When it comes to your dog, the health and well being is a top priority. It’s your furbaby and they deserve a great life with all the love in the world! With so many dog products on the market, wouldn’t you want to choose from companies with the same adoring love? Unfortunately, sometimes it is a bit hard to know what each company actually believes in. Almost all of them promise the same thing! Thankfully, here at Better Living With Fido we have done the research for you and are here to present you with 5 dog shampoos that you will definitely want.

     Almost all of these shampoos are made to soothe dry and itchy skin. However, that is not the only benefit that will come from these specific shampoos. Each one has special ingredients that work together to make the product a triple threat. Not only do they soothe skin or even deshead, they also clean fur and diminish any odors! While your furbaby is feeling heavenly spoiled, you can enjoy their soft, smell-free fur.

     With so many great options, you may want to try it out as soon as possible. Clicking on our provided links will shoot you straight to each product’s Amazon page. We wanted to make your hard decision as easy as possible!

Table of Contents


#1: Earth Bath

Made in: USA

Benefits of Using the Shampoo

     The oatmeal and aloe shampoo from the Earth Bath company is made to help dogs with dry and itchy skin. With the sweet scent of vanilla and almond, the ingredients oatmeal and aloe work together to soothe the dog’s skin. This specific shampoo can come in a pack of 1, 2, or even 6 bottles which will make sure you will not be running out quickly.

      To make sure that the shampoo works to its full potential the company recommends shaking the bottle before use. When you massage it into the fur it will lather but will not take off any flea applications you may have applied. The company also suggest leaving the product on for at least 90 seconds so the oatmeal and aloe can have time to soothe the irritated areas.

Natural Ingredients that Work

     You will not have to worry about the shampoo causing issues because it is completely pH balanced. While they were making it in the United States they made it ever gentler on the skin by not including things like soap, gluten, parabens, synthetic dyes, and perfumes. With this mild formula, the company guarantees that it is safe for animals that are older than 6 weeks.

     Since this formula is so gentle even the soapy water that runs off during bath time is safe to be soaked up by plants. Also to protect the environment the company made it completely biodegradable. This means that no land will become polluted by this product. Not only that but by making it cruelty-free as well they protect not only plants but animals as well.

     At the Earth Bath company, their main priority is the well-being of your dog. To make sure that they stay completely healthy the company does not believe in using any unnatural, rough, or toxic ingredients. In fact, they even want to become a leader for a change that puts principals on the same focus and level as profits.

#2: Paws & Pals

Made in: USA

Benefits of Using the Shampoo

     Paws & Pals’ natural shampoo is made to help sensitive skin. With a specific mix of natural ingredients, it is able to hydrate, heal, and even protect your dog’s skin. Not only that but it also benefits their coat by giving it a deep clean and getting rid of any odors. To make sure their skin does not act up again the shampoo is available in a 3 or 20-ounce bottle.

     To make sure you get the best results from this shampoo the company recommends working the lather deep into the fur. This will make sure the skin is relieved of irritation, everything is clean, and the coat is odor free. No longer will you have to worry about what is in the shampoo or if your dog’s sensitive skin is irritated.

Natural Ingredients with more benefits

     While being made in the United States the company filled the shampoo with natural ingredients like aloe and rosemary. Each of these is included in the formula for a specific purpose and not just for show. For example, the oatmeal fights irritation caused by allergies, hot spots, and dry skin by adding moisture to the skin.

     Aloe, jojoba, and coconut oils also help the skin by decreasing irritation caused by fleas, dryness, and dander. Inside of the formula, there are not only ingredients to help the skin but there are also some to benefit the coat as well. For instance, the oatmeal, shea butter, and rosemary cover each piece of fur with moisture creating a clean and soft coat.

     This cruelty-free formula may include so many great ingredients but the most important thing is what it does not include. Inside of this shampoo, you will not find any parabens, soap, or toxic ingredients. In fact, the formula is even labeled tear-free because it is so gentle that it does not bother the dog’s nose or eyes.

#3: FURminator

Made in: USA

Benefits of Using the Shampoo

     If you find that your house always seems to be covered with a layer of hair then a deshedding shampoo may be right for you. Thankfully, the Deshedding Ultra Premium Shampoo from FURminator takes care of just that. To make sure you can fully cleanse any sized furbaby the company offers it in a 16 and 32-ounce bottle.

