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Interactive toys are not only great for your dogs mind, but for their body as well! They keep your dog thinking, help them stay active, and peak curiosity. Kong Interactive toys are great for dogs that get bored with their toys. All of their interactive toys are designed to challenge your dog’s mind and keep them occupied, even when you’re not able to play with them. From water toys, to tug of war toys, and simple chew toys, there’s plenty to choose from!

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about kong

Some dogs can find a way to destroy just about any toy. When nothing else can withstand your dog’s heavy chewing, Kong is the best company to turn to. Kong’s founder, Joe Markham, ran into the same issues dog parents run into to this day. His dog chewed up everything, and nothing could satisfy his dog. One day, while working on his car, Joe tossed a piece of rubber to his pup. The dog found the bouncy and durable rubber to be a great toy, and even better, he couldn’t destroy it. Joe was then able to produce a quality rubber toy that was not only fun and bouncy for dogs, but incredibly durable. Even aggressive chewers get a great deal of play out of all of Kong’s products.

Kong has a variety of rubber toys that are specially formulated to suit the needs of every dog. Including puppies, seniors, and extremely aggressive chewers. No matter how rough your dog likes to play, you can find a Kong that will survive their chewing. Apart from the classic Kong shape, you can find Kong toys in a variety of unique shapes to keep your dog interested. We all know dog’s get bored with their favorite toys eventually; Kong’s toys keep them interested with fun textures and shapes to choose from.

kong interactive

Interactive toys are great for dogs that get bored around the house. They engage your dog’s mind and body, and can even help with separation anxiety. Our dogs love interactive toys because they don’t get bored of them too quickly. We love them because we know they’re keeping our dogs sharp!

Kong has a great line of interactive toys for dogs. They’re durable, safe, and of course, fun for dogs of all sizes! Check out some of our favorites below, and consult your pooch on what their favorite may be. 

Interactive ball

interacrive kong ball

The Kong Interactive Ball is a favorite with a lot of dogs. The center ball is made from Kong’s classic rubber; allowing this ball to bounce high, and withstand heavy chewing. Additionally, the ropes give you something to hold onto during games of tug o’war, and even fetch. 

This toy is great for both active and passive playing dogs. Because the rubber is so durable, you can let your dog chew on the ball all they want! Of course it’s also great for interactive games that you can play with your pooch. As you can probably guess, the ropes will be the first part of the toy to get destroyed, but fear not! Your dog will have just as much fun running around with the ball. 


The Kong Aqua is the perfect interactive toy for dogs that love to go swimming. The toy is shaped much like a buoy, with a buoyant base and a long rope. The rope allows you to throw the toy extra far for your pooch, and of course the base will float. The bright colors make it easy to see in the water, and your pup will have a blast trying to retrieve it!

This fun water toy is shaped just like the classic Kong. This classic shape is easy for your dog to carry in their mouths, and is also resistant to chewing. 

We highly recommend this toy for trips to the lake or the beach. You can throw it as far as you want, and it’ll still be floating when your pooch gets to it. Additionally, it’s available in two sizes, making it perfect for just about any breed!

kong aqua


kong flyer

The Kong Flyer is a great rubber disc that you can trust with your pup. It’s made from the same rubber used in the classic Kong toys so you know it will last. This classic rubber is non-toxic, all-natural, and one of the only materials that can stand up to tough chewers. The flyer isn’t too hard for your dog’s teeth, and will even help remove plaque and tartar from their teeth. Just like all Kong products, this disc is made right here in the USA from materials you can trust. We highly recommend the Kong Flyer for dogs that are going to be chewing on their disc along with playing with it for games of fetch. It won’t rib or splinter, and it won’t hurt your pup’s teeth. 

The Kong Flyer is available in two sizes to be suitable for dogs of just about every size. The small flyer is suitable for smaller pups, it’s 7 x 0.8 x 7 inches. The large flyer is suitable for dogs up to 85 lbs and is 9 x 1.1 x 9 inches. The Kong Flyer is suitable for aggressive chewers that have a strong bite. It’s safe for both passive and active play, and you won’t have to worry about your dog destroying the disc on day one. 


The Kong Tug toy is a great interactive toy for dogs that love games of tug o’ war. Unlike many tug toys, this tug is made from Kong’s unique rubber; making it flexible, durable, and safe! It won’t damage your dog’s teeth, and it’s also comfortable for you. Simply grab one end and let your dog go crazy with the other. The rubber will stretch out while they’re tugging on it and then recoil when they release. 

If you have a power chewer however, this may not be the toy for you. If your dog is simply sitting down and chewing away at the toy, it will ultimately get destroyed. However, if your pooch just wants to play a moderate game of tug o’war, this is a perfect interactive toy!

kong tug

classic tails

classic tails

The Kong tug is an incredibly durable tug toy for dogs of just about any size. As you can see, the base of the toy is made from a classic Kong toy. It’s durable, flexible, bouncy, and safe for dogs to chew on! Rather than being stuffed with treats however, it’s stuffed with a durable rope toy. The rope is durable reinforced nylon that’s great for chewing. You can grip one end of the tail, and let your dog go crazy over the opposite end. The handle at the top also makes this toy great for fetch. The weight of the rubber really allows this toy to fly far! 

This durable interactive toy is great for both interactive and passive play. You can feel free to let your pooch chew on the rubber core, or simply use it as a fetch and tug toy. 

The Kong Tails is available in both medium and large, making it great for just about any breed. We recommend this toy for rough-playing dogs that like playing with their humans!