Hugglehounds is a great brand that we trust for a lot of our own dog’s toys. They’ve developed their own tuffut technology, and continue to innovate their products. They have a variety of fun indoor and outdoor toys that are ideal for both passive and active playing dogs. From flying discs, to plush animals, to to rope toys, Hugglehounds has it all.

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Hugglehounds was founded in 2009 by Julie Krauss and Bob Flynn; two absolute dog experts. The couple has developed Hugglehounds into a great dog-oriented company. So what sets them apart from other dog toy making brands? Their unique designs and technology. They developed their own Tuffut Technology that allows all of their toys to be incredibly durable. They also have a variety of fun toys for you and your pup to chew from. We have found that these toys quickly become the favorite toy for our pups. We would highly recommend Hugglehounds to dogs of all sizes, they’re made with quality materials, and are one-of-a-kind brand.

tuffut technology

HuggleHounds uses their own “Tuffut” technology to create all of their plush toys to make them long-lasting and durable for dogs of all sizes. Every Hugglehound Knottie contains two layers of durable fabric to sustain heavy chewing from aggressive dogs. The outer layer is made of laminated Oxford polyester, and the inner layer is made with a polyester mesh material. You can see the bright green layer of laminated fabric to the right which makes these toys so incredibly chew proof. The two layers of Tuffut technology, the stitching, and the fabric are all made from high-quality materials and go through extensive testing to ensure durability.

HuggleHounds Knotties Tuff

Heavier chewers will definitely chew through the first layer; fortunately, there’s also a mesh layer underneath that will help keep the toy from falling apart. Once the outer layer is destroyed, you can easily re-sew it to extend the life of the toy. All of the seams are internal to prevent your pup from ripping them out immediately. The eyes of all variations are sewn on with heavy chewers in mind, and all of the aesthetics are embroidered on to prevent your pup from chewing them off.

Plush Toys


Tuffutluxx hugglehounds

The Tuffutluxx is the only stuffing-free toy made by Hugglehounds. Made with quilted ripstop nylon, they’re easy to toss around and able to withstand heavy chewing. Just like the other Hugglehounds plush toys, the Tuffutluxx is made with Tuffut technology to endure heavy chewing and roughhouse. Aggressive dogs will most likely be able to rip the toy apart; fortunately, due to its stuffing-free design, there will be minimal mess. Dogs love these toys because they have a crinkly tail that’s fun to play with, and they’re almost completely chew-proof.

he Tuffutluxx’s are available in one size, but due to their lightweight design, they’re suitable for just about any breed. The dimensions are 18.2 x 3.5 x 8 inches. We would suggest this toy for moderate chewers that need a lightweight toy to carry around and chew on. They’re great for tug of war, and are machine washable, making them great for messy play.



The Squooshie is an extremely soft toy for dogs of all sizes. Just like all of their plush toys, the Squooshie is lined with Tuffut technology, allowing it to be soft, yet durable. They also have a nice squeaker inside that keeps most dogs interested for awhile. The outside of the toy has a nice soft corduroy fabric and soft little “hairs” that make them the ultimate cuddle toy for dogs. The Squooshie is only available in one size, but considering their squishy material, they’re a great size for just about any breed. We would recommend this toy to dogs that like to cuddle with their toys and carry them around with them. It’s also one of the most affordable Hugglehound plush toys.



Hugglehounds flatties are great toys for dogs that like to carry their toys with them everywhere. Their understuffed design makes them extremely flat, easy for dogs of all sizes to carry.Like all other Hugglehounds toys, the Flatties are made with their special Tuffut technology; two layers of durable lining that are sewn and laminated together. This technology allows all of the Hugglehounds toys to be tugged and pulled without tearing.   If your pup likes to destroy your toys the flatties may be your best bet. They have a small amount of stuffing so if your dog does manage to break through the seams, the mess will be minimal.

The flatties are available in a variety of animals on Amazon; moose, bears, and buffalo. Each animal is made with the great Tuffut technology, and have lightweight designs. These toys are great for dogs that like to destroy toys and take them everywhere they go. While the flatties are more expensive than the typical stuffing-free toy; their unique Tuffut lining allows them to last much longer making them well worth the investment.

Corduroy Knotties

HuggleHounds Knotties

HuggleHounds Knotties are made with advanced tuffut technology to ensure a durable and safe toy for dogs of all sizes. They’re made with a soft corduroy fabric, and contain a plush texture, great for chewing. All of these HuggleHounds Corduroy Knotties are machine washable; you can throw them in the dryer but they suggest letting them air dry.

These unique toys are available in four sizes; from “wee size” all the way up to “super size” and are able to withstand heavy chewing from all sizes and breeds. Whether you have an active or passive playing pup, you can find the right HuggleHound Knottie to suit your pup’s individual needs. The plush fabric and unique corduroy material make these toys a favorite amongst our puppy testers. The advanced technology and extensive testing make these toys last longer, to keep your pup playing longer. All of the fabric used in producing these durable toys are also chemical free.

Just about every variation of the HuggleHounds contains a small amount of “hair” on them, the hair will be the first thing that your pup is able to rip out. If you would like to prevent your pup from leaving a trail of fur around the house, you can easily cut it off (without ruining the seams). All variations have knots on each limb to prevent your pup from ripping them off as well.

