In 2004, the Haute Diggity Dog company broke into the vast world of canine toys. Their parody toys took the industry by storm and continued to gain media attention. Although there is nothing functionally special about these plush dog toys, Haute Diggity Dog focused their energy on building extremely creative and cute designer themes. For example, the Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Bar Collection mimics popular alcoholic drinks.

With witty names and astoundingly similar appearances, Haute Diggity Dog’s products bring a “wow” factor. Each is a plush toy with hidden squeaker inside. The squeaker will entice your pup for extended play time. Consequently, we fell in love with this dog toy collection on first site and wanted to tell you all about it! From Chewy Vuiton handbags to Tory Bark bones, have a blast picking your favorite unique toy.

What is a Parody Toy and Why are They So Darn Popular?

In essence, a parody dog toy is designed to look very similar to real-world products. This could include human shoes, animals, newspapers, elected officials, food, and so much more! Often, dog product companies love mimicking things that dogs naturally go after. This is why you see rows of stuffed squirrels and bacon down the pet aisle.

Haute Diggity Dog harnessed the parody toy theory and took it to a whole new level. The company found its niche in designer products; creating stuffed dog toys from popular handbags, trending drinks, and more. The basic idea: spoiling your pooch with recognizable luxury items in the form of a plush toy!

The company’s popularity exploded into the media. It seems their idea hit the mark and provided dog owners with excitingly, new options. Parody toys are popular with dog families for entertainment. For example, watching a pup gnaw on a stuffed wine bottle will become the center of attention in many gatherings. Cuteness level 100!

Furthermore, the new generation of dog owners overwhelmingly love to share photos of their dog on social media platforms. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, this generation shares their life through the internet and apps. Their furbaby becomes an adorable star; shared instantly through quick photos. In particular, a funny and creative parody dog toy will create the perfect photo moment!, among other websites, have produced a list of dogs to follow on the internet. Titled “9 Internet Famous Dogs You Need to Be Following,” it becomes apparent that sharing adorable or funny photos of pups can lead them to stardom. Various props are often used in these photographs to enhance their aesthetic. For this reason, parody toys are used to raise the level of cuteness or silliness.

The Company: Haute Diggity Dog

Haute Diggity Dog started as a company in 2004 with the goal of designing something unique. At the present time, they state themselves “The Original Parody Plush Dog Toy Company.” The company’s creative designs have landed them a great array of press highlights. This includes both TV and magazines! Some of the magazines are People, US Weekly, and Vogue. Additionally, some of the plush toys have been included in gift bags for Oscar nominees and at the Emmy Awards.

With such an explosion of fame, Haute Diggity Dog now features four parody toy product lines:

  1. Fashion Hound. Toys mimicking designer purses, watches, and shoes.
  2. Muttini Bar. Toys mimicking popular alcoholic drinks.
  3. Yip Yip Hooray. Toys mimicking cakes, drinks, and gift boxes.
  4. Starbarcks. Toys mimicking Starbucks drinks.

Each line features creative stuffed parody toys that will spoil your furbaby into stardom. Now, Fido can sport a purse that looks just like yours! Or, snap an Instagram photo of your and your pup both enjoying a Starbucks drink. Haute Diggity Dog even produces an adorable high-end car bed with the license plate “LA Dog.”

The Product: Muttini Bar Collection

In particular, the Muttini Bar Collection from Haute Diggity Dog carries a large number of adorable plush alcoholic drinks. Don’t worry, these dog toys contain no real alcohol or liquid components. Instead, you will find a soft plush material with a squeaker inside!

Haute Diggity Dog is sure to have your preferred drink. The company has cleverly created funny pun names. For under $15 each, choose from:

  1. Arfsolut Vodka
  2. Dog Perignonn Champagne
  3. Grrrona Beer Bottle
  4. Kennel One Vodka
  5. Woof Clicquot Rose’
  6. Cavalier Sauvignon Wine Bottle
  7. Cosmuttpolitan
  8. Johnnie Dogwalker Ruff Label
  9. LickCroix Barkling Water
  10. Muttgarita
  11. Puptron Tequila
  12. Red Bulldog
  13. Santa Muttgarita Pinot Grrrigio Wine Battle
  14. Stella Artois Beer
  15. Tanqueruff Gin

We love that each toy is machine washable in cold water and mild detergent. Many plush toys become soaked in doggie slobber or accidentally end up outside. With machine washable capabilities, your Muttini Bar Collection plush toy can remain clean! In turn, the adorable plush will last longer.

To purchase the appropriate size toy for your furbaby, you will have to pay attention to the product your purchase. Dog Perignonn Champagne and Grrrone Beer Bottle are the only two that offer three sizes: small, large, and extra-large. The small size is 5” tall, the large size is 9” tall, and the extra-large is 11” tall. For all other Muttini Bar products, you can choose between small and large. The small size is 6” tall and the large size is 10” tall. We recommend knowing the difference in sizing because they vary.

While these parody plush dog toys are adorable, they are best for small and medium sized pups. Heavy chewing dogs can easily tear through them; leaving stuffing carnage all over your floor. Additionally, you do not want your pooch to ingest the synthetic filling.

Why Use a Plush Toy?

Using a plush toy will have its advantages. First, a young puppy will have fragile teeth. During their early stages of life, it is recommended to encourage a good chewing habit. Chewing will be essential as they enter a teething stage. In contrast, chewing on hard objects with young, fragile teeth may cause dental damage. The solution: plush toys!

Second, elderly dogs no longer have the strong chompers they used to. Entering their senior years, these pups will continue to be active chewers but their jaws are fragile. Plush toys offer a wonderful alternative to hard bones or rubber chews. Your older furbaby can continue their healthy play habits in a safer way!

Finally, many dog breeds use toys as self-soothing objects. Often, your pup will pick up a toy or snuggle next to them to enter a calm state. Notably, young puppies love cuddling up to soft toys during nap time. Plush toys sport a soft texture that helps sooth your furbaby. This soothing technique will become most important when you leave the house for work.

Extra Tidbit: The Squeaker Theory

Have you ever been curious as to why your pup loves their squeaker toys? By and large, dogs love squeakers. One theory uses evolution as the explanation. As your pup’s ancestors scavenged and hunted for prey, sound was an important sense used. A squeaking sound often came from injured or captured prey.

Today, the domestic canine is not out on the daily hunt. Yet, their ancestral instinct remains intake. The noise produced by a squeaker toy mimics that of prey; instantly alerting your furbaby. Often, dogs will “attack” their squeaker toy until the squeaker is broken. Once the noise stops, your pup assumes that their prey is dead. Consequently, they will lose interest.

Another theory uses the human owner for explanation. Upon gifting your furry friend with a new squeaker toy, you most likely excitedly squeak it and emit happy gestures. Dogs are intelligent enough to understand a human’s body language. In conclusion, your pup learns the squeaker toy and its noise are exciting! After all, you are conditioning your dog through positive reinforcement.

In Conclusion

Haute Diggity Dog is not famous for functionality or durability, but certainly make up for it in creativity. The company has targeted a market for fashionistas, celebrities, and young dog owners. By producing parody dog toys to mimic designer products and popular drinks, they give you a whole new way to spoil your furbaby!

In particular, their Muttini Bar Collection provides a wide variety of alcoholic themes plush toys. You can pick from 15 different types! However, we recommend taking a close look at the sizing options before purchase. Additionally, note that the plush toys by Huate Diggity Dog are not intended for heavy chewing dogs.

All in all, parody dog toys are a great option for both spoiling your pup and gaining a couple good laughs. They offer new creativity as opposed to your standard toys. Make sure to snap a few great pics and share it with the world!