Trying to find the right book for a young girl is challenging. With so many different books on the market, it is hard to choose which one includes things she likes and also includes a good message. Thankfully, if the young girl you know loves or owns a dog, then we have some wonderful, powerful choices for you. Check out the benefits that a book with a female lead presents and then read about our recommended picks!

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     The main reason why it is so important for a girl to read a book with a female lead is because she could see it has herself. With each struggle and adventure, the character goes through the reader may be able to relate it back to their life. This, in turn, will make them feel happy and proud to be similar to such an amazing character.

     While reading they will also get to see how the female character takes on and overcomes challenges. This may be impressive to the reader and make them look up to the character. Not only that, but they may also take the lessons presented in each book to heart. In the end, they learn them along with the character.  

     Lastly, since the reader relates and even looks up to the character they will be more excited to read about them. In turn, this means that they will practice their reading more and learn to enjoy books. Also, with each book they pick up they will be learning more and more of those important lessons that may help them as they grow up.

TOP Dog Books for Younger Readers

Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell

     For many people Clifford the Big Red Dog was a big staple in their childhood. From the books to the television series it was fun to follow along with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth’s adventures. Now with the original book being offered on Amazon, you can bring that same joy to a young girl you know.

     Inside the book there are colorful pictures that look like they have been drawn right onto that page. In addition to the pictures, there is also a small amount of text on each page which makes sure that the reader or listener will not be overwhelmed. With this format, it is suggested that this book should be read or listened too by children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old.

     One great aspect of this book is that it is the first of a series. This means that you can keep introducing her to new adventures and lessons with each book. Multiple customers actually took time to praise the book on providing lessons. These include manners, loyalty, and how it is okay to be different.

A Puppy for Christmas (Kayleigh series) by RyAnn Hall

     This story is all about a young girl named Kayleigh getting a puppy as a Christmas present. Throughout the book, you get to see how the pup ended up in her arms Christmas morning and how they bond after. With this story, the young reader will be able to see or even relate to the true friendship between a dog and a girl.

     The book itself is quite unique because of its construction. RyAnn Hall the author wanted to create books that would be suitable for hyper children, ones who may have ADD or ADHD. By making the story on the shorter side it would be easier for them to finish the book and be proud of it. 

     Many customers actually praise the readability of the story and suggest that it would be good for new readers. They also enjoy how gorgeous all of the illustrations are that accompany the text. To keep this great reading experience going you can also purchase 5 other books that are included in the series

Biscuit Visits the Doctor by Alyssa Satin Capucili

     In this book, the young reader will follow along as a little girl takes her dog to the doctors for a checkup. The purpose behind this story line is to help kids realize that doctor visits are not scary. In fact, they can actually be quite fun. Also, along with the adventure, they make some new friends!

     On each page, there is a small amount of text which will be easy for them to read or listen along too. In addition, there are also colorful illustrations that focus on the exact scene happening.  Children will not get confused or distracted by multiple characters. With this set up, the book or audio is recommended for those between ages 4 and 8.

     Customers who bought the book state that it helped their child relax to the idea of going to the doctor. Being able to follow along with the dog made them feel more prepared for what would happen at their checkup. To make this the perfect gift some customers gave it with vet supplies so children can practice giving their own checkups.

Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs by Jacky Davis

     Lulu the Ladybug Girl goes to an adoption event that is set up at her local farmers market. After her mother tells her that she is not allowed to have another dog she decides to help out at the event instead. Joined by two of her friends they take care of the dogs and work together to find them a forever home.

     Inside the book each page has a little bit of writing to help the reader or listener follow along. Although, when it comes to the colorful illustrations they instead fill up the page with the whole setting. This is cool because it almost makes you feel like you are there with her. With this arrangement, it is suggested that the readers and listeners of this book are between 3 and 5 years old.

     Multiple customers say that they love how the book teaches kids to help others that may be in need. They also enjoy how the illustrations show the different personalities of not only the people but also the dogs.  To keep these fun illustrations and great lessons going you can get other Ladybug Girl books that are available in the series.

Top Dog Books for Older Readers

Wish by Barbara O’Connor

      This story revolves around a girl named Charlie and her secret wish. However, her plans completely change when she is taken to North Carolina to live with a family she is not familiar with. It almost seems like the end of the world! However, she meets a stray dog named Wishbone and a boy named Howard.

     Inside this book there are no pictures but instead each page is filled with medium sized text. In total, the paperback version of this book is filled with 256 pages. With all these pages and text, it is recommended that readers are between the ages of 9 and 12.

     The main part of this story line that many customers like was that Charlie comes from a family with issues. This, in turn, helps kids understand or even relate to the idea that some people may be going through different things. Although, the story was not all serious. In fact, many customers praise the touches of humor that made them laugh out loud.

A Girl’s Best Friend (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery) by Leslie Margolis

     If the young girl in your life is a fan of mysteries then this book is perfect for her. In this story Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair a dog walker has noticed some dogs go missing. She then goes on an adventure to solve the case. Little did she know that her ex-best friend and her crush would get involved as well!

     On each page, there is medium sized text that is not smushed together, so it easy to read. In the paperback version of this book, there is a total of 288 pages separated by chapters. With this format, it is recommended that the children who read this book should be between the ages of 8 and 12.

     Many customers praise this mystery book for not being too predictable. Some actually even stated that it is full of twists and it keeps you guessing until the end. If you would like more mystery books like this one there is a whole A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery series.

A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean

     Cally Fisher’s life drastically changes when her mother passes away. She definitely did not expect to still see her mom and meet a dog. Throughout this story line, you get to follow Cally as she tries to get people to believe her visions. Furthermore, she must prove that the dog belongs with them!

     Inside the book, there are pages filled with medium text which makes it pretty easy to read. In the paperback version, these pages total up to 224 and are separated by chapters. With this arrangement, it is suggested that the readers of this book are between the ages of 8 and 12.

     One thing that multiple customers praise about this book is how it is filled with so many different lessons. They also do advise that parts of the story can get a bit sad with some customers even calling it a ‘tear-jerker’. In the end, you will not have to worry about your young girl being left upset. Customers also state that the ending ties everything together happily.

Dork Diaries: 10 Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter by Rachel Russell

     In this book, you will be following a girl on a mission. The girl’s name is Nikki and her mission is to try and hide 7 dogs from her parents, sister, a mean girl, and her whole middle school. Thankfully, she has some help with her 3 friends Brandon, Zoey, and Chloe.

     Each page is filled with medium text which makes it easy to read without being overwhelmed. On every couple pages, there are also some black and white illustrations of the characters or an element from the story. However, since there is still a lot of pages. It is recommended that the readers be between the ages of 9 and 13.

     Customers who bought this book praised how easy and fun the book was to read. One customer even stated that their daughter flew through it and completed it in a few hours. With this book being a part of a 13 book series the fun does not have to stop anytime soon.