The various HuggleHounds are pricier than some other plush toys on the market; however, the tuffut technology makes these toys well worth the price. All of the materials are quality, non-toxic, and soft enough to become your dog’s new favorite toy.

Wee Size HuggleHounds Knotties

These corduroy toys have a unique texture perfect for toy sized breeds. With 10 distinct variations of these Wee Huggle size corduroy Knottie toys, you’re sure to find a variation that appeals to your tiny pup. The wee size only contains one squeaker, if your pup manages to rip it out, you can easily purchase replacements through Amazon. The dimensions of the wee size are 6″ x 2.5″ x 2.75″.

Their shape and size makes them great for tug of war, and are ideal for light to medium chewers across smaller breeds. They’re soft, durable, and have a unique texture to intrigue your pup. Across all sizes, there are 26 affordable variations for your pup to try out. Fortunately, the wee-sized Knotties are priced reasonably enough that you’ll be able to afford to spoil your pup a bit with the different styles and sizes.

The wee size version is best for toy breeds and tiny dogs that are light to medium chewers. They have a soft plush material which makes them a favorite amongst our tiny dog testers. At less than a pound, they’re light enough for even the smallest dogs to carry around with them, but not the best for extremely aggressive chewers. The Wee size is definitely only appropriate for the Wee pup.

Small HuggleHounds Knotties

HuggleHounds Whale S:L

The small HuggleHound Knottie is perfect for smaller dogs that need a toy for tug of war, fetch, or just to chew on. The dimensions of the small HuggleHounds Knotties are 9″ x 3.75″ x 4″. Small dogs inevitably fall in love with this toy because of its lightweight structure and texture. It’s soft enough for your dog to cuddle up with and strong enough to survive their rugged play. Their unique corduroy texture has made them a favorite toy for many tiny pups. The small version contains one squeaker, and each leg has a knot for added durability. They’re light enough for the tiniest dogs to carry around and durable enough to survive your dog’s heavy chewing. You can find Kai’s favorite varieties below, or explore Amazon for even more possible alternatives.

Large HuggleHounds Knotties


The large Hugglehounds Knottie is just over a foot in length, and durable enough to withstand chewing from large dogs. The dimensions of the large HuggleHound Knottie are 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 5.75″. The large includes five squeakers; one in each arm and one in the main frame. It’s light enough for your dog to easily carry around with them and soft enough to become their new favorite toy for tug of war, fetch, or just to snuggle up with to chew on. The various squeakers sewn in will keep your dog engaged, and are re-enforced with the tuffut technology.

Super Size HuggleHounds Knotties

Hugglehounds Dragon Knottie

The super size version is heavy, durable, and soft enough to keep your dog engaged. The super size Hugglehound is great for large aggressive dogs that love to chew on their toys; it’s two pounds in weight and is the perfect size for large dogs to play with. The supersize is just about two feet in length and is thick enough to hold up against large dogs’ rugged play. All of the arms and legs contain knots to prevent your dog from immediately ripping them apart; there are also a variety of squeakers distributed throughout the toy to keep your dog occupied.

Rubber Toys



Hugglehounds Ruff-Tex toys are made with a unique rubber material. They’re bouncy, durable, and great for chewing. The Ruff-Tex toys are also stuffed with polyurethane foam, which is safe for dogs if they manage to rip them open. The toys also have a loud squeaker inside; we have found that this entices all pups to rip the toys open. If your pup is an aggressive chewer, they will most likely be able to rip the toy apart eventually.

We would definitely recommend these toys to moderate chewers that need a new toy to fetch with. They have a great squeaky noise that gets dogs excited and can withstand a moderate amount of chewing. You’ll also be happy to hear that the rubber used in this toy are free of plastic and PVC to keep them safe for your dogs. You can find all kinds of unique sizes and shapes right on Amazon.

Canvas Toys

Rope Knottie

hugglehounds rope knottie

The Hugglehounds Rope Knotties are made from durable 16mm gauge rope and all-natural canvas. They’re the perfect chew toy, tug of war toy, and even fetch toy.  We love these toys because they’re great for even the largest dogs. The large size is 25 x 2 x 8 inches, and durable enough to handle even the biggest bite. If you have a smaller pup you can purchase the small which is 16.8 x 1 x 4.8 inches. The toys are unusually large to ensure your dog won’t destroy them in a matter of minutes. The rope is thick enough for large dogs, yet light enough to easily be carried around.

The Rope Knotties are great for both indoor and outdoor play. They don’t contain a squeaker like many of the Hugglehounds toys so they’re nice and quiet. They’re also machine washable so you can let your pup get as messy as they want with these toys. We would recommend the Rope Knotties for aggressive dogs that need a durable toy to throw around.

Rugged Canvas Flyer

hugglehounds flyer

The canvas flyer is the perfect outdoor toy for dogs that like to play rough. This unique canvas toy is made with 100% cotton, yet is waterproof, floats, and dries extremely fast. We love this toy because of its durable stitching and design. You can easily play tug of war with your pup outside, and the toy won’t rip or get destroyed. Even better, it’s machine washable, so you don’t have to be careful about where your pup plays with it. We’ve found these toys to be the perfect beach toy as well. They’re bright enough to see in the waves, and they even squeak to keep your dog excited. We would definitely recommend this toy to just about any pup that needs a new outdoor toy to burn off some energy with.