When the clouds part and cold chills give way to warm sunshine, Summer is just around the corner.  The smell of sunscreen floats through the air, instantly bringing a soft smile to your face. In fact, thoughts of hitting the beach with the girls, taking naps in the sun, and breaking out the tank tops dance around in your head. The Grriggles Fruit Frenzy line of plush dog toys harnesses this Summer energy. It features adorable shapes like strawberries and retro swimsuits; perfect for any sun-bum pup. Your furbaby will have a new way to celebrate the sun!

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Why Do You Want a Plush Dog Toy?

     Plush dog toys are made with a soft stuffing, wrapped in comfy fabric and sewn together. Although they will not be the most durable dog toy, plush dog toys are still increasingly beneficial for your furbaby.

     Gentle on the Mouth. Plush dog toys are made with soft materials instead of hard plastic. Since both new puppies and senior dogs have more fragile teeth, softer toys will be the way to go. These adorable pups are still very active and will need a toy to softly chew or lay on.

     Cuddle Buddy. A soft, plush dog toy in very comforting for most dogs. Especially in times of anxiety, your furbaby will often turn towards a soft cuddle buddy. They will lay on it, carrying it around in their mouth, and softly chew to help massage their gums. If you have a new puppy, a cuddle buddy plush dog toy is a spectacular gift. Your baby will instantly love its soft warmth.

Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Toy Line: Your Options

     The easiest way to find and purchase a Grriggles Fruit Frenzy toy is through Amazon or our very own Shop Woof Pack. They offer two toy options for you to choose from. The first is a super health-inspired strawberry and the second features a hip retro-style swimsuit. Both absolutely scream Summertime fun! Also, we think it’s adorable that Grriggles named their swim suit toy the “Bathing Fruit.”

     Each Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Toy comes in a specific shape and size. It will be very important to consider the size of your pup when picking an option. In fact, you will not want to give a small size toy to a large size dog. This presents a choking hazard you should steer clear from. On the other hand, large size toys will not be great for small size dogs. A smaller dog will have difficulty picking up and carrying a big toy.

     To help you find the best Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Toy for your cutie-pie, we dug up each measurement and weight:


  1. 5.5 x 4 x 4”
  2. .32 ounces

“Bathing Fruit”

  1. 7 x 6 x 2.5”
  2. .32 ounces

The Strawberry Design


     The Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Toy in Strawberry is exactly what it sounds like: a strawberry. A larger portion of the toy is the body of a strawberry. It’s deep red with white dots to represent the fruit seeds. On top is a bright green stem with short leaves.

     This yummy shape is a reminder of the importance of healthy eating. Strawberries are seasonal in the Summer; delicious and ripe for the picking! It will be super cute as your pup gentle gnaws on his or her Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry while you chow down on the real thing. Totally an Instagram-worthy shot!


     The most important feature of the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry is its soft, plush texture. By no means is this a hard, plastic dog toy! Puppies and senior dogs with fragile teeth and gentle gums will instantly fall in love. However, it will not be extremely durable. If you have a hard-chewing pup with jaws of steel, you will end up with stuffing strewn about like a CSI crime scene.

     The second important feature of this toy includes a fun squeaker. Every time your furbaby bites down, the strawberry will playfully squeak. From the experience of many dog owners, canines tend to favor noise-making toys. The interactive nature of squeakers will allow your pup to make interesting sounds and stay engaged.

     Finally, this toy has the simple feature of a hanging loop. Although you are unable to see a loop presented in the product’s photo, its description does mention a loop is included. Some pet households could care less about a loop on their dog’s toys, but it does offer a unique benefit. For example, if you want to clean-up the house and organize your furbaby’s toys, you can hang the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry in a creative place. Additionally, this can help keep the toys out of Fido’s reach if you only want to break it out during the Summer months. Great idea!

The “Bathing Fruit” Design


     Grriggles makes a unique Fruit Frenzy toy in the shape of a retro-fitted swimsuit. Creatively, they named it the “Bathing Fruit.” This one-piece style swim suit design is bright and comes in a variety of colors. Unfortunately, Amazon features one option of blue with green accents. Another version featured on Shop Woof Pack, comes in bright green with orange accents. 

     To mimic a lady’s waist line, the swim suit creates an hourglass figure. Finally, the picture of a fruit is sewn into the bottom leg of the toy. Because it is sewn in, you will have no trouble with your furbaby ripping it off the toy.

     The Bathing Fruit seems to be an odd choice of shape for a plush dog toy, but that’s what will make it unique in your home. If your pup loves to lay their head on stuffed toys, then this is your best pick. Basically, it is large enough for a dog’s head to rest on top and has a great shape for a pillow.


     Similar to the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry, their Bathing Fruit has a hanging loop. However, this one is much more noticeable! It is a polyester fabric strap attached to the top of the bathing suit. You will also notice that the strap is sewn into the suit, creating a more durable hold.

     After testing this specific toy with our own pups, Harley and Kai, it seemed to hold up pretty well. Admittedly, the first thing to go was the suit’s bright green strap. This happened after some games of tug. Luckily, the strap came off the top of the toy without ripping anything else. It was a clean break and did not ruin the toy entirely.

     Also, similar to the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry, the Bathing Fruit has a squeaker inside. The squeaker brings a great interactive element to the toy. Honestly, it makes it more than just another cute plush toy. Your furbaby will find a lot of fun in making it squeak and will continue to play with it longer.

Pros and Cons

     We have reviews both the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry and the Griggles Fruit Frenzy Bathing Fruit. Along the way, we pointed out their benefits and possible cautions. In the end, it may be easier to see a simple pro/con list. Our list will help you make an excellent choice:


  1. Plush, comfort toy for any dog
  2. Extra helpful for puppies, senior dogs, and furbabies needed a snuggle buddy
  3. Super cute Summer theme
  4. Straps for hanging abilities
  5. Fun squeaker inside


  1. Not for heavy chewing or destructive dogs
  2. Some pieces can be ripped off during games of tug
  3. Material and stuffing not digestible

Price Point

      Grriggles’ two designs embody Summertime, but will they embody you budget? Both are fairly affordable. The beautifully, scrumptious Strawberry design comes in at a little more than $15. However, if you are looking for a cheaper pick, go with the Bathing Fruit. This option will cost you less than $10 on Amazon. Even better, we offer the Bathing Fruit for under $3 on Shop Woof Pack!

In Closing

     It’s not everyday that you run across an adorable dog toy that perfectly embodies your love for Summer. The warm sun, bright blue skies, and taste of cold lemonade will be accented with any Grriggles Fruit Frenzy plush dog toy. Now you can spread the joy of Summertime to your adoring furry forever-friend!

     By reviewing Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Strawberry and Griggles Fruit Frenzy Bathing Fruit, we’ve set the stage for your perfect plush toy decision. Pay attention to their size and features we have highlighted. These will help match which toy is best for your cutie-pie! All and all, your furbaby deserves a little taste of Summer, no matter what time of year it is. The joy that spreads across their face will instantly bring a smile to yours.