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Taking your pup to the groomer regularly can add up fairly quickly. Additionally, it can be hard to make time to take your pup to the groomer; our solution? In-home grooming tubs. They allow you to groom your pooch as often as you’d like, without the costly fees. Of course, grooming tubs are expensive up-front, but after a year or two, they really pay off! Especially if you have more than one dog, you’ll be saving money in no time. We know that with a pricey purchase like this, you’re not going to want to waste money. That’s where we come in! We have reviewed some of the best in-home grooming tubs for your pooch. Looking at durability, quality, and price.

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Benefits of a grooming tub

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch full station or a simple grooming tub, we’re here to help. The tubs we picked out range anywhere form under $100, to over $10000; what it really comes down to is what you’re using the tub for. Is it just for quick baths? Then take a look at our more affordable options.

Why do we like grooming tubs? They make our dogs more comfortable. Our two dogs hate going to the groomer; they’re nervous, uncomfortable, and it’s trained them to hate car rides. Now that they’re being groomed at home, they’re much more comfortable, and they actually enjoy bath time! So take a look at our top picks, Fido will thank you.

Booster Bath Tub

grooming tubs

This Booster Bath Tub is a great solution for grooming your pooch either indoors our outdoors. As you can see, it’s elevated off of the ground so you don’t have to bend over to groom Fido. This will save your back and allow you to be at eye level with your pooch during the entire process. 

This elevated tub is great for dogs of just about any size, as long as you can keep an eye on them to ensure they won’t be jumping off of the platform over and over again. As long as your pup is under 125 lbs, this tub will be a great new tub for them. Smaller dogs will obviously be pretty low in the tub, (which is great if your tiny dog likes to escape).


The Booster bathtub makes bathtime easy, especially for dogs that don’t enjoy bathtime. To assemble the tub, simply snap two pieces together and snap open the legs. ‘Assembly’, will really only take you a couple of seconds, so, you can always fold the tub and hide it away in your garage between uses. 

The bath is available in three colors; grey, red, and teal. Each bath is 45″ x 21.25″ x 15″. The legs are 18″ long; so the total height of the tub is 32.25″ (2.6 feet). 


This tub can be hooked up directly to a water source, such as a hose attachment on your house, it can also be hooked up to a garden hose. It comes with a short hose that will hook right up to your house. The front of the hose has a great head that allows you to shower your pooch with water softly and evenly. This tub also comes with a draining hose to allow you to get rid of all of the water in a clean manner. 

No matter how big or small your pooch is, this is a pretty comfortable tub for them to take their baths in. It has a soft rubber bottom that they can grip, and it also has a leash attachment that you can hook on to your dog’s collar or harness to keep them in place. We recommend placing your dog in the tub rather than letting them jump up, but the bottom is open so they can get out by themselves if you let them. 

We have found that this tub makes bathtime super easy. Each tub even comes with a shampoo caddy where you can store all of your pup’s shampoos and conditioners. This tub is priced around $150, and will last your dog a lifetime, we highly recommend this bath for Fido. 

master equipment polypro

The Master Equipment PolyPro is a professional grade grooming tub. If you’re going to be grooming dogs constantly, this will be worth the cost. If you’re simply washing off your own pooch a few times a year, this may be a bit too much for you. This tub is incredibly durable, no matter what breeds you’re washing, this is a great pick. It’s made of a high-density polyethylene material that won’t rust. 

As you can probably see from the image to the left, this grooming tub also comes with an overhead grooming arm that will save you a great deal of time. The grooming arm has two grooming loops that you can also use to keep Fido in place and happy. 


This tub has all of the bells and whistles you could ever imagine. It has adjustable legs that can allow you to raise or lower the tub based on how large or small the dogs are. Additionally, this tub has a removable door that easily allows you to get larger dogs to jump in and out of the tub with ease. Simply lift the door straight up to remove it. 

To fill the tub you’ll need a water hose, as it doesn’t have a predrilled faucet. At the bottom of the tub you’ll find a drain with a screen that allows you to easily get rid of water while you’re grooming. 

When you order this tub from Amazon you’ll receive a shampoo bottle holder, the grooming arm, two grooming loops, and a raised tub rack! All of these great accessories will save you time and allow you to be ready for grooming at all times. You can leave all of your supplies right in the tub between dogs, and you’ll never have to worry about walking away from the tub and leaving the dogs alone. 

grooming tub

Unlike the other grooming tubs that we are covering, this tub is much more permanent. It weigh 130 pounds, and is fairly large. The outside dimensions are 58″ x 31″ x 36″. 

Whether you run a grooming business, or you simply have a dog or two at home, this tub is a life savor! You won’t have to constantly bend over a tub to clean your pooch, and all of your supplies will be ready for you. In our opinion it’s worth the wait, if you spend a significant amount of time and strain grooming your dogs, as this tub is around $1,000. 

