Splish splash, I was taking an involuntary bath when my dog jumped out of the tub! Does this situation sound familiar to you? No matter how many baths they have taken in their life it is still the most terrifying thing they have ever experienced. No one is sure what water did to them but dogs still seem to be quite upset about it. Thankfully, the people behind the K9 Bath Buddy company Rob and Megan have created something that will start to mend their relationship. This product uses peanut butter to wash away the bath terror dogs have their minds. Might sound a bit confusing but just stick with us as we introduce you to the company and go into depth about all the Bath Buddy has to offer!

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  • BPA and phthalate free silicone
  • Strong suction cup
  • Textured
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sticks to tile, porcelain, and glass
  • 2 color options

     The K9 Bath Buddy is a pad that is made out of silicone. To make it look cute and compliment who it was made for the company made it into the shape of a paw. This buddy comes in either the color purple or red. Although, if you are a fan of both colors you can also get a package that includes both.

     No matter the color it will stick to surfaces like tile, porcelain, and glass. To get this buddy to stick there is a big and strong suction cup located on the back. Thankfully, this type of attachment will not cause any harm to your shower or tub. If you had to glue something there could be unwanted residue left over or it could pull a tile off with it.

     On the front of this pad, it is actually textured giving your dog a little bit of a challenge. With this textured surface, your dog will have to spend some time and not just lick it off all at once. To make sure they can continually lick this pad with no issues each one is made of 100 percent BPA and phthalate free silicone. However, if they can not get all of the tasty treat out you can just pop it into the dishwasher for a full clean.


     Since the company was started in 2017, a lot of people have been able to use the K9 Bath Buddy. One thing that was mentioned by multiple customers is how it made bathing their dogs so much easier. Some of them also said how they liked the textured surface because it slowed their dog down.

     The buddy was made to be used in the bathroom but one customer found a different place it can also be used. Instead of during bath time this customer uses it to distract their dog while they brushed them. There was not a tub in their grooming area so they just stuck it to a glass window.

     Unfortunately, with every product there are just people or should we say dogs that it does not work for. A few of the customers praise the buddy for doing what it was supposed to but also mention that it did not get their dog in the tub. This is because some dogs hate baths so much that even a delicious treat will not get them near the water.


HOW WOULD The k9 Bath Buddy HELP?

     With a K9 Bath Buddy, the baths you give your dogs will shorten drastically. This is because instead of trying to wrestle your dog to stay in the tub they will actually want to stay still. In turn, this will allow you to fully massage in the shampoo and rinse it out with no issues. To your surprise, this means that the water will actually stay inside of the tub!

     With shorter baths you will have more time for you and your dog to do things you actually enjoy. For example, this could be going on more walks or even just spending more time cuddling. Since you will be doing something you both enjoy more often this will strengthen your relationship. This is a great turn around from fighting about scary baths which definitely put a strain on it instead.


     You can put the peanut butter right on the bathroom surface but this may not be the most hygienic option. It is not clear to the naked eye but there may actually be bacteria or chemicals all over this surface. This is not because you do not keep yourself or your bathroom clean. In fact, it is actually quite the opposite.

     Each time you use things like body wash and shampoo some of it sticks to the shower or tub surface. In turn, this can create bacteria that builds up over time. You may just be thinking that you can just wash the bathroom before you give them a bath but this could still cause some issues. When the bathroom is cleaned you use products that contain things like bleach or chlorine. This, in turn, sticks to the surface and then be ingested by your dog.

     Even if you do use completely natural cleaners it can still be quite overwhelming. Dogs get dirty quite easily and it is unlikely that you will want to clean your whole bathroom every time. Not to mention once your dog is out of the tub there will be an even bigger mess. With hair sticking to every surface and now the sticky remains of peanut butter you will just have to clean again! Thankfully, to avoid all of this you can just use a k9 Bath Buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

My DOG EATS FAST, will this still work?

     Does your dog like to finish their treats even before you put them down? No worries! This does not mean that the K9 Bath Buddy will not work for you. To keep these speedy eaters in place all you need to do is freeze the peanut butter. You can do this just by popping the buddy into the freezer after you have applied the butter. This will then create a popsicle like treat that will take even the fastest eaters some time to get through. With this frozen buddy you will be able to fully wash and wash off your dog with no issues or time limit.

I have a UNIQUE SHOWER / TUB, will it stick?

     If you have a shower or tub that has unique surfaces then you might run into a little bit of trouble. The K9 Bath Buddy is made to stick to almost any tile, porcelain, or glass. However, the buddy will have some trouble sticking if any of these surfaces are textured. To make sure that everything will stick without a hitch you want to use the flattest surface you have. For example, if you have textured tiles but a flat surface on the floor of your shower you can stick it there. This may make it a bit harder to clean under their neck but at least it and the rest of your dog will be still!


     As surprising as it may sound some dogs just do not like peanut butter. The company does mention using this treat the most but do not let that deter you from their product. On the K9 Bath Buddy, you can actually use a wide range of snacks. According to the company, some alternatives their customers use is spray cheese, pureed sweet potatoes, or pumpkin. When choosing a treat to use for your dog there are 2 things you will need to consider. First, it must be spreadable and second, it must be safe for dogs.


      Rob and Megan started the K9 Bath Buddy company in the year 2017. Although, before the product truly took off they first had to be inspired to make it. Thankfully, their bath hating dogs Gia and Napoleon were all the inspiration they needed. Every time they tried to bathe their 2 dogs it was like the end of the world. They were both so scared that one would hide in the corner while the other would just freeze. After a few too many times of this, they were determined to find an easier way.

     Over time the pair heard of some people distracting their dogs with peanut butter spread right on the tiles or tub. However, to them, this need seems to be the most hygienic option. Once they realized that they were not going to find a solution they decided to create one themselves. This then led them to various different ideas and items before finalizing the Bath Buddy they have today.

     When they first started to use this new product during bath time they were so happy with the results. Since their dogs were so focused on the peanut butter they did not care they were getting a bath! After a couple of great peanut butter distracted baths Rob and Megan knew they had to share their product. They are aware of how difficult bath time can be so they made a mission for themselves. With this product, they will work to help every owner make bath time more enjoyable for their pet.