Kai’s Terrific Trio includes three of our favorite toys for the average size breed.  All three have survived our intense puppy testing and surpassed our expectations. The trio includes a MultiPet Bone, Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar, and the Slinger Pig.  If you’re looking for a variety of great toys for both indoor and outdoor play, you’ve come to the right place. They’re durable, engaging, and an all around home-run for pup parents looking for some great toys at an affordable price of $14.99.

Multipet Velvet Vive Bone - 6 Inch

Kai’s MultiPet bone is a 6” indoor and outdoor toy perfect for average sized breeds.  The bone is composed of a velvet textured outside that your dogs will love, and a vinyl inside that can survive heavy chewing and outside play. There’s one squeaker included to keep your pup interested, and the vinyl protection on the inside will prevent your pup from removing the squeaker. The vinyl bone is fun, durable, lightweight, and a favorite among our puppy testers.

Mammoth Small Monkey Fist Bar

The flossy chew rope is made from quality materials to cater to the needs of heavy chewers and active players. They can withstand hours of chewing, and are also perfect for tug of war and throwing. They’re 100% cotton, which allows them to floss your pups’ teeth as they chew. Kai’s bundle includes the 15” rope, perfect for the average sized breed.

Slinger Pig

The last item in Kai’s terrific trio is an 8.5” Slinger flying pig toy. The pig can be attached to a slinger handle for extra throwing power, but is designed for play with or without the handle. The pig is made of canvas and nylon to withstand aggressive pups and outdoor play; the material also allows it to float in water making it the perfect summer toy. It contains a squeaker and a rattle that are almost impossible to rip out due to the heavy – duty structure. This resilient toy is ideal for the average sized active playing pup.

$14.99 @ KaiKrates.com

* Purchase of the Kai’s Terrific Trio Bundle qualifies for the Kai Rewards Program