Dog yoga is the perfect fun and unique way to bond with beloved furry best friend. Along with many other benefits, dog yoga reduces stress and allows you and Fido to nama-stay connected. Dog yoga, or doga, is an exercise that doubles as a bonding experience. More interactive than a jog on a trial or a trip to the dog park, doga is all being in the moment and oneness. For the ultimate bonding one on one time with Fido, practice doga at home. Dog yoga can also be a social exercise for the owner and pup, by finding doga classes in your area.

How to Practice Dog Yoga With Your Pup

Along with the intense bonding this experience brings, doga has many benefits for both you and Fido. Doga teaches trust, helps with relaxation, stress relief, improves circulation and range of motion, and can mellow hyperactive dogs. The health benefits of yoga itself include better sleep, energy, muscle tone, and lower blood pressure. 

There are a variety of poses to learn but it is important to be realistic in your expectations. You should always practice moves together, attempting to set Fido up in moves alone can be dangerous. Dogs aren’t always doing the same exact pose as their owner. They either participate alongside with a compatible but dog friendly pose, or by becoming an extension of the owner’s pose. Doga poses can be modified to fit your pups unique shape, size, and abilities.

Practicing dog yoga with your pup, in short, is a great way to get out of your usual routine and enjoy some healthy yet relaxing exercise. And since you can do it at home, it’s the perfect activity for rain or shine. To learn more on how to practice dog yoga with your pup, tune back in for an in-depth review.