Ever since people tried to bring peacocks and lizards onto planes, service animals like dogs have become a popular topic. However, the neighboring term and group, ‘Therapy Dogs’ has not received the same amount of buzz. This will cause many people to believe that the title of service dog and therapy dog mean the same thing and have the same qualities. Although, to many people’s surprise there is a key distinction between the two.

Service Dogs vs. Therapy Dogs

     Service dogs are carefully trained to help someone with a disability. With this training, they can help their owner with specific tasks that may be hard for them. Since they are completing important tasks, it is a common rule that you should not pet them. This is because it can distract and prevent them from completing their duties. Some examples of service dogs are Guide Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, and Diabetes Assistance Dogs.

     The main difference between the two groups is that Therapy Dogs are actually trained to be pet. With the help of their handler, they will visit people and let them connect with the dog. This  provides psychological care through affection and comfort. Some places a Therapy Dog may visit is hospitals, retirement homes, and even schools.

Focusing on How Therapy Dogs Help

     Now that the distinction between the two is clear we can go more into depth about how Therapy Dogs can really help. Coming soon we will cover all the benefits different people receive when they connect with these animals. It is quite amazing how just the comfort of a dog can help so many. Also, we will take the time to explain how dogs actually become Therapy Dogs and how handlers are involved. With all of this information, you will be able to see just how incredible these dogs are. They may not be receiving much buzz yet, but after this upcoming article, the word will start flying!