Kong plush squeaker toys are one of our favorite plush toys on the market. We highly recommend them for all breeds. They’re made with a soft yet durable outer core, and all have a stuffing-free design to prevent messes. We know that inevitably your dog will be able to tear out the squeaker; fortunately, they have a velcro backing that allows you to take out the squeaker and replace it if need be. Check out our in depth review below of all of the squeaker variations.

a word about kong


Some dogs can find a way to destroy just about any toy. When nothing else can withstand your dog’s heavy chewing, Kong is the best company to turn to. Kong’s founder, Joe Markham, ran into the same issues dog parents run into to this day. His dog chewed up everything, and nothing could satisfy his dog. One day, while working on his car, Joe tossed a piece of rubber to his pup. The dog found the bouncy and durable rubber to be a great toy, and even better, he couldn’t destroy it. Joe was then able to produce a quality rubber toy that was not only fun and bouncy for dogs, but incredibly durable. Even aggressive chewers get a great deal of play out of all of Kong’s products.

KONG Plush Squeaker Toys

KONG plush squeaker

The KONG squeaker plush line is available in four variations and four sizes through Amazon (extra small, small, medium, and large). Each variation has floppy limbs and a stuffing – free design which makes them perfect for mess – free play. What sets them apart from other plush free toys is their unique removable squeaker design. Each purchase includes at least one free replaceable squeaker, which is easily replaced through a velcro slip in the back of each toy. 

They are light enough for small dogs to carry around easily, and durable enough to handle an aggressive dogs’ chew. If your puppy loves this toy as much as other pups, we would definitely suggest purchasing a pack replaceable squeakers through Amazon. You will be able to machine wash all four variations, and you can (and should) remove the squeaker before washing.

KONG toys in general are well worth the money, and this line of toys is no exception.  This line of plush squeakers will be able to survive your pups’ rugged play without breaking the bank. If you have a really heavy chewer, they’ll probably be able to rip off the areas that have lighter sewing; fortunately, the squeaker is sewn into the thickest part of the toy and should last longer than most squeaker toys.

Each variation is extremely soft, which is probably why so many pups have made them their favorite toy. Very small dogs may have trouble getting the stiff squeakers to make noise, if this becomes an issue you can always purchase more flexible squeakers and easily switch them out.

Are these toys right for my pup?

If you’re in need of a durable, affordable, and easy to clean plush toy for your furry friend, this toy won’t disappoint. All variations of this toy are perfect for both active and passive playing dogs; whether your dog’s going to be playing fetch, chewing away at it, or simply carrying it around with them all over the house, you’ll get your money’s worth with these toys. Every toy has a soft polyester blend and durable sewing to keep your pup occupied. You can also purchase replacement squeakers right through Amazon made specifically for KONG toys.

What about the mess?

This particular line of Kong plush toys are stuffing free which is a huge plus. There is a short outer layer of “fur” that can be ripped off and create a small mess. Due to dogs’ natural predatory instincts, they’re going to try (and most likely succeed) to remove and puncture the squeaker; if your pup manages to tear both squeakers, you can purchase as many additional squeakers as your pup needs right from Amazon. 


Eventually most dogs will be able to remove the squeakers, look out for loose squeakers as time goes on and your pup begins to destroy the toy. We also highly suggest paying attention to the measurements provided, when in doubt, order the next size up to be sure the toy won’t be able to become a choking hazard.

KONG Plush Extra Small Bear

KONG plush squeaker bear

You can purchase the KONG plush bear in either extra small or medium through Amazon. Both sizes come with one free replaceable squeaker that can easily be taken out due to the velcro slip. The dimensions of the extra small are 2.5 inches x 4 inches x 1.5 inches and they’re light enough for even the smallest of breeds to comfortably carry around. The extra small is designed for dogs under 15 pounds; we would strongly recommend purchasing the next size up (small) for any dog heavier.

You can also purchase the KONG bear in a medium size. The bear is made with a soft polyester material and durable sewing to suit your dog’s aggressive chewing. The medium bear is 4.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 3 inches and is designed for dogs between 20 and 40 pounds. You can purchase a pack of four replaceable squeakers made just for these medium plush toys right on Amazon.

KONG Plush Small Duck

KONG duck

If you have a tiny or toy sized pup you can purchase either an extra small or small KONG duck. The dimensions of the extra small are 2.5 inches x 4 inches x 1.5 inches and they’re light enough for the smallest of breeds to comfortably carry around. The extra small duck includes one free replaceable squeaker to interchange and is designed for dogs under 15 pounds; we would strongly recommend purchasing the next size up (small) for any dog heavier. The duck is also available in a small size for pups under twenty pounds. The small is 3.5 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches; don’t let its size deceive you, these little toys are made with quality materials to withstand your pups’ aggressive play.

KONG Plush Medium Frog

kong plush frog

The KONG frog is available in extra small, small, and medium; all three sizes come with one free replaceable squeaker, easily replaced through the velcro slip in the back. The extra small is 2.5 inches x 4.25 inches x 1 inch. It’s the perfect size for smaller dogs to carry around with them and has a great soft texture your pup is sure to love. The small is 3.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 inches and weighs only .02 pounds. If you have a dedicated chewer they’ll most likely be successful in ripping the toy apart over time; lighter chewers will certainly get a great deal of play out of it. If you have any feline friends, these toys are the perfect size for cats as well.

The medium is 4.5 inches x 8 inches x 2.5 inches and is able to withstand dogs between 20 and 40 pounds. All three sizes have durable sewing and a soft polyester fabric blend.  You can also purchase a pack of four replaceable KONG squeakers right through Amazon for either the small or medium sized frog.

KONG Plush Large Beaver

KONG beaver plush toy

The KONG plush beaver is available in both small and large. If you have a larger dog (over 40 pounds) we would highly suggest purchasing the large beaver. The large beaver is 4.5 inches x 15 inches x 2.5 inches and is meant to withstand rugged play by larger dogs. The large size also includes four replaceable squeakers and you can purchase a pack of four more replaceable squeakers right through Amazon.

If you have a smaller pup you can also purchase the beaver in a small size which is 6.5 inches x 7 inches x 2 inches and is able to withstand chewing from dogs between 20-40 pounds. Plush toys, in general, can often be ripped to shreds in a matter of minutes, these toys are more durable than most, and are stuffing-free which means no messy disasters to clean up.