraged to aggressively chew from a young age. While all dogs love to chew, aggressive chewing is an unwanted behavior.

Compared to Kong Original

  1. Texture: Both the GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy and Kong are durable and bouncy, with the exclusion of GoughNuts Maxx Black.
  2. Strength: GoughNuts provides tensile strength information on their website, but we are not confident it applies to their Interactive Dog Toy. In contrast, Kong does not provide tensile strength information.
  3. Interactive: The GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy is designed with a “figure 8” shape for games of tug-o-war. On the other hand, the Kong Original allows an owner to add treats for their pup to dig out. Therefore, each toy has an interactive element.
  4. Cleaning: Both toys are made from a hard rubber; providing an easy cleaning surface.
  5. Price: The GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy costs between $20 and $30, whereas the Kong Original costs between $10 and $15.

For more information on Kong Classic, view our article Kong Classic Dog Toy.


In summary, durable dog toys are hard to come by. While many companies compete to produce the best, the only true test requires your unique dog. In other words, each dog has their own play and chew style. We hope to make that process a bit easier by providing you with a wealth of product information. This can save your both time and money!

The GoughNuts Interactive Dog Toy, name TuG, is a great option. The company specializes in tough design and safe technologies; bringing you a quality product. While no toy is indestructible, GoughNuts is confident in their toys. Furthermore, they offer a lifetime guarantee that sends you a free replacement if needed. We love how this can save your wallet.

By and large, we hope our research has made your decision process easier. Our team strives for honest analysis and unbiased feedback. For a look at our Woof Pack services, please visit ShopWoofPack.