Squeaky toys are a classic favorite for dogs. Dogs delight in tossing, chewing and fetching anything loud. Dogs also love playing with balls. Bouncing, rolling or catching balls are all great, stimulating activities for any active pup. We’ve discovered an awesome item that’s both a squeak toy and a bouncy ball, and we think your dogs will love it! The iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball made by JW pet company is a ridiculously fun ball that all types of dogs can enjoy. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, has a great squeak, and makes a perfect tennis ball alternative.

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About JW Pet

JW Pet is known for manufacturing fun, innovative and exciting toys for dogs, cats and birds. JW makes toys that stimulate your pet in creative ways. Their product line includes dental chews, puzzle toys, extra durable chew items and more. Pets of all types and sizes can enjoy JW products, and the prices are always reasonable. JW Pet is known for providing several squeaky toys in addition to the Bouncin’ Baseball and they understand the thrill a noisy toy can bring.

About The iSqueak Bouncin' Baseball

This ball is made a of a natural, durable rubber material and comes in a variety of bright and fun colors. The loud squeaker is deep inside the toy to make it harder for playful pups to dislodge. This ball is great for outdoor games of fetch, and you’ll always be able to keep track of your pup with the ultra-loud squeaker! If you have more subdued pup and you don’t mind the noise, this ball can be a fun indoor chew toy as well. The iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball comes in 3 sizes:

  • Small — 2”
  • Medium — 3”
  • Large — 4”

If you aren’t sure which size to get for your pup, it’s always better to get one that’s a little too big rather than a little too small to avoid choking hazards. When in doubt, always go bigger!

Why Consider Tennis Ball Alternatives?

Tennis balls have always been a classic and well-loved dog toy, but they can actually do more harm than good. For starters, tennis balls are covered in abrasive felt. This felt covering can wear down a dog’s teeth over time in a process called blunting. Without sharp, strong teeth, dogs can have difficulty eating. The felt can also pick up dirt and grime over time, adding to the abrasive texture and allowing bacteria and germs to cling to the surface.

An even more severe side effect of playing with tennis balls is the choking risk. Tennis balls are made of thin, flimsy rubber which can be easily pulled apart by dogs. The broken pieces can become lodged in a dog’s throat, causing the dog to choke. Additionally, the tennis ball’s design allows dogs to bite down and compress the balls to the point where they become flat, and then release to expand the ball again. If this happens while the tennis ball is completely inside a dog’s mouth, the expansion of the ball can block the dog’s airway and cause suffocation. There have been several documented cases of this happening, and tennis balls are nothing to play around with!

The best toy balls for dogs are smooth-surfaced, tough rubber balls like the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball.

Is This Right For My Dog?

Especially energetic pooches and dogs who are very passionate about chewing may wear through this toy faster than others. The rubber is durable, but some pet parents find it to be no match for their aggressive chewer. Luckily, this toy is available in a multi-pack of two so that you can have an easy replacement for a destroyed toy. Dogs who love to play fetch will have a great time with this ball. Athletic dogs can enjoy chasing the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball for hours! Plus, this toy floats so it can come along to the beach or lake for watery summertime fun! More low-key dogs who just like a good chew toy will simply chew on the ball, and that’s okay!

Many pet parents are curious as to why dogs seem to gravitate towards the noisiest toys possible. Squeaky dog toys have been popular for ages, but why? There are several reasons why dogs enjoy squeaky toys:

What Can You Do With This Toy?

Balls are an extremely versatile dog toy. Dogs can chew them, bounce them, toss them and more. Balls are also excellent toys for owner-dog bonding, so if you want to spend more time with your fur baby, the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball might be the answer! If you’re looking for creative ways to play with the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball, consider the following:

Long-distance fetch:

Take your pooch to a large, open space that isn’t just your backyard. Start off throwing the ball a short distance and having them fetch it, and then gradually increase how far you throw it. Try to get it far enough that it’s not even visible! The iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball is ideal for this type of play because it’s made of a durable, waterproof material that can handle most outdoor terrain. Plus, the loud squeaker makes it easy to keep track of where your pooch is! Even if you can’t see your pup, you’ll be able to hear that unmistakable squeak! This type of play is the perfect way to tire your dog out and give them a great workout, plus you’ll get exercise yourself and improve your throwing arm!

Hide N’ Seek:

If you have a particularly smart pup, try hiding the ball underneath the couch, behind pillows, in different rooms and more and see if they can find it! Searching for and retrieving objects can be an extremely useful skill, and the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball is a fun tool to use to teach it!

Monkey in the middle:

Grab a friend and engage in a fun game of keep-away with your pup! Throw the ball back and forth with your friend and see if the dog can leap up and grab it. Your dog will be thrilled when they’re finally able to catch the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball, and it’s sure to be a noisy victory!

Clean up:

Teach your dog to put away their toys! It will take work and patience, but it can be achieved. Begin with teaching your dog to just drop one or two toys back in the basket. Praise them and give them a small treat as a reward. Then gradually work up to putting more and more toys in the basket, and expand into multiple rooms too. This game provides a job for your pup and convenience for you! It also helps to keep pet parents sane when their pup has been playing with the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball noisily for hours and hours. A simple command to let the pooch know that playtime is over can save your ears!


Attach a string or rope to the ball and run as fast as you can with your pup trailing closely behind trying to catch the toy! Even if your back is turned, the squeak will let you know that your dog successfully captured the ball!

Use your best judgement when playing any sort of game with your pup. Always make sure you’re in a dog-safe area and that your pet won’t get lost. Make sure you provide plenty of water for your dog when playing hard, and don’t forget to have fun!

Why Do Dogs Like Squeak Toys?

Instinct :

Dogs all come from a common ancestor — the wolf — which is an apex predator with strong tendencies to hunt and kill. Though pet dogs are domesticated and friendly, the natural instinct to hunt and kill small prey is still present to some degree. When a wolf captures a prey animal such as a rabbit, the animal will make a high-pitched screaming or whimpering sound. Squeaky toys make similar high-pitched noises, which activate a dog’s prey drive. When a toy’s squeaker breaks, the dog usually loses interest in the toy because their natural instinct tells them that the prey is dead.

Auditory stimulation

Some dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys just because they like the sound! A sound makes a toy interactive, which is stimulating and exciting for dogs. The auditory feedback adds a thrill to a dog’s playing experience because they feel like they are getting something done.

They like the human attention:

Dogs are social creatures and enjoy anything that will evoke a reaction from their humans. When dogs play with squeaky toys, a human is usually present. If that human is not around or not paying attention at any point, the dog may squeak in order to let the human know that they are there and in need of attention!

Dogs may have their own quirky reasons for loving squeaky toys too, but whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that squeaky toys are a big hit with most dogs. Rubber squeaky balls are great toy options because they make no mess, are loud and are a good alternative to tennis balls.

At prices ranging from roughly $2-5 depending on the size, this is a super toy that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you find yourself ordering it again and again! We love this toy because it combines the fun of a squeaky toy and a ball in one great item. It’s a sensible alternative to a tennis ball too! Like we say with any dog toy, be sure to use caution when giving this toy to your furry friend. Even though the squeaker is securely embedded inside the toy, there is always the risk of dislodging and choking on it with heavy use. Make sure your dog has a fun and safe environment to play in, and never leave them unsupervised with any toy! Most importantly, have fun bouncing, tossing, rolling and throwing the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball with your pup!