The annual Jewish holiday of Hanukkah will be celebrated across the globe this winter season. Family and friends will gather for food, laughter, lights, and celebration. As a matter of fact, the festivities of Hanukkah will last for 8 days! As an adorable part of your family, why not make this Hanukkah doggie inclusive? After all, your furbaby loves the festivities! To get you started, we dug up some key information and perfect products to help your family make a great Hanukkah for Fido.

Background Information on Hanukkah

About the Holiday

Hanukkah is interpreted as the Hebrew word for “celebration.” In fact, this Jewish holiday is often referred to as the Festival of Lights. For 2018 specifically, its festivities will begin the evening of December 2nd and end the evening of December 10th.

By understanding the history behind Hanukkah, we can grasp the holiday’s importance. In essence, it celebrates how a small group of Jewish fighters, called the Maccabees, fought to reclaim Israel from Syrian Greeks. After fighting for three years, the Maccabees succeeded in victory. Their final step was to restore and rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, only one bottle of oil was found to light the Temple’s menorah. Miraculously, this oil burned for eight days!

Yet, Hanukkah has grown to encompass much more meaning over the years. Continuous past struggles for the community, most notably the Holocaust, have built upon the holiday’s ideals. The Jewish have found great significance in connecting with the fighters of their ancestry. In a word, Hanukkah can symbolize the strength of Jewish community.

How is Hanukkah Celebrated?

Each family owns unique traditions in celebrating Hanukkah. While some tread the extremely traditional route, others may take a more modern spin. More than likely, no matter your family’s style, you will look forward to food, lights, and maybe a dreidel or two.

First, eating traditional Hanukkah foods is an absolute staple. Foods deep fried in oil are popular due to the oil’s significance in holiday history. Yum latkes! Candies, like chocolate gelt, are also a family favorite.

Second, it can never truly be Hanukkah without a proper menorah lighting. The menorah is a traditional, religious candle/oil holder with spaces for eight candles and one attendant candle. Each evening, the family will gather for one member to light the candles. After lighting the attendant candle, the member will use that specific candle to transfer flame to the others. For each night of Hanukkah, a new candle will be lit. It is believed that these lights will defeat darkness, much like the Maccabees did centuries ago.

How Can my Dog Join In?


As a special member of your large or small family, your pup deserves a yummy gift. While friends and family enjoy great homemade food, you can offer Fido their very own alternative! If you are not into baking your own dog treats, there exist a wonderful pre-made option.

The Bark Bars Hanukkah Box is one of the only fabulous Hanukkah-themed dog treat finds available on Amazon. These treats come in a 7.6” box, pre-wrapped with Hanukkah décor. Furthermore, it sports a cute name-tag space for you to pencil in who the gift is going to and who the gift is from.

Instead of looking like a traditional dog treat, the Bark Bars Hanukkah Box offers creative cat and mailman shapes. From their look, we believe the treats to be crunchy in texture. Moreover, Bark Bars consciously placed all nutrition information on the box’s packaging.

With flavors like latkes and applesauce, the treats are USA made have natural ingredients. Additionally, we love the Bark Bars made an effort to include no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives! Their ingredients are wheat flour, apples, potatoes, vegetable oil, water, rye flour, wheat brain, cinnamon, flaxseed, brewers dried yeast, sunflower oil, mixed tocopherols, and rosemary extract.


We highly recommend gifting your pup with a new dog toy this Hanukkah season. Not only will Fido be super excited, but you will be providing them with great entertainment while friends and family gather. Interactive toys, like treat feeders or squeakers, will help keep your furbaby engaged and cut down possible party anxiety. To learn more about doggie party tips, check out our article on Party Safety with Pups.

While a regular toy will due the trick, it’s Hanukkah! There exist some wonderful Hanukkah-themed dog toys on the market! We recommend Multipet’s Dreidel Hanukkah Plush because it offers a truly unique quality. Unlike most plush toys that simply squeak, the Multipet Dreidel Hanukkah Plush sings!

