Turn playtime into brain gain time with the interactive dog ball by FurryFido. It’s safe to say that most dogs love to chew and love a good game of fetch. With FurryFido’s interactive dog ball, playtime can be not only fun, but extremely beneficial for your dog. While physical exercise is important, it is equally important to stimulate and exercise Fido mentally. Interactive play is an easy way to maintain your pup’s mental health.

The Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido Review

FurryFido’s interactive dog ball has a puzzle-like method with hidden treats to stimulate curious minds and keep Fido entertained for hours. These hidden treats are easy to insert and dispense one by one as Fido chews, chases, and rolls the ball. Made with thermoplastic, non-toxic rubber, this bouncy ball is durable, ensuring hours of everyday play; which can come in handy when you have to leave Fido alone. It is durable enough to keep up with all the chewing, yet gentle on sensitive gums. With a variety for color selection, you can even get one that’s just right for your fur baby. 

The benefits of FurryFido’s interactive dog ball will really you make you love this dog toy. Some of these benefits include providing mental stimulation and developed “doggy IQ” and promoting dental health. As your pup chews, FurryFido’s interactive dog ball gently massages the gums and helps keep tooth enamel healthy. With healthy gums, Fido will have extra protection against bacterial infections and oral diseases. In other words, playtime can support mental and oral health. It can also reduce stress and boredom related behavior issues.

This interactive dog ball is perfect for dogs of all ages. We all love our four-legged companion like family so why not make playtime as beneficial as possible. FurryFido’s interactive dog ball makes it super simple and with their life time money back guarantee, it’s a purchase you can feel confident about. Coming soon, our team will provide a full article one the interactive dog ball by FurryFido.