In this article, we are looking into JW’s various toy lines.  Each line has various sizes, shapes, and colors. JW has toys for puppies, moderate chewers, and even those aggressive dogs that need to destroy all of their toys. All of their products come in a variety of  bright colors, making them easy to spot, even outdoors. You’ll also find that they’re very easy to clean due to the rubber design. Simply pop them in the dishwasher after a long day of messy play.


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About JW Pet

JW Pet is one of our all-time favorite dog toy brands. In fact, all of the products you’ll find in this article are included in the monthly subscription boxes of our sister site,

So what makes these toys so unique? Well first off, all of their rubber toys are made form a durable all-natural rubber. This makes them safe for your pooch to chew on them, and also allows them to safely become chew toys. Additionally, some of their options (such as the Megalast toys) are made with a combination of plastic and rubber, making them ultra-durable, and ultra-fun! 

Our dogs seem to cling to their various toys lines. They’re fun to chew on, bounce high, and most of the toys include a unique squeaker. 

Bouncin' Baseballs

Jw’s bouncin’ baseballs are one of their more popular toys. Made for dogs that love the traditional ball shape, these toys are a home run. The iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseballs are made with a natural, durable rubber that’s safe for your dog to chew on. In fact, we find that our dogs like to chew on these balls more than they like to retrieve them. The various ridges seem to soothe their gums. Additionally, there’s a squeaker inside, all the more reason to lay there and chew on it. 

These fun rubber balls are great for both indoor and outdoor play. However, they are a bit on the heavy side, so you may want to make this an outdoor toy. Fortunately, it’s super easy to wash, and easy to spot outdoors due to its bright colors. 

You can trust this toy as both a fetch toy, and a chew toy. It’s made with non-toxic paint that’s safe for dogs, and even floats!

The bouncin’ baseballs are available in three great sizes, making them suitable for just about any dog. The small is 2″ in diameter, the medium is 3″, and the large is 4″. You can check out our full in-depth review of the bouncin’ baseballs here. 

Main Benefits

  • Made with non-toxic paint
  • Floats
  • Three Sizes Available
  • Squeaks
  • Easy To Clean

iSqueak Bones

The JW iSqueak Bone is another fan favorite. It’s made from the same durable rubber as the iSqueak bone, and our dogs love chewing on this toy. It satisfies their urge to chew, and discourages destructive behavior caused by negative chewing. If you have a teething puppy, this may be the answer to your prayers! The fun bone shape and the ridges on the front helps to soothe their gums and satisfy their uge to chew. The rubber is non-toxic. 

Dogs seem to cling to this toy, and we have found that it’s the perfect outdoor toy for interactive play. It squeaks, floats, and is available in a variety of vibrant colors. While we wouldn’t recommend the bone for extremely aggressive chewers, it is a great chew toy for moderate chewers and puppies. It’s great for their teeth and gums, and it’s pretty hard to rip open. 

You can purchase this bone in three great sizes (that are quite different). The small is4.8 x 4.5 x 1 inches, the medium is6.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches, and the large is 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches.

Main Benefits

  • Floats
  • Vibrant colors
  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Squeaks
  • Safe for puppies


Buy Good Cuz

JW has an entire line of Cuz’s. These cute characters bring more to the table than style! They’re also incredibly durable, and fun for pretty much any pup. Basically, the Cuz’s are a fun, tough, rubber ball with feet. The small and medium versions also come with a squeaker inside. 

We find that dogs love to chew on the toys. The legs give them something to grip on, and some of the varieties have even more fun bumps to chew on (shown below). Just like all of the JW rubber toys, the Cuz’s are made with a natural rubber that’s safe for your pooch to chew on, and doesn’t have a harsh rubber smell. 

Our pups love the muscle Cuz’s especially. The muscles massage their teeth and gums, and they can’t seem to let go of it! 

Because of the natural rubber design, these Cuz’s are very bouncy. As you can probably imagine, you’re going to get unpredictable and exciting bounces each time. Your dog will have a hard time chasing after these toys! They’re perfect for dogs that tire of regular tennis balls too quickly. 

Main Benefits

  • Unpredictable Bounces
  • Made of natural rubber
  • 5 varieties
  • Small and medium sizes squeak
muscle cuz
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spikey cuz
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Buy Hipster Cuz


Jw’s footballs are a must-have for dogs that like throwing around the football in the backyard with you; okay, maybe not throwing, but at the very least, retrieving. Many dogs like the shape of a football, it’s easy for them to pick up in their mouths, and there’s a smaller risk of choking. 

As you can see, the Jw Footballs have little ridges all around the ball. This not only makes it easy for dogs to pick up in their mouths, but is also good for their teeth! The ridges massage their gums and give them an easy surface to chew on.

These balls are very easy to squeeze, making them a favorite for smaller dogs as well as larger dogs. Additionally, each size has a squeaker inside. It’s going to be pretty hard to tear Fido away from this rubber ‘pigskin’. 

We highly recommend this toy to moderate chewers. It’s made from a durable rubber material that’s safe for your pup to chew on, and the fun shape is perfect for dogs that crave interactive play. The small is5 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches, the medium is6 x 6 x 3.5 inches, and the largest size is 8.5 x 8 x 4.5 inches.

Main Benefits

  • Made of natural, durable rubber
  • Fun football shape
  • Variety of colors
  • Contains a squeaker
  • Three sizes available

Hol-ee Rollers

The JW Hol-ee Roller is our hound’s favorite toy. He’s had it for months, and it’s one of the only toys that he has yet to destroy. We leave it outside for him, and it easily stands up to weathering, aggressive chewing, and mud. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and has a simple design that dogs seem to cling to. 

The Hol-ee roller is so much more than a ball however. I functions as an interactive treat dispensing toy as well. The hollow center and honeycomb design allows you to stuff dog biscuits and other large treats inside the ball. Your dog can chew on the exterior to try ot get them out. 

The Hole-ee roller is made from durable, non-toxic rubber that’s also lightweight. You can throw it around the house, outdoors, and even around an apartment. If your dog is anything like ours, they’ll go crazy for it! The unique holes give them a place to sink their teeth in, and it holds up really well to aggressive chewers. 

Still not sure if this is the right toy for you? Check out our in-depth review of the Hol-ee roller here. 

Main Benefits

  • Can be stuffed with treats
  • Safe for aggressive chewers
  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Lightweight

Megalast Toys

We definitely saved the best for last here. JW’s Megalast line is built specifically for tough chewers. All of the toys in this line are made from a tough thermoplastic rubber; which is made by combining both plastic and rubber. This blend of materials creates a durable, chew-proof, bouncy toy! 

We were surprised by how tough these toys were the first time we tried them out. You can feel the durability; each toy is heavy, and while it is hard to squeeze down on them, they are still flexible enough for your dog to pull around. 

We recommend either the ball or the bone for interactive dogs. They’re easier to throw, and you can play tug o’war with the bone. Both of these variations are ultra-bouncy, and have unique textures to sooth your dog’s teeth and gums. 

The longdog and bear are ideal for dogs that just want to sit and chew on their toys. It’s hard to get them to bounce due to their weird shape, and the bear is so thick it’s pretty hard to grab it from your dog for interactive play. 

Buy Megalast Dog
megalast bear
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Main Benefits

  • 4 Varieties
  • Made for heavy chewers
  • Ultra Bouncy
  • Great for interactive & passive play
  • 100% recyclable
  • float

JW has a great line of toys that our dogs seem to be obsessed with. From squeakable baseballs, to footballs, and even interactive treat dispensers, this line is for dogs that like to play! If you have any questions about the toys we’ve covered here, please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]