There are so many different types of hair on dogs. From short and long to fine and thick no one coat is the same. However, one thing that all dog owners can agree with is that long-haired dogs are the hardest to groom. With so much hair tangles are common and getting a brush through it easily is not. To help you and your dog out when it comes time to groom we have picked out the top two choices of a deshedding brush, a dematting comb, and a detangler. With these products, you will both enjoy your long-haired dogs grooming process a lot more and won’t worry about getting so tangled up.


Dakpets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool

No matter if it is in blue, pink, or yellow this brush has a ton of great qualities to help reduce shedding. To help you brush through the long hair there is a four-inch steel comb and a cover to protect it. With an ergonomic handle, you will be able to hold the brush easily in your hand which will give you to have more control. When you are done grooming a button will allow you to release the comb making it easy to clean.

According to the company, this brush will eliminate shedding up to ninety-five percent. Not only that but you will be able to see the effect in just a few minutes of brushing. With so much hair being removed you will find less hair in your home. This means that you will spend less time cleaning and more time playing. Also, with an at-home solution, you will spend less money at the groomers for constant haircuts.

This brush is great for routine grooming and will leave their coat shiny each time. To make sure long-haired dogs enjoy being continuously groomed, the company has some recommendations. The company suggests that you should groom them for around five minutes and include a lot of loving attention. However, if for some reason this does work and your dog is not a fan of this tool they have a lifetime money back guarantee. With this, you will get a complete refund or your tool replaced.

Happydogz Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Tool

Long-haired dogs come in all different sizes which is why Happydogz offers their brush in small-medium and medium-large. To make sure you can use it for a long time the brush is made from high-quality materials. This includes the stainless steel blades that detach for easy cleaning. To keep these blades on the right path, the brush comes with a handle that is comfortable to hold. With this handle, your hand will not hurt no matter how long it takes to cover your big dog.

Before this brush was released, the company researched and tested it to make sure it was just right. Not only that but they even had professional groomers test it. One thing they wanted to make sure of is that the brush would cause no pain to the dog. With no sharp blades, the brush will not pull out any fur that is not loose. In turn, this will not hurt the dog and be perfect for even dogs with the most sensitive skin.

To help you save money from the groomers and time from cleaning HappyDogz made this brush work fast. According to the company, you will see the effect of the brush in just a matter of minutes. Also, after using this brush the shedding can decrease by about ninety-five percent on long-haired dogs. Although, if you figure out that this brush does not give you that ninety-five percent decrease the company offers a ten-year guarantee. During that time they will either give you a refund or replace your tool.


Safari Dog De-matting Comb

This 8.1 inch or 20-centimeter long tool is made specifically  long-haired dogs comfort. A smooth handle attached to the comb allows you to hold the tool with ease. Not only that but the handle also has thumb grips so you have better control. For your dog’s comfort, the stainless steel blades were designed to go away from their skin. This means that they are less likely to scratch their skin and injure them. With this, you will feel calmer knowing that you will not hurt them as you groom.

According to the company if you have a Maltese or even a Shetland Sheepdogs this tool will work for you. No matter what type of coat your dog has you will be able to get through those tangles. However, to get the best results the company has some recommendations on how to use their comb. They suggest that you begin at the head and then while combing in the direction of the hair go down to the tail.

If you are left-handed and have a hard time finding a comb that will also work for you stop searching now. This comb can be altered allowing you to use it either in your right or your left hand. All you have to do is remove the nut and move the blades to the opposite side. Then just tighten the nut again to make sure it is sturdy and you are ready to go. With this tool, long-haired dogs will be clean and smooth even if your smudged handwriting is not.

Gopets Dematting Comb

This comb is good for large dogs with long hair because it has a large head and a lot of teeth. The comb itself is a total of 2.25 inches across allowing you to take on any mat that comes your way. To also help you take on this mat the comb is filled with multiple steel blades to cut through the tangled hair. The handle attached to this tool is made of silicone gel allowing it to be soft and comfortable in your hand.

The star of this tool is the comb with two different sides. One side has a row of twelve teeth while the other row has a total of twenty-three. Having more teeth on one side allows you to pull off loose hair faster leading to less shedding in the house. On the opposite side, the smaller amount of teeth allows you to work through tight mats. However, do not worry about scratching your pet with all of these teeth. Each one has dulled ends that are rounded instead of sharp.

To make sure that your comb is the best it can be the company tests it with specific attention to its details. Although, if after ordering you find that these details are not for you do not worry. To help you out the company offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee which means that if you do not like it or it breaks they will give you a refund or replace your tool.


Tropiclean Mat Pet Tangle Remover

This spray is something to use before you get out any of the brushes or combs mentioned above. With a no-rinse formula, all you have to do is spray and rub it in to remove tangles. This product is especially great for long-haired dogs. According to the company, this spray will decrease the time it usually takes to brush out your dog by up to fifty percent. Not only that but it will repel dirt and leave their coats shiny. With all of this together you will be able to repair coats that have gotten worse over time.

To make sure that this spray is safe for your dog it is completely soap and detergent free. This means that you do not have to worry about it harming their skin or causing any irritation. However, ingredients that you will find inside this spray include things like chamomile, kiwi, mallow, and awapuhi extract all put together in an organic blend.

To get the best results the company suggest that you should use this spray on a clean coat. All you have to do is massage the remover into the coat, let it dry, and then brush out the coat. If you do find yourself facing a strong matt or knot apply a generous amount of the remover and work it through with the brush. After all of this is done you just have to let their coat dry and they will be good to go.

Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine

This detangler is unique because people use it on their dogs, their horses, and even their own hair. With so many different types of hair being able to use this product it must be doing something right. To help you figure out if you love this detangler just as much they offer it in two different sizes. There is the four ounce to help you test it out and then the sixteen ounce to help keep you supplied if you end up liking it.     

To use this product you should start with a nickel sized amount and rub it into the hair. In no time at all, you will feel the hair start to detangle and be smooth. However, to make it the right texture for you, continue to add nickel sized amounts until you are satisfied. As you apply this to the hair it will strengthen the hair while adding moisture. In turn, this will not only leave it glossy but, soft as well. Long-haired dogs will no longer have the struggle of a knotty, messy coat.

The reason why this detangler makes hair look so nice is because of a silk protein. After you brush it out the protein will cause it to have a strong shine. To make it feel soft as well it does not have any water or alcohol in its ingredients. Instead, it is full of only conditioning agents to help make the hair smooth.