Keeping your dog active is important for their health, and a game of fetch is the perfect way to give them exercise. If you’re tired of your regular, old tennis ball, we have just the thing you need: Kong Airdog Toys. As a trusted brand for many years, Kong is one of the most well-known dog companies out there. Ultimately, their felt tennis material and fun shapes make for a great fetch toy. We know you want what’s best for your pup, that’s why we’re here to give you all the details about these toys. In our review,  you’ll learn all about the Airdog toy line and get a glimpse of each available toy.

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About Kong Airdog Toys

Main Benefits
  • Combines a tennis ball and squeaker
  • Encourages exercise
  • Material is non-abrasive and gentle on teeth
  • Variety of fun shapes

By incorporating two iconic dog toys, the tennis ball and a squeaker, Kong Airdog Toys are ideal for our furry friends. As we all know, dogs love tennis balls. Although they might love them, they aren’t actually safe for them. A regular tennis ball can wear down a pup’s teeth. Instead, you should use a tennis ball made for dogs, like the toys from the Kong Airdog Toy Line! They include the classic neon tennis ball color, but are made of a non-abrasive felt to protect your dog’s teeth. In addition, each toy includes a squeaker to entice your dog to play. Plus, these toys aren’t just a “ball”; they come in all shapes and designs. With toys like a football, disc, bone, and so much more, the options are almost endless.

Truly, the Kong Airdog Toys offer so many benefits for your dog. All of them are centered around active play, making them great for a game of fetch. As a dog owner, you know pups love to chase after toys. When you purchase a Kong Airdog Toy, you’re not only getting a fun toy, but also a bonding experience for you and your pooch. As we go through these exciting products, you can find the best shape for you and your furry friend.

Airdog Squeaker Football

Go long! This football shaped toy will make for a great fetch toy, especially during football season. However, the Kong Airdog Squeaker Football is super fun for any time of year. So get out there, and start fetching with Fido! If you’re a football fanatic, you’ll want to check out our NFL Pet Toy Selections Review.

Fortunately, this Kong dog toy is available in a variety of sizes, so you can get the right fit for your dog. Not only do they come in multiple sizes, but you can also choose between purchasing a single toy or a two-pack option. If you purchase a two-pack of the Kong Airdog Squeaker Football, you’ll have a back-up in case your pup tears one apart. From small to large, the size options include:

  • Small: 2 x 3.2 x 2” (available in two-pack)
  • Medium: 3 x 5 x 3” (available in two-pack)
  • Large: 4 x 6.5 x 4” (available in two-pack)

Airdog Squeaker Bone

When thinking about dogs, bones are a classic object that comes to mind. The Kong Airdog Squeaker Bone is shaped like bone, which your dog will be sure to love. Essentially, the shape will be easy for them to carry in their mouth, making your game of fetch more enjoyable.

Once again, there are multiple sizes available for the Kong Airdog Squeaker Bone. Whether you have a small pooch or a big breed, you can find the perfect size. From small to large, the sizes include:

  • Small: 2.2 x 4.5 x 1.2”
  • Medium: 3 x 6.2 x 1.8”
  • Large: 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5” (available in two-pack)

Airdog Squeaker Dumbbell

While you may use dumbbells for weight lifting, Fido uses them for playtime. Even though they won’t be pumping iron like we do at the gym, your dog will still get exercise with the Kong Airdog Squeaker Dumbbell. Plus, they’ll have fun in the process!

Fortunately, every size of the Kong Airdog Squeaker Dumbbell comes in a two-pack option. If your dog is known to have jaws of steel, you may want to consider these value packs. Specifically, the size options include:

  • Small: 2 x 5.2 x 2”
  • Medium: 2.5 x 7 x 2.5”
  • Large: 3.5 x 9.2 x 3.5”

Airdog Squeaker Donut

A real donut might not be for dogs, but this one is! Of course, it’s not actually edible, however, it’s a super exciting toy for your pup. Give the Kong Airdog Squeaker Donut a toss, and watch Fido go running! Because of its round shape, you can also roll it on the ground for added fun.

As always, this Kong dog toy comes in multiple sizes. Unfortunately, there aren’t any options for buying it in a two-pack. But, you’ll still be able to get the perfect size for your dog. On Amazon, there are three sizes:

  • Small: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1”
  • Medium: 4.8 x 4.8 x 1.2”
  • Large: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.2”

Airdog Squeaker Oval

This toys is similar to the donut version, since it also has a hole cut out in the middle. However, the Kong Airdog Squeaker Oval is, as it says in the title, an oval shape instead of a circle. It will be just as simple for you to toss and as easy for your dog to love.

