Kong Dotz are an extremely unique chew toy for dogs with working jaws. They come in three varieties: the Dotz Circle, Dotz Square, and Dotz Triangle. Each is made with the usual famous Kong rubber, but have the added bonus of nubs all around their outside. In essence, as your dog has fun chewing and tossing the Dotz, they will also clean teeth and massage gums.

Main Benefits:
Unique shape and texture
Cleans teeth
Massages gums
Durable Kong rubber
Size variations for extra-small, small, and large

Do We Recommend Kong Dotz?

     While we try our best to choose the best products for you and your pup, we do not recommend the Kong Dotz. It is not easily found on Amazon, is a bit too costly, and has received some pretty poor reviews from customers. This probably stems from the nubs attached around the outside of each toy. Especially if the toy is meant for dogs who love to chew, having those nubs be chewed off in a big issue.

Good Chew Toy Alternatives

    So the Kong Dotz Toy Line is not a good choice, what now? Luckily, there are plenty of other dog chew toys we have thoroughly researched and would highly recommend! Dog owners go through the constant struggle of testing new toys, watching them be destroyed in minutes, then dishing out more money for another hopeful toy. Not to mention, most dog companies always say their toys are durable. So how do you actually know? Our dog chew toy recommendations are proven through customer reactions, detailed research, and testing with real dogs.

The Best: Goughnuts Interactive Dog Toy

     The Goughnuts Interactive Dog Toy is one of the safest and toughest dog toy options there is. Their tough, non-toxic rubber material is going to stand up to those power-chewers. Plus, the figure-eight shape is perfect for tug-o-war (if your feeling strong). However, we highly recommend this as a dog chew toy because the company has ingeniously come up with a reliable safety measure. Basically, there is a colored core to each Goughnuts Interactive Dog Toy that tells you when to take it away from your gnawing dog.

     For pros, cons, and even more detailed information like size options, head on over to the Goughnuts Interactive Dog Toy Review. Did we also mention they are all USA-made?!

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