Kai’s Top 5 ID Dog Tags

There are few things more important than giving your dog a quality ID tag. A dog tag is one of the greatest lines of defense against losing your dog. You need an ID tag that is durable and one that protects the vital information that it holds. However, an ID tag has the potential to be more than just an emergency resource. A dog’s ID tag speaks volumes about not only the dog, but the dog’s owner. Nowadays, the ID tag has evolved into a defining accessory between you and your furry friend.

We have handpicked five of our favorite doggie tags to guide you through the process of buying your dog a perfect tag. We have chosen a favorite standard, designer, durable, collar/tag combo, and modern ID tag. They can all be purchased hassle-free at Amazon! We believe that these tags have what it takes to not only act as a quality emergency resource and a practical accessory. We hope that you think so too!

Best Standard Tag - GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag


Our first pick is a classic, tried and true-styled dog tag made by GoTags. This company’s stainless steel pet tags have undeniable value thanks to their modest price, freedom of customization, and ease of ordering. Although these tags are only available in a classic chrome color, they are available in both regular and small sizes and in nine simple, cute styles such as a star, a bone, or a flower. The regular and small sizes are both fairly petite. They are modest, out of the way, and make very little to no dangling noise.

The stainless steel tags are extremely durable and fairly scratch-resistant. GoTags also allow for a ton of custom-engraved text on both the front and back of the tag. You can have up to eight lines of laser-engraved text, and all at an extremely affordable price! Custom ordering one of these tags can take less than a minute of your time via Amazon. Just choose your size and style, type your custom-engraved text in the customization tab, and checkout. If you are searching for a basic but effective dog tag at a modest price, GoTags’ Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags are perfect!

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Best Designer Tag - California Mutts Custom Dog ID Tag (1-Inch and Standard)

california mutts

If you have a dog with a fancier, more artsy palette, look no further past California Mutts’ Custom ID Tag. These boutique tags are a bit pricier than the likes of GoTags’ tags, but they are handmade and designed by a small team of artists in Austin, Texas. They are available in two sizes, a 1-inch size and a standard 1.25-inch size. These two sizes are also available in two different styles circles and ovals, and circles and squares, respectively. These artists, along with hand printing up to three lines of custom text, design complex, eye-catching, custom designs that really make these tags shine. These designs are absolutely beautiful and stand out amongst all of the plainly-designed tags on the market.

There are currently 130 different combinations of California Mutts’ tags available for order on Amazon! Not only are these tags artsy, but they are built to last and stay sleek and beautiful over time. Your little piece of art and custom text will be well protected between California Mutts’ strong stainless steel backings and a durable, glass-like resin that makes the tags water and UV-resistant. These ultra-durable and visually-enticing dog tags are fantastic if you are looking for a designer ID tag that is handmade by real artists for a decent price!

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Best Durable Tag - Leashboss Pet ID Tag for Dog & Cat Collars


You no longer have to worry about a tag that dangles from your dog’s neck ith Leashboss’s boomerang-styled Pet ID Tag; no more worrying about their fur becoming discolored, and no more worrying about tags being snagged in fences or objects around the house. These tags are built like belt buckles that lock right into your dog’s collar. Thanks to Leashboss’s smart design, these buckle tags fit into any adjustable nylon collar. The buckle is silent, modest, and has a curved design that comfortably fits a dog’s neck.

These tags are available in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. They also offer up to five lines of customized text. The engraved text is deeply and thoroughly embossed into the thick stainless steel body of the dog tag. The entire package is extremely durable, as well as being scratch and water-resistant. This strong, bulky, but comfortable buckle tag accompanies many different collar sizes, keeps your dog snag free, and is exceptionally durable. It is a bit more expensive than the average ID tag, but the tag’s bold design and superior durability gives this tag incredible value. This is a perfect tag for any active dog that needs a tag that is both out of the way and long-lasting.

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Best Collar-Tag Combo - PAW-ID Stainless Steel Buckle for Personalized Cat & Dog ID Tags

iD tag

PAW-ID’s Stainless Steel Buckle is a real treat for any bargain-hunting dog owners. Why not knock out two products with one purchase? With this collar-tag combo, no dangling tag or buckle tag is necessary. You can have up to three lines of your dog’s information engraved onto the buckle of PAW-ID’s high quality, nylon-webbed adjustable collar. The collar portion is available in small, medium, and large sizes. They are also available in black, blue, green, teal, hot pink, and purple. These colors are extremely eye-pleasing, and we know that your dog will look spiffy in them!

As for the engraved buckle, your dog’s information will be completely protected. The buckle is extremely resistant to any wear and tear due to its tucked-away position on the collar and scratch-resistant steel build. The engraving is very shallow, but surprisingly legible and durable. In fact, PAW-ID has set a lifetime warranty on these buckles if the information does somehow rub off. Both the collar and the buckle are well-made and look extremely handsome, and you get to buy this combination for a very affordable price. The entire package is durable, looks great on any dog, and is modestly price. PAW-ID’s Stainless Steel Buckle combo is a great purchase for any owner who is purchasing supplies for a new dog, or a dog lover looking for a new adjustable collar and/or a snagless ID tag!

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Best Modern Tag - PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag

pet id collar

Are you looking to move your dog’s identification into the 21st century? PetTouchID’s Smart Pet ID Tag is a modern-day, cloud connected dog tag that seeks to upgrade the way the dog-finding process plays out. The tag is labeled with a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone using NFC (near field communication) connectivity. This code, which is activated by the owner once they confirm that his or her dog is lost, gives the finder access to a fully personalized web page of you and your dog’s information. This web page can store so much more than any traditional dog tag; names, addresses, phone numbers, allergies, veterinarian information, medical information, weight, tolerance to children, and so on.

Additionally, when a stranger scans your dog’s tag, your dog’s GPS location is updated on their web page. Ideally, the stranger will be able to get in contact with you based on your web page’s information, and quickly return your dog to you. It is certainly an new, interesting twist to the dog retrieval process, and one that we fully support! Of course, PetTouchID has also built a tag that protects all the crucial information stored in the QR code.

These smart tags lack any sort of engraving. Instead, the QR code and NFC chip are stored between sturdy plastic, a zinc alloy, and a special PVC epoxy that keeps the tag’s QR code from wear and tear. The tag is capped off by one of three slick, embossed emblems. These emblems are surrounded by your choice of a blue, red, pink, or black background. The bold, engraving-free style of these tags looks spiffy and modern, perfect for you and your fashion-savvy pooch!

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