Your walks or runs with Fido are, most likely, ingrained into the daily routine. Unfortunately, the morning time and evening time does not always present the best lighting. When the sun is tucked away, owners need to be aware of visibility. If others can not see you and your pup, hazardous situation are bound to occur! While reflective dog gear is a popular decision, we also enjoy illuminating dog leashes that use LED lights for maximum visibility.

     Your furbaby is spoiled from head to toe. In fact, you can just imagine their tears if a precious walk is missed! We understand this undying bond between pup and human. To get started on your journey towards highly visible dog leashes, we dug up some great products for closer review!

Reflective vs. Illuminating Dog Gear

     Reflective dog gear uses particular fabrics to enhance your dog’s visibility in the early morning or late evening. Like the name suggests, they reflect any oncoming light and let bystanders know a dog is out and about. We have reviewed several reflective dog gear options in our full-length article Must-Have Reflective Accessories for Fido. A particular favorite includes Corky’s Reflective Wear OverCollar because its comfortable design allows an owner to simply slip it over their pup’s existing collar.

Corky's Reflective Wear OverCollar

     In contrast, illuminating dog gear uses LED light technology; which is typically expertly sewn into a collar or leash. Unlike reflective gear, you do not need a source of light to shine onto the gear for visibility. In fact, LED lights continually provide high visibility throughout every second of your walk or run!

The Blazin’ Safety LED Leash

Product Details

     The Blazin’ Safety LED Leash comes from a company called Blazin’ Bison. According to Amazon, this leash comes highly rated among illuminating dog leashes. You can choose from two different sizes: small and large. The small size measures 48 x .6 x .1”; which is essentially 4 feet in length. The large size measures 72 x 1 x .1”; which is 6 feet in length. Both are standard sizes for dog leashes, but a shorter leash will give you more doggie control. Additionally, you can expect each leash to be around 4.8 ounces in weight.

     For the owner, the Blazin’ Safety LED Leash provides a padded leash handle. This will give extra comfort when you’re out and about with Fido. Unlike standard nylon leash handles, a padded handle can minimize the “ouch” factor of sudden movements and tugging. This is an absolute must, especially in colder weather!

LED and Hardware

     In terms of your standard leash hardware, the product uses a steel hook for collar attachment and two steel swivels to minimize tangles. You will notice a small box up by the handle; this controls your LED lights. In fact, you will be able to switch between 3 modes: on, strobe, and blink. According to the company, the lights are visible for up to 350 yards! Furthermore, once charged, the LED lights will last for up to 10 hours.

     The best part about the Blazin’ Safety LED Leash is that its lights are rechargeable from practically any device. Simply plug into the small box near your handle. One downside is the charge box’s location. Instead of being sewn into the leash fabric for cover, it is left on the outside. Although the rest of the leash is water-resistant, we do not recommend submerging the box in water.

Colors Offered
  1. Black (white lights)
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Purple
  6. Red
Customer Remarks

     Overall, customers enjoy the leash. They remark its sturdy construction and general leash quality. However, the product’s LED lights are only on one side. Therefore, when the leash become twisted, light visibility is diminished. In our online travels, most illuminating dog leashes provide lights on one side.

     Additionally, one customer notes the Blazin’ Safety LED Leash is best suited for larger pups. Smaller dogs and toy breeds may have difficulty walking with the added LED weight.

     In the end, if you experience any difficulties with the product, Blazin’ Bison offers a 100% lifetime guarantee! It is obvious that this company truly cares about their product and customer service. In fact, one customer specifically takes the time to rave over the company’s exceptional service. They remain true to their 100% lifetime guarantee promise.

Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash

Product Details

     We chose the Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash for a variety of reasons, but the best by far includes the company’s promise of “100% profits donated to dogs in rescue and shelters.” If you’re a big softy like us, we know this leash calls to you!

     Similar to the Blazin’ Safety LED Leash, this one offers two sizes: small and large. The small size measures 48 x 1 x .5” (4 feet) and weighs 5.4 ounces. The large size measures 6 feet and weighs 64 ounces. While each leash is flexible, the LED lights make it a bit heavier and stiff. Fortunately, the company reassures customers their product is still weatherproof.

     The Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash also provides a padded leash handle for owners. This is particularly important if your pup is prone to sudden spurts of energy or tugging. Consequently, a padded handle can minimize your risk of rope burn!

The LED Factor

     Also similar to the Blazin’ Safety LED Leash, the Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash sports a small box for both choosing a light mode and providing recharge. You’re three light mode choices include continuous on, rapid flash, and steady flash. To recharge, simply use a USB compatible device for 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes will provide 10 hours of LED light.

     Unique to this leash, its recharge box is actually sewn inside fabric. We imagine this gives added protection from the outside elements. However, customers comment on the box’s durability. In fact, it is prone to breaking. Yet, you will run into this risk with any illuminating dog leash with a box port.

Colors Offered
  1. Green
  2. Lime
  3. Orange
  4. Pink
  5. Red
Customer Remarks

     Although there are many fabulous features to this illuminating dog leash, customers find a downside. In the end, its LED lights are only on one side of the leash. Consequently, if the leash becomes twisted, your visibility can be affected.

     Luckily, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase the Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash and experience any issues, you will know the company is there to help.

GlowHero LED Light Up Dog Leash

Product Details

     The GlowHero LED Light Up Dog Leash was featured on the Rachael Ray Show as a top safety product for 2018. To receive such recognition, there has to be something to this leash! While it only come is one size and one color on Amazon, there are other important factors that make this particular illuminating dog leash a fan favorite.

     The leash is 4.2 feet long and weighs 5.5 ounces. Although you will not have your choice of color, its original neon orange color is perfect for high visibility. Like our other two illuminating dog leash choices, it sports a padded handle for owner comfort during walks and runs.

     As an added bonus, the GlowHero LED Light Up Dog Leash comes with reflective, strong stitching. Not only will your pup’s leash be lit up like a pumpkin on alien steroids but passing cars will catch its reflective stitching material. Double whammy!

Incredibly Visible LED

     This specific illuminating dog leash is not rechargeable; you can expect to replace batteries. However, the company provides a set of replaceable batteries with your order. The box that houses each battery is tucked between leash material near its handle. Be aware, customers note how tiny the box’s screws are.

     You will find three light modes with the leash: fast blink, blink, and steady. While this is very typical for an illuminating dog leash, GlowHero’s LEDs claim to be visible for over 900 feet. Furthermore, the on/off switch is water resistant.

     Battery operated options are not necessarily a bad choice. The GlowHero LED Light Up Dog Leash’s lights will last up to 80 hours! When your lights begin to dim, make sure to find size 2032 batteries in replacement.

Customer Remarks

     Based on customer feedback, this product is built both thick and durable. While we understand it may not be the best choice for smaller pups, your medium to large dog will handle it without strain. Unfortunately, the LED lights are found on only one side of this leash. Like our other two product picks, this scenario almost seems unavoidable!

     If you find yourself unsatisfied in any way, the company does offer a 1-year warranty. Without a doubt, if something is going to malfunction, you will be aware with plenty of time to redeem the warranty.

Product Pick Pricing

     Illuminating dog leashes are more expensive than your typical nylon dog leash. This is due to the incorporated technology. For each of our product picks, you can expect the price range below:

The Blazin’ Safety LED Leash: $20 – $30 depending on size

Shine for Dogs Light Up LED Leash: $15 – $25 depending on size

GlowHero LED Light Up Dog Leash: $18 – $22