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Chewing is part of being a healthy dog. It keeps a dogs jaw strong and their mind occupied. Finding a good reliable chew toy for your pup is important. It will help you teach them what’s appropriate to chew on. They are going to chew, so it is up to the owner to make sure they chew on the right things. So, it is important to teach your dog the right and wrong things to chew on. It is also best for them to be chewing on something that isn’t damaging to them. In this review, we are going to be taking a closer look at the various chew toy options Hyper Pet offers and what makes them a good choice for your pup.


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Hyper Pets

Hyper Pet has been a manufacturer and innovator in the dog toy industry for over 30 years. Hyper Pet offers lightweight chew toys that will keep shape and occupy your pup’s chewing needs. The chew toys come in a number of different shapes and sizes. They are made with a durable foam that will hold its shape while also letting your dog get a nice grip. We will look at what makes Hyper Pets chew toy materials so different from other brands and if they may be a good fit for your pup. We’ll also talk about which type of chew toy they offer may be best for your pup and also some potential drawbacks of the product.

We will look at all of this and a bit more about Hyper Pets’ Hyper Chewz chew toys. We want to help and we are here to help as best we can! We will provide all you need to know about these products right here in one place. All of Hyper Pets chew toys are on Amazon too, so if you feel that they are the right fit for your pup then they will just be a click away.

Why Chew Toys

Chewing is good for a dog in more ways than one. It is a healthy activity both physically and mentally for a pup. It is important that a dog has a go-to chew toy that they love. If they don’t have a chew toy then they might turn their attention elsewhere. Such as turning it towards your favourite pair of shoes or nearest couch cushion. You obviously don’t want this and would prefer your dog chew on their own toys meant for them. Finding a chew toy is good, but finding the perfect chew toy is essential.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a new chew toy for your pup. A good chew toy should be hard enough so that chunks of debris can not be torn off and then swallowed. Often times, this depends on the dog more than the chew toy. A bigger dog may need a more durable chew toy to avoid ripping one to shreds. While a smaller dog may need a softer chew toy in order to get a grip of it when biting down. While any chew toy should be durable to some degree, it should still also be soft enough that you can make an imprint on it with your thumbnail. This means the chew toy is soft enough to where it won’t be damaging to your dog.

What To Look For

You should also make sure to have the right size chew toy for you dog. If the entire chew toy can fit in your dog’s mouth then that chew toy is too small. Also, as dogs grow up and get bigger, you should trash your old chew toys for new ones. Your dog will keep getting bigger and the chew toy will stay the same size. Old chew toys that are now too small for your dog may create a choking hazard. Also, if a chew toy has been ripped up over time you should throw it away to prevent the dog from swallowing chunks and choking.

You should also try and identify what chewing habits your dog has before getting them a new chew toy. Some dogs will just rip certain chew toys to shreds. If your dog is an aggressive chewer they probably need some hard rubber or woolen bite-resistant, wear-resistant toys that won’t break easily. Canvas or plush toys are good for dogs more in the middle between aggressive chewing and gentle chewing. These toys are easy to clean and not easily broken while also being pretty soft. Lastly, there are the more gentle chewing dogs. They’ll chew without destroying or swallowing, just little nibbles. For these pups with gentle chewing habits, soft rubber toys are the way to go! It’s good to consider these things when buying a chew toy that way you can make sure you find a chew toy that fits your dogs habits and needs.

Hyper Chewz

Hyper Pets’ Hyper Chewz Chew Toys are a lightweight chew toy meant to be safe and fun for your pup. The chew toys come in 5 different variations. You can purchase a ball, bumpy ball, bone, hubcap, or stick. You can also purchase a variety pack that includes the bone, ball, and hubcap. With the variety pack you are getting a mixture of long chew potential and play potential. The ball for play, the bone for chew, and the hubcap for a balance of both. The chew toys are made from a soft but durable EVA foam that is meant to keep its shape after being chewed. The foam goes easy on a dogs teeth and gums. This is great for small teething puppies or older dogs with weak teeth and gums.


EVA foam is a soft and durable polymer made from ethylene and vinyl acetate. This type of foam is typically used in soft gym mats or in flip-flops. EVA foam is also used for puzzle piece type soft flooring that is often found in gyms or kid playrooms. EVA foam is soft and comfortable but also durable.

These chew toys are great for days at the beach or pool. Each toy floats in the water and is a bright green which makes it easy for a sea pup to identity. Their lightweight design makes each easy to throw and fetch with as well. A variation such as the bumpy ball is great for entertainment as its unpredictable bounce is a ton fun for dogs. Options like the hubcap or stick are great for fetch. The regular ball is great for sporty pups who love playing catch.

Are These Right For My Dog?

The best way to decide if these chew toys are right for your dog is to consider a dogs chewing habits in three levels. The bottom level is the soft and gentle chewers. The middle level is the stronger chewers who chew a lot but maybe don’t destroy every toy they come into contact with. The top level is the aggressive chewers with very strong bites.

These toys are probably best for the bottom level chewers. The soft EVA foam makes them great for dogs with weaker teeth and gums. Anymore strength to a dogs chomp however and these toys may not be holding up as well as conventional rubber toys.


If your dog is anything but a bottom level chewer then they are going to rip these things to shreds pretty quickly. This will leave you a foamy mess to clean up. Also, while the bright green color is great for water dogs, bright green could be a tougher color to see when playing fetch in the grass.


These chew toys are probably best suited for smaller dogs with less bite or older dogs with weaker bites but not much else. Hyper Petz does however have a durable chew toy line that may better accommodate dogs with a bit more chomp! Check out review of those products here!