There are a few issues regarding the sizes of this toy. On Amazon, it says the Kong Airdog Squeaker Oval is available in medium and large, but there is no where to choose your size. On the page, it lists the dimensions as 1.5 x 4.2 x 5.5”, so you should expect the toy to ship at that size.

Airdog Squeaker Boomerang

Although some boomerang toys for humans will return to you when you throw it, that’s not the case with the Kong Airdog Squeaker Boomerang. It works as a normal fetch toy, so your furry friend can chase after it. All the while, your pup will have a blast spending time with you and their new boomerang.

One downside to this product is the size limitation. Currently on Amazon, the Kong Airdog Squeaker Boomerang is only available in large (2.8 x 4.2 x 9”), making it more suitable for larger dogs. Unfortunately, tiny pups won’t get the best use out of this dog toy.

Airdog Fetch Stick With Rope

If you and your dog love a game of tug-of-war, this will best toy for you from this line. Feature a rope, the Kong Airdog Fetch Stick with Rope is great for both tugging and fetching. Unlike the rest of the Airdog toys, the Kong Airdog Fetch Stick with Rope does not include a squeaker. For dog owners who hate noisy toys, you will be relieved with this quiet option. All the while, the toy still includes the same soft, felt material as the other toys.

Regarding size, the Kong Airdog Fetch Stick with Rope comes in two options: medium and large. This considered, it won’t be an ideal match for tiny dogs. When looking at the measurements, keep in mind that it accounts for both the rope and stick. More suitable for medium and large pups, the sizes and their dimensions include:

  • Medium: 2 x 26 x 2”
  • Large: 2.5 x 32 x 2.5”

Airdog Squeaker Disc



Does your dog go crazy for frisbees? If you said yes, then the Kong Airdog Squeaker Disc is going to be their new favorite toy. Traditional frisbees are usually made out of flimsy plastic, which can easily break and create sharp edges (yikes!). Fortunately, the Kong Airdog Squeaker Disc is much safer and suitable for a dog. Throw it like you would a normal frisbee, and watch Fido fill with excitement! If discs are a favorite for you and your pooch, head on over to our review on The Best Dog Frisbees.

Coming in two sizes, the Kong Airdog Squeaker Disc will be suitable for an average to large pup. However, super small breeds might have a hard time playing with this toy. On the other hand, these discs are a lot smaller than a traditional frisbee. The specific measurements include:

  • Medium: 1.5 x 4.2 x 4.2“
  • Large: 2 x 5.2 x 5.2”

Pros of the Kong Airdog Toys

Encourages Exercise

Just like humans, our furry friends need a daily dose of exercise. A game of fetch is great for keeping your dog active, especially if they are a breed that needs a lot of exercise. Without enough activity our pups can get bored, which leads to some negative outcomes. For example, if your dog is bored, you might notice behaviors like excessive barking and destructive chewing; no pet parent wants that! By using a Kong Airdog toy, you can keep your dog healthy and happy with a game of fetch.

Gentle on Teeth

Unlike traditional tennis balls, Kong made their Airdog toys with the needs of pups in mind. An average tennis ball can wear down your dog’s teeth, which of course is not a good thing. Luckily, these toys are made with a felt tennis material that isn’t abrasive on teeth.

Cons of the Kong Airdog Toys

Not as Durable as Other Kong Toys

Although the Kong brand is known for durability, the Airdog toys are not indestructible. Many customers report that their dogs have been able to tear the yellow felt off of the toy. Also, some say that fuzz comes off from the felt. However, this toy was not made for chewing, which is often the cause of these toys getting destroyed. To make the toy last, once your game of fetch is over, put it out of reach from your dog.


NOT a Chew Toy

As we described before, this toy is not the most durable option by Kong. It is made for fetch, not for chew sessions. That being said, if one of these toys is left in the paws of a chew monster, it might get destroyed. As a dog chews on these toys, they can rip the felt off it and into pieces. Once it has been chewed into small bits, they can become a choking hazard for your dog. Or, your dog could swallow them, which could lead to digestion problems. To avoid a disaster, simply keep these toys out of reach from your dog when you’re not playing. Trust us, the last thing you want is a trip to the vet. If your dog has jaws of steel, we suggest checking out our Kong Extreme Line Review.

Other Options

Although these toys are made with tennis material, they aren’t actually in a “ball” form like dog owners are used to. If you like to stick to the classics, a traditional tennis ball for dogs will be right up your alley. In our review on The Best Tennis Balls for Dogs, we’ll show you the best dog tennis balls on the market.

Still looking for a toy from Kong? Not to worry! Head on over to our article, What Kong Toy is Best for My Dog? There, you can find the perfect Kong toy for your furbaby. We categorize toys based on types of play, and even list toys for puppies and senior dogs. Truly, there is a Kong toy for every dog’s unique needs.