     For you to get the best results the company recommends shaking the bottle before using. Then they suggest working the product into a lather making sure to cover the whole body. Lastly to give the ingredients time to work they suggest leaving it on the skin for between 5 to 10 minutes.

More Deshedding Tips

     In addition to the shampoo, the Furminator company also recommends 2 other steps to complete a grooming regimen you can do at home. To start out the regimen they suggest trying to brush the coat daily. By doing this you will remove loose hair, tangles, and any debris. Not only will this keep the coat looking nice but it will also decrease hair that may end up on your floor.

     For the second step, they suggest to put in your grooming regimen is to deshed. The action of deshedding is taking out the undercoat that is loose while not messing up the healthy topcoat. To end the regimen they suggest bathing your dog with their shampoo and conditioner. This is the step that will clean deep throughout the fur and make sure that all the loose hair is removed.

Healthy Ingredients

     No matter which size you choose to order what is on the inside is what counts. To help keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy the formula includes calendula extract, papaya leaf extract, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. On the opposite side, to help keep their coat and skin protected the formula does not include any parabens or chemical dyes.

#4: Pro Pet Works

Made in: USA

Benefits of Using this Shampoo

     The Oatmeal Pet Wash by Pro Pet Works is the right shampoo for you if your dog suffers from allergic reactions to food, grass, and flea bites. With specific natural ingredients, the product will work to soothe skin that is dry, itchy, and sensitive. To make sure that everywhere on the body gets the attention it needs the shampoo comes in a 17-ounce bottle.

     To make sure you get the best results from these ingredients the company recommends letting the product sit on the skin for about 5 minutes. In turn, this will allow each element to soothe the skin, help produce natural oils, and cleanse the coat. While these ingredients are working you may notice a cherry almond smell but do not worry that is natural and not from any fragrance added.

Completely Natural Ingredients and Biodegradable

     While making this product in the United States the company made sure to use completely natural ingredients. Two important ingredients included in this list is aloe vera and almond oil. These ingredients are specifically used to ease the irritations on their skin. In addition to these other helpful ingredients that are included are oatmeal, vitamin E, A, and D.

     Other than fragrance there are a lot more ingredients that were left out of the formula. These elements include parabens, alcohol, sulfates, harsh chemicals, soap, and detergent. Since these are all left out and the actual formula itself is pH balanced the shampoo is hypoallergenic. This means that even the most sensitive dogs can use this shampoo and it will not bother their skin, nose, or eyes,

     To keep the environment safe the product is completely biodegradable and constructed out of recycled materials. In addition to helping the environment, they also help keep animals safe by making the product cruelty free. According to the company they have a pledge that says the formula will be made with care for not only your pet but also theirs as well.

#5: Pets Are Kids Too

Made in: USA

     With ingredients like oatmeal, baking soda, and aloe vera this Pets Are Kids Too shampoo works to relieves dogs from itchy skin. According to the company, it is so good that you can actually see a change after only the first use! Although, to keep this helpful treatment going you can order more bottles in either a pack of 1 or 3.

      Not only will you see a change in their itching but also a change in their coat. After washing the fur will be completely clean leaving it soft and shiny. With a scent that resembles an oatmeal cookie, you will no longer have to hold your nose while cuddling! Yum!

Completely Hypoallergenic Ingredients

     While being made in the United States the company made sure to use no rough or harmful chemicals. On the ingredients list you will not find any toxins, alcohol, additives, detergents, and definitely, no chemicals that would irritate the skin. Thankfully, this makes the shampoo completely hypoallergenic so even the most sensitive dogs can enjoy it. No dog left behind!

      According to the company not only can any sized dog use this product but also any age can as well. In order for it to be safe for puppies to senior dogs, they use ingredients that come from plants. This means that the shampoo itself is natural and organic. With such a gentle formula the shampoo is mild enough to not irritate dog’s paws or even their nose.

     As they create this shampoo they keep animals safe by making it cruelty-free. However, this is not the only way the company helps animals. Once you receive your shampoo if you send back a picture of your dog and the bottle they will donate money to a pet battling cancer. They call this process ‘pets helping pets’ and hope to save a total of 100 pets by the year 2020.