The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. is an incredibly unique company. Their pies are a great way to treat your pup during holidays and special occasions. Not only are they delicious and fun for your dogs, they’re also healthy! They’re made with natural ingredients and are incredibly easy to digest. You can even find flavors that are low-allergen. Get ready for your dog’s next birthday, or Thanksgiving dinner with these unique hand-decorated pies. 

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a word about lazy dog

Lazy Dog

Although the company name says lazy, it is the furthest from. The company was founded in 2001, by Amy and Keith Augustine. Their company started in York, PA but they currently reside in Saratoga Springs, NY. Lazy Dog is a place that will leave your pup’s stomach happy and your heart full. 

Lazy Dog partners with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Animal Protective Foundation and Homes for Orphaned Pets to provide treats to every family that adopts an orphaned dog. These Lazy Dogs don’t stop there though; in 2014 they launched a new campaign to donate money to welfare organizations across the US. Every three months they take 5% of their revenue from their peanut butter bones and donate it. This campaign is called Buy a Bone Help Give a Dog a Home and they are hoping to expand it soon.

Lazy Dog Cookie Co’s treats are all incredibly nutritious and easy to digest. None of their treats contain wheat, corn, or artificial preservatives. Additionally, many of their treats are free from soy and grains. They also only use all-natural ingredients that are made in the USA. Lazy Dog also helps to support a variety of non-profit organizations such as The Lost & Found Horse Rescue, North Country Wild Care, Mercy For Animals, Dogs On Deployment, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Animal Protective Society, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, SPCA Of York County, and Homes For Orphaned Pets. You can trust that when you buy from Lazy Dog, your money is going towards a great cause, and your pup is getting some pretty great treats too!

Lazy Dog Low-Allergen Pup-Pie's

dog balloons

Are you looking for the next paw-sitively healthy snack for your pup’s birthday? Or maybe you’re searching for a treat filled with natural, human-grade ingredients with no wheat or corn? Well thanks to the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. your puppy can enjoy the perfect healthy dessert. Lazy Dog creates low allergen and antioxidants rich treats. If you’re looking to spoil your pup and feel great about it you have come to the right place.

There are nine delicious flavors of Lazy Dog Pup-Pie’s available through Amazon; Peanut Butter Banana, Happy Birthday Pie, Happy Adoption Day, New Puppy Pie, Apple Of My Eye, Carob And Peanut Butter, Deep Dish Pizza, Frosty Bites, and Happy Howlidays. All six flavors are wheat and corn free, and some are even organic and vegan! The pup-pie’s are 5 ounces each, and cut into ten slices. Each is topped with healthy freeze dried fruits and nuts; hand cut and decorated to perfection. The pies are extremely affordable considering their healthy all-natural ingredients; you can try out all delicious flavors without breaking the bank.

Are These Right For My Pup?

These pies are great for dogs with allergies because all varieties are corn-free and wheat-free. Some of the flavors are even vegan and non-GMO organic! They’re hand-decorated and contain human-grade delicious ingredients. From real freeze dried fruit to organic vegetables, you can find the perfect healthy dessert for your pup at an affordable price. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or food allergies we recommend these treats. They’re all free from wheat and corn and contain highly digestible ingredients that are easy on the stomach. Many of the flavors are even non-GMO and vegan, allowing dogs on any diet restriction to enjoy. 


There are a variety of flavors to choose from; from seasonal flavors to fruit and vegetable-based flavors, you can trust that the ingredients are wholesome and nutrient rich. These treats are so delicious, you may even