In this article we will be going over Hyper Pet’s unique brand of tennis balls. These unique balls made of grade A rubber are perfect for dogs of all sizes; it comes in two different sizes, mini and regular. This product is also idea for outdoor play since it comes in three bright colors, including pink, yellow and orange. It’s also really good for promoting dental hygiene due to its softer texture.

We use the Hyper Pet tennis balls here and our dogs absolutely love them for all of their wonderful traits. We will also discuss Hyper Pet’s K-9 Canon, an item that is usually paired with their tennis balls, and another product that we use for our own dogs. After reading this in-depth review, you can decide if the Hyper Pet tennis balls will make a great addition to your dogs toy collection!

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Why Tennis Balls are bad

The average tennis ball is known as a classic toy for dogs, however they have a lot of dangerous attributes that make them bad for our pets. The potential hazards can be choking and dental damage, and this danger increases when the dog is unsupervised. Many dogs love to chew on tennis balls for long periods of time, and since they’re hollow, it doesn’t take long for them to break them in half while in their mouth. This can cause a major choking hazard if half of the ball get lodged down inside of the dog’s mouth. Additionally if the green fuzz coating the outside sheds off, it could pose more danger for choking, especially on smaller dogs.

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When it comes to dental damage, tennis balls may seem harmless, however they can be very harmful to their teeth. Since tennis balls are originally made for tennis courts, it has to be made of very durable material. The green coating acts like sandpaper, so when the dog bites down, it slowly wears down their teeth. This is a process known as ‘blunting’ which can lead to other dental problems down the road.

Product Details

The Hyper Pet Tennis balls are a special type of tennis ball made from grade A rubber material that is safe for dog’s teeth and promotes dental hygiene. They are in no way harmful to dogs, as they are not coated in any harmful chemicals or materials.

The Hyper Pet tennis ball is also ideal for dogs of all sizes since it comes in two different sizes, the mini and regular. The mini is 2.3 inches in diameter, which makes it ideal for smaller dog breeds. The regular size is 2.9 inches in diameter. For perspective, a standard tennis ball is 2.7” in diameter. The regular size is ideal for larger dogs, and it’s advised that you don’t buy the minis for bigger dogs as it can be a choking hazard if not handled right.


This product comes in three different colors, neon pink and orange, as well as the typical yellow of average tennis balls. These colors, more specifically the pink and the orange, are ideal for outdoor play since they are so easy to spot. The orange and pink stand out well against green grass which is helpful for the owners, but also very important for dogs, since their vision is not quite as well as humans. When paired with Hyper Pet’s K-9 cannon, a gun that launches the balls at wide distances, the color really helps the dog focus on the ball, making it easier to catch mid-air.

About Hyper Pet

Hyper Pet was founded in 1983 by some ambitious and idealistic pet lovers that had only eleven employees. Since then they have grown into a large corporation that is well-known in the dog-toy community. They are now an industry-leading brand for everything dog related, from collars to toys, and everything in between. Our sister-site, Woof Pack includes many Hyper Pet’s products since we trust them and love their products so much.

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In 2017, Hyper Pet received an award from SuperZoo, a pet industry trade show, for innovative products. More specifically, Lil Barks, a line for Hyper Pet, won the 2015’s Pet Products News Editor’s choice award for being unique and giving some focus to the smaller dog pets in the world. Hyper Pet is very focused on coming up with the next big, and high-tech toy for pet toys and other products. They take pride in providing a wide variety of products that can accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Why Are They Unique?

Hyper Pet’s line of tennis balls may seem like any other tennis ball, however they offer more than just the average ball. Since the product is made of Grade A rubber, it helps promote good hygiene in dogs. This is helpful in the way that it helps keep your dog healthy while also entertaining them, both through good hygiene and exercise.

The bright colors really set them apart, since not many other tennis balls can be found in bright and fun colors. As stated in the product details, this is helpful for playing outside because it stands out against grass, and the colors also help with dogs since they do not see as well as we do.

Maybe one of the biggest features that set these tennis balls apart from others is that they float in water rather than sink. Because the Hyper Pet balls float, they can be ideal for dogs that like to swim, as they can play with them in pools. This is great for the summer because it can keep your dog cool and hydrated while they have fun playing. This really helps considering that balls can oftentimes be lost forever if they happen to sink to the bottom of nearby ponds or lakes. This also makes it cost effective since the product won’t have to be replaced as often.

Is This Right For My Dog?

If your dog is hyper and needs a lot of activity and a way to release a lot of energy, then this product is perfect for them. Paired with Hyper Dog’s K-9 Canon, it can be any easy way to entertain your pet and help them get the exercise that they need, without wearing you out as the owner.

Due to the fact that the balls comes in two different sizes, it’s ideal for any size of dog. This product is especially good for smaller dogs as they don’t pose a threat for a choking hazard like a mini size could do for a larger dog. However as long as you are attentive to your dog and monitor them while playing, there are no other threats to them.

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When it comes to price, it can typically be found for under ten dollars, which is a great deal compared to the cost of average tennis balls or other dog toy balls. Most tennis balls or balls that are made specifically for dog entertainment are well over ten dollars, or when they are cheaper, they just don’t compare in quality.  Hyper Pet sells these tennis balls in pack of two or four, depending on the color, which makes it easier to plan it to fit into your budget, depending on the price and how many dogs you are buying them for.


If your dog loves to play fetch, then this could be theirs as well as your new favorite tennis ball to play with. Due to its bright and fun colors it stands out against competition as much as it does the grass. The grade A rubber is both safe and fun for dogs to chew on. There are no harmful coatings or grease on the product, and it meet the both child and pet safety standards. The materials it’s made from also promotes dental health and is safer for dogs to chew on than your typical tennis balls. Additionally, the fact that these balls float make it unique compared to a lot of other dog toys, since it can translate easily from in-water play to playing on land.


If your dog is typically destructive, you may want to keep a close eye on them while they play with this product. While the material is soft and good for dog’s teeth, it can also be destroyed when they try hard enough. This makes the product a potential choking hazard if they try to consume the felt covering the ball. Another choking hazard is if a bigger dog is given the mini size, intended for much smaller dogs. However as long as you monitor your dogs while they play, this doesn’t seem to be as much as a potential hazard to them.

Overall, the Hyper pet tennis ball is an affordable and durable product that can become one of your dog’s new favorite toys. As long as you monitor your dog while they play with their Hyper Pet tennis balls, then they offer little to no harm for your pups. Its variety of size and color are also a huge plus since they can be catered to any dog size, and any of the three colors that appeal to owners. Coming from a company that we trust and use often, we’re confident that your dog will love the Hyper Pet tennis balls just as much as we do.