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Taking your pup to the groomer regularly can add up fairly quickly. Additionally, it can be hard to make time to take your pup to the groomer; our solution? In-home grooming tables. They allow you to groom your pooch as often as you’d like, without the costly fees. Of course, grooming tables can be expensive up-front, but after a year or two, they really pay off! Especially if you have more than one dog, you’ll be saving money in no time. We know that with a pricey purchase like this, you’re not going to want to waste money. That’s where we come in! We have reviewed some of the best in-home grooming tables for your pooch. Looking at durability, quality, and price.

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why at-home grooming?

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch full station or a simple grooming table to clip your dog’s hair and nails, we’re here to help. The tables we picked out range anywhere form under $100, to over $300. What it really comes down to is what you’re using the table for. If you’re simply using the table to shave your dog once a year, and clip their nails, you may only want a simple table. If you’re spending a lot of time grooming your pooch, a more professional-style grooming table may be in order. Whatever your needs may be, we’re here to help you find the perfect new table for Fido. It’ll keep them happy, and in the long run, will save you money.

Why do we like grooming tables? They make our dogs more comfortable. Our two dogs hate going to the groomer; they’re nervous, uncomfortable, and it has trained them to hate car rides. Now that they’re being groomed at home, they’re much more comfortable, and they actually enjoy their time! So take a look at our top picks, Fido will thank you.

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Go Pet Club Grooming Table

grooming table

The Go Pet Club Grooming Table is a great options for both professional groomers and dog parents. It’s one of the more affordable options (under $100). Many groomers turn to this table because it’s easy to use, adjustable, and lightweight. Wether you’re grooming a chihuahua, or a great dane, this table will help to keep the dog steady and calm. 

Unlike full grooming stations, this table is easily transported and folded up. The entire table weighs around 15 pounds, making it easy to carry around (once folded). Additionally, it’s available in four sizes to suit your needs, and the needs of your dog. The small is 30″L x 18″ W x 32″ H, the medium is  36″L x 24″W x 31″H , the large is  42″L x 24″W x 30″H, and the XL is 48″L x 23.75″W x 30″H.


At first glance this table looks like any old table that you could pick up from the department store. Keep in mind however, that this table comes equip with features that will make grooming a breeze. It has strong legs capped with rubber feet that will keep the table steady while your dog is on it. The last thing you need is a wobbly table that’s just going to make your pup anxious. Additionally, this table has a static-free surface. This will make it easy to groom dogs with longer fur and hair. 

No matter how calm or nervous your dog gets during grooming this table will lend you a helping hand. It has an adjustable arm (adjustable to 40″ high ), that will help to keep your dog in place and give them a sense of security. 

We highly recommend this table to at-home groomers that need a sturdy table to aid in the grooming process. And at under $100, you’ll get more than your money’s worth after a few uses. 

Flying Pig Grooming Table

Flying Pig is a great brand to turn to for all of your grooming needs. Their grooming table is one of our favorites; it’s durable, affordable, and easy to use. Each Flying Pig table has a non-slip bone shaped rubber surface that sets it apart from the rest. You can try it out in either coral, blue, or black. We have found that this table works with just about any animal. It can hold weights up to 330 lbs, and is available in three sizes. 

This table will help to keep your pooch comfortable, and ensure they have plenty of space during grooming sessions.  The smallest size is 32″L x 21″~18″W x 31.5″H, the medium is 38″L x 22″~18″W x 31.5″H, and the large is 44″L x 24″~20″W x 31.5″H.

grooming table


This table is priced a little higher than the first table we covered (around $100), but it’s totally worth the price, if you think the additional features will come in handy. In addition to a simple table, it comes with a storage basket underneath that can accommodate all of your grooming needs. As you can see from the picture, you’ll also receive a stainless steel heavy duty arm, equipped with a noose and loop. 

Everything on this table is built to last and stand up to even the largest dogs. It’s fully adjustable, and just about everything, except for the rubber nonslip surface, is stainless steel. 