Measuring 6.5”, this plushie is designed like a dreidel. Unfortunately, due to its soft nature, we do not recommend the toy for aggressive chewers. Inside houses 3 LR44 1.5V button cell alkaline batteries. Luckily, you will not have to worry about any battery installation! The dreidel comes equipped and ready to go! Consequently, you will not be able to change the batteries because they are sewn up inside.

Once a dog squishes the right spot on Multipet’s Dreidel Hanukkah Plush, the toy will begin to emit the Driedel song. This song is immensely popular, and you will recognize it straight away. While some customers warn of the song’s annoying capabilities, others love their dastardly plan of gifting the toy to another family!


Some owners are keen to dress up their adorable pup for different occasions. In fact, it can really be the icing on the cake as friends and family ogle over your dog! If this is your style, we recommend the Petitebella Blue Hexagram Puppy Dog Clothes.

While this outfit from Petitebella is simple in design, it is ultimately your best choice. On the whole, without bells and whistles it will remain safe and comfortable for your furbaby to wear. Furthermore, the outfit is easy for owners to slip on and off. In particular, the cotton shirt sports one head hole and two front leg holes. Your pups back legs will be free to wiggle about!

Unlike many doggie outfits that use scratchy materials, the Petitebella Blue Hexagram Puppy Dog Clothes is true cotton. The simple white shirt has dark blue trim and a bold blue hexagram on the back. We believe the outfit is machine washable, but it might shrink.

Owners have their choice of size extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large. Petitebella recommends checking their sizing chart before ordering your pup’s perfect size. Conveniently, the sizing chart is provided on the product’s Amazon page.

To view this comfy, adorable Hanukkah outfit, please click the Amazon link below.

Product Pricing

Each reviewed product is easy affordable. We understand that many owners do not want to blow big bucks on holiday-themed dog products. After all, its use will only last during the Hanukkah season!

Bark Bars Hanukkah Box: $

Multipet’s Dreidel Hanukkah Plush: $

Petitebella Blue Hexagram Puppy Dog Clothes: $ – $$

Hanukkah Dog Cautions


Hanukkah is often celebrated with the additions of yummy chocolates. As a result, it becomes imperative that owners keep a watchful eye on their dog’s eating. By and large, chocolate is a well-known toxic danger for pets. The American Kennel Club explains, “Chocolate contains a very toxic substance called Methylxanthines, which are stimulants that stop a dog’s metabolic process.”

Different types of chocolate contain various levels of Methylxanthines. In fact, darker chocolate has higher amounts! If eaten, no matter the variation, you should take your dog to the vet straight away. Symptoms of chocolate ingestion include vomiting, diarrhea, increase in body temperature, increase in reflex responses, rigid muscles, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, seizures, and coma (petMD).

Fried Foods

“Just as fatty and fried foods are not good for humans,” explains the American Kennel Club, “they are even worse for dogs.” Although fried foods are a staple during Hanukkah, make sure your pup isn’t gobbling up any table scraps. Unfortunately, consumption causes your pet’s pancreas to become inflamed. As a result, this leads to severe damage of the intestine.

Menorah Placement

Lighting the menorah is an occasion steeped in Jewish history and tradition. Therefore, you will be hard pressed to find a Jewish household without it. Unfortunately, the burning candles or oil cause a fire hazard when pets are bouncing around the house. In fact, some pups may be inclined to eat candles; ingesting many toxic ingredients.

The best advice is to place your menorah away from Fido’s reach. Furthermore, choose a position on steady furniture that can not be wobbled or knocked over. As with any candle, try not to leave a burning flame unattended.

Traditionally, unscented candles and oils are used when lighting a menorah. For dogs with allergies or respiratory problems, unscented candles eliminate an unseen danger! In short, do not use scented candles.


 This Hanukkah season consider incorporating your dog into the festivities! You can easily do this through treats, toys, and adorable outfits. For this reason, we recommend checking out the Bark Bars Hanukkah Box, Multipet Dreidel Hanukkah Plush, and Petitebella Blue Hexagram Puppy Dog Clothes. Each are affordable and can be found straight on Amazon. Additionally, these simple products offer an easy route to doggie holiday safety. Happy Hanukkah!