Home pet spa pet wash

grooming bath

We’re a little bit jealous that this next pick is only designed for dogs. The Home Pet Spa allows your dog to basically have a mini jacuzzi all to themselves during grooming time. It has six mist jets and a shower wand that will help to wash and relax your pooch. They’ll be in doggy heaven with this great tub!

The Home Pet Spa is made of a composite material that feels much like plastic. It has a durable construction and can stand up to your dog’s bath time play. This is a great option for just about any breed. It can hold just about any weight of dog, simply measure their length to find out if it’s suitable for them. 


This pet spa is  35″ x 24.7″ x 29.25″H. Unlike the Master Equipment Polypro, it’s much more moveable. It weighs just 60 lbs, allowing you to put it away if you need to when your pooch is done with bath time. 

This tub is easy to use and has just about everything you’ll need during grooming. It has on and off controls for the water, and the tub can hook up to any faucet in your house. This tub also comes with safety restraints so you can ensure that your dog stays put during grooming. 

This tub also has an extendable and flexible drain that will get rid of any excess water while the water is running. 

We highly recommend this tub to posh pets that demand the best quality during bath time. The only downside being that it doesn’t have extendible legs. So, unless you lay the tub in a sink, you’ll have to be closer to the ground to wash your pooch. 

Flying Pig Grooming Tub

dog bath tub

Our next pick is a professional grade stainless steal tub fit for a king. It’s the most expensive tub we’ll cover, close to $2,000. However, it has all of the bells and whistles, and is well-worth the money if you’re going to be using the tub often. 

This durable tub is made with rust resistant 16 gauge stainless steal, and is truly built to last. As you can see from the image, it has a nice, tall backsplash area to prevent spills, and it also ensures your dogs stay put during grooming. Additionally, the side backsplash areas can be removed if you need to be able to walk all the way around the tub during bath time. 

When you order this tub from Amazon, you’ll receive a walk-in ramp, a faucet with hot & cold water hose, a sprayer with a hose, an overhead grooming arm, drain kit and hair trap, a stainless steel shampoo rack, and floor grates. 

who is this for?

This grooming tub is ideal for dogs of any size. It’s large enough for the tougher dogs, and you can easily groom those smaller pups with ease. The tub has adjustable floor grates that can be raised or lowers in order to accommodate different breeds. 

Unlike many tubs, this tub doesn’t require you to have a hand on the dog at all times. You can attach the backsplash and side splashes to keep escape artists inside the tub at all times. Additionally, the front door locks so the dogs won’t be able to nudge the door open to get out. This tub comes with an overhead arm that allows you to fasten the dog in to keep them from jumping out. Once the pup is inside, simply slide the ramp underneath the tub. 

stainless steal grooming tub



Worried about your area getting wet? There’s nothing to worry about with this tub! All of the edges are sealed and waterproof. You won’t have to ever worry about leaks. Additionally, the walls are so high that even when the dog shakes around, they won’t get water all over the place.

This grooming tub is not only for groomers, but for households that like to bathe their dogs often. As you can probably guess, this tub is pretty bulky, so it will become more or less a permanent fixture in the room. Each tub is 50 x 27 x 58 inches, and weighs almost 200 lbs. 

We highly recommend this grooming tub for dog owners that need a quality, dependable tub that will stand up to the test of time. Additionally, this tub is great for extremely large breeds. It can hold heavy weights with ease. 

When you order this tub from Amazon you can choose to either have a right door and left drain, or left drain and right door. Other than door placement, both models are identical. 

Flying Pig Portable Tub

Our final pick is another Flying Pig Product. As you can tell, this bath tub is much smaller and portable. Flying Pig is a great brand to turn to for grooming tubs, and their smaller version is no exception. It’s designed for small and medium sized breeds that need a tub of their own. Although, it can hold dogs up to 150 lbs, the size of the tub will restrict how large of a breed you can fit in the tub comfortably. 

The tub is 37.5″L x 19.5″W x 35.5″H; we recommend measuring your dog if you have a larger breed. We have found that this tub is great for outdoor and indoor use. It’s a great size to standup in a bathtub, and of course on warmer days you can always take it outside to prevent mess. 


This Flying Pig tub is made with heavy duty plastic, and the legs are made of stainless steel. This tub is a great choice for pup parents that want to easily be able to walk all the way around the tub. Even better, the floor is adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your pooch. 

This tub is available in two colors; blue, and white. Each tub has a built-in shelf that allows you to store all of your dog’s supplies, and of course also has a handy drain, hose, and a drain stopper that allows you to easily get rid of excess water. In our opinion this tub is well worth the price. It’s under $150, and is built to last a lifetime!


Grooming tubs make bath time easy and fun for your pooch. It spares your bathroom the mess, and saves your bathtub from clogging up with dog hair! No matter how large or small your pooch is, you’ll be surprised by how much easier bath time is when your pooch has their very on shower space. 

If you have any questions or comments about the products we’ve reviewed, please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]