Like most dogs, your pup probably has the urge to chew, chew, chew! Wouldn’t it be great if we could redirect that chewing into something beneficial? Like most dog owners, you probably don’t look forward to brushing Fido’s teeth. Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toys allows you to effortlessly turn this chore into playtime for Fido. Not only are you proactively keeping up on your dog’s dental care, but Fido gets to satisfy his desire to chew.

Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toys

Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toys are safe and long lasting. Made with a durable nylon shell, these chew toys withstand mild to moderate chewers. This chew toy also doubles as a treat as Fido gets to the delicious bacon flavored center. Using dentashield technology, Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toy gently massages Fido’s gums while minimizing plaque and tartar build up. These two-in-one chew toy dental treats are available in small or medium and in a variety of colors.

This chew toy is the perfect solution to those annoying holes in your furniture because what dog can resist bacon? Fido gets to enjoy a tasty treat while satisfying the urge to chew, and you can feel good knowing your pups oral care is being maintained. The best part is Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toys are extremely affordable, making it a purchase you really feel great about.

Coming soon our team will provide a full length article on these chew toys and dental dog treats. We can all agree that knowing Fido is happy and healthy is a great feeling. With no more chewed up furniture or battles with the toothbrush, Hartz Chew n’ Clean Dog Chew Toys are a must have for you and Fido. Kisses from Fido have never been fresher!