Additionally, this table is fairly transportable. You can easily fold up the legs when you’re not using it, and it only weighs around 40 lbs. 

We recommend this table to dog moms and dads that need a dependable surface to groom their pups on. It holds a ton of weight, and it’ll keep your dog feeling stable, even when they’re up on the table. 

Hydraulic Grooming Table

hydraulic grooming table

If you’re a professional groomer, or if you find yourself aching from adjusting a grooming table to suit the needs of your dog, our next pick is going to be a life savor for you! Hydraulic Grooming Tables in general are a huge convenience. They automatically to give you the perfect height. You can smoothly and quietly adjust the table for each pooch, while they’re already on it. Hydraulic tables will save you time, energy, and back aches. 

The Haige Pet Hydraulic Table is one of our favorites. Considering it’s versatility, it’s well worth the price in our opinion, (around $300). This table gives your dog stability, and gives you an easy way to keep them at the right height for all of their grooming needs. 


So what exactly sets this table apart? First of all, the Hydraulic aspect of this table has a Z-style frame and an H-style base, giving your dog stability. Additionally, the feet of this table have non-skid rubber feet that gives you the traction you need. The last thing you want is a heavy table sliding away from you!

As you can see, this table comes with a complete overhead arm with two loops, keeping your dog in place during all of your grooming needs. Additionally, the tabletop has a non-slip design to keep your pooch in place. We have seen time and again, that when dogs don’t feel like they have traction on a grooming table, their anxiety is only heightened. 

Unlike many of the tables we’ll cover, this table is a more permanent fixture in your house or shop, as it weighs around 84 lbs. However, this added weight will give your dog stability, and also allows it to hold weights up to 220 lbs. 

The only downside to this table is that it’s not available in a variety of sizes. It’s only available in one size; 42.5L x 23.6W (inch) . Fortunately, it’ll suit the needs of both small and large dogs, it’ll just give smaller pups more room to breathe. 

We highly recommend this table for professional groomers and those that spend a lot of time with their dog grooming them. The hydraulic base will make your dog feel comfortable, and give you an easy way to adjust the table. If you have an anxious dog you’ll also be happy to hear that the legs adjust very smoothly and quietly as not to upset your pups. 

Small Grooming Table

Our next pick is ideal for small pet parents. This table is only available in one size, suitable for smaller pups such as chihuahuas and yorkies, as it’s only 18″ in diameter. 

As you can probably guess, this table doesn’t adjust in height, it’s set on the “ground”, and is designed to be used on tabletops, or simply on the floor. So, you can either kneel down with your pooch while grooming them, or simply put it on a bathroom counter or table. This simple design allows you to purchase an affordable, lightweight tabletop perfect for grooming without paying for height adjustments. Throw it in your bathroom, garage, or simply groom your pooch on your kitchen table. Nothing will come off of this table that some disinfecting wipes can’t clean up after!

small pet grooming table


The Master Equipment Small Grooming Table is equipped with an adjustable grooming arm and loop to safely keep your pup in place. The arm can reach anywhere between 16″ to 23″ depending on your dog’s height. 

As soon as you receive your new grooming table you’ll be able to see the quality, right down to the color coordinating accessories. Each table has a non-slip rubber tabletop that’s both easy to clean, and comfortable for pets. Additionally, this grooming table rotates 360 degrees; so you can simply rotate the table with your hand, rather than walking around the table or making your pup turn around. 

We recommend this table to any dog parent with a smaller breed. It’s durable, dependable, and safe for small dogs to use. Additionally, it only weighs 11 pounds, making it easy to transport and hide away between uses. Check out all of the fun colors on Amazon today!


Grooming tables will save you time, money, and even save your back! Once you get one, you’ll wonder how you ever groomed your pooch without one! Wether you have a pomeranian, or a pitbull, there are grooming tables out there designed to fit your needs.

If you have any questions about any of the products we’ve covered, please reach out to our team at [email protected]