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Dogs can’t help but chew, they just have to! Chewing is healthy for a dog as it helps keep their minds stimulated and their jaws strong. However, it can also be destructive if not focused properly. You do not want your dogs just chewing on anything they feel like chewing. Dogs need to be taught what they can and can’t chew on. That is where chew toys come in. A good owner wants their dog to chew on something that isn’t damaging to them but will also keep them entertained. In this review, we are going to be taking a closer look at Hyper Pet Dura-Squeak dog chew toys and what makes them a good choice for your pup.

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Hyper Pet has been a manufacturer and innovator in the dog toy industry for over 30 years. Hyper Pet Dura-Squeak chew toys are safe non-toxic toys that will entertain and withstand even the most rambunctious of pups. The toys come in a number of different shapes and sizes. They are made with a tough durable material that meets child safety toy standards. We will look at what these Hyper Pet chew toys best uses may be. We’ll also talk about which type of chew toy they offer may be best for your pup and also some potential drawbacks of the products.

We’ll take a dive in to all of this and a bit more. We will provide all the information we can about Hyper Pet chew toys! You have everything you need to know right here at your fingertips. Even better, all of Hyper Pets chew toys are on Amazon, so if you feel that they are the right fit for your pup they will just be a click away.

About  Hyper Pet

Hyper Pet was founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1983. They started as a small company with 11 employees. All with varying backgrounds in the small animal space. They began their company with a commitment to quality and personal ethics. Today Hyper Pet is still located in Wichita, Kansas. They now operate out of a 100,000 square foot distribution facility. They maintain numerous patents and brands for their products today. Now as an industry leader in the dog accessory space, they still have that same commitment to quality and personal ethics. 

Hyper Pet is committed to striving for operational and business excellence. Hyper Pet is always trying to innovate. They want their product launches to disrupt traditional pet product categories. Their CEO, Randy Woods, says “We, at Hyper Pet™, continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We deliver products that constitute a significant value on a timely basis. We do so by going the extra mile, giving the benefit of the doubt and treating our customers, vendors, competitors and coworkers with the utmost dignity and respect.

Why Chew Toys?

As we talked about previously, all dogs chew and it is a healthy activity for them. Your dog should have a chew toy that they love to use as it will both mentally and physically keep them stimulated and healthy. What you don’t want is them finding other things to chew on out of boredom. They could end up chewing on anything, and we really mean anything! No owner wants to deal with stopping their dogs from chewing on furniture or other such things. This is why finding the right chew toy for your pup is very important.

When looking for the right chew toy for your dog there are guidelines to help you find the right fit. A good chew toy should be hard yet soft and chewable. It should be hard enough that chunks of toy can not be easily ripped off by your dog and possibly choked on. A lot of this depends on what kind of pup you have. 

A smaller dog may need a softer chew toy that they are able to get a hold of with their weaker bite. A bigger dog may need a tougher chew toy that they can’t easily rip to shreds. Now while chew toys must be durable, they can not be too tough. With any chew toy you should still be able to make an imprint on them with your thumbnail. This indicates the chew toy is not too tough or hard and will still be safe for your dog to bite down on.

Pick The Right Chew Toy

It is also important the chew toy is the right size for your dog. A chew toy that is too small could create a choking hazard for your dog. An easy way to tell if the chew toy is too small is if your dog can fit the whole toy in their mouth. Also, as your dog grows up and gets bigger, you should throw out old chew toys for new ones. Old chew toys can become choking hazards as your dog continues to outgrow them. If a chew toy has seen a lot of wear and tear you should dispose of those too. The older and more ripped up the toy the more likely it is that chunks can fly off and become choking hazards.


You should also take into consideration what kind chewer your dog is before buying them a chew toy. Think of chewing types in three separate levels. Your bottom level is your gentle chewers. Typically smaller dogs, puppies, or older dogs with weak teeth. Soft rubber toys and plush toys are a good fit for dogs such as these. Your middle level is dogs who are active chewers but do not have the most powerful chomps. Certain types of rubber toys are good for these dogs as well as canvas and plush toys. The top level is for the more aggressive chewing dogs with strong bites who love to rip through toys. The best types of toys for these dogs are toys made from hard rubber or woolen bite-resistant, wear-resistant toys. Toys that are meant to stand up to tough chewers and not break easily. It’s good to consider these things when buying a chew toy that way you can make sure you find a chew toy that is right for your dog.

Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks Durable Dog Toys


Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks chew toys are made from a durable non-toxic rubber that meets child toy safety standards. You can purchase these chew toys in a number of different variations. The chew toy comes as a ball, barbell, blobber, bone, or a medium or large stick. These are all great toys for fetch as they each have a distinct shape and unpredictable bounce to them. They float in water too for those playful days at the beach, lake, or pool. All of the variations, except for the ball, come with a squeaker on the inside for maximum pup entertainment. The stick variations of the toy are multi-textured to provide supplementary dental health for your dog.

Are These Right For My Dog?

Hyper Pets’ Dura-Squeaks are probably best for the mid-level chewers. These toys are pretty durable when put to the test of the mid-level chewers and are not ripped apart nearly as easily as the regular Hyper Pet’s Hyper Chewz line. However, while they are durable, the squeaker in them is either cheap or just not that well protected. The squeaker stops working pretty quickly and your dog may lose interest after that point. Typically, the harder the chewer the quicker the squeaker will break. Which is why we recommend it for the mid-level chewing dogs. A big dog may ruin that squeaker very quickly.


Other than the squeaker breaking quickly, the toys dark green color is also a little bit of a nuisance. Just like regular Hyper Pet Hyper Chewz line, which is a bright green, the toys are great for locating in water. However, locating them in the grass, which is also green last time we checked, is a bit tougher for a dog. Chances are you’ll be using this toy in grass just as much or if not more if you use it in water so it makes it a little tricky for a pup to find it.


We’d probably recommend these toys over the regular Hyper Pet Hyper Chewz Line. These Dura-Squeaks are going to be less messy in the scenario that they get ripped apart. They also appeal to a wider range of dogs on the bite spectrum! We feel confident that you’ll get a solid chew toy with this line . Go ahead and try one out!