Pretty much all dog leashes are designed with a common purpose, to help control Fido when out and about. When purchasing a dog leash there are certain things you want to consider in order to find the perfect leash for your unique pup. The most important quality your dog leash holds is functionality. To be sure you choose the right leash for your dog you want to consider length, width, type of leash, material, and of course your dog. Once you’ve considered all of these aspects, you can narrow down your search for the perfect dog leash.

Finding the Perfect Dog Leash

The first step to finding the perfect dog leash is learning what to look for, for your dog specifically. You’ll want to consider things like Fido’s size and whether or not he is leash trained. Next, you’ll want to consider what the leash is being used for. Whether you plan to just take daily walks or use the leash to help train your dog will play a role in choosing the perfect leash.

Things like material, length, and width will contribute greatly to the functionality of your leash. Materials like nylon and leather are durable and great for most types of dogs. Chain leashes are ideal for larger breeds and chewers, while thin leashes are great for smaller dogs and puppies. The length of your leash helps to guide the amount of control you have over your dog. Smaller leashes are perfect for heavy trafficked areas or dogs that are still being trained around others.

Lastly, you should consider the type of leash you want. There are many types including the classic leash, hands free leashes, retractable leashes and adjustable leashes. Knowing the function of each leash will help you when deciding which is best for you and your fur baby. Once you feel confident that you have selected the perfect leash, all that is left is to choose a style! Coming soon, we will provide a full length article about everything you need to know when it comes to finding the perfect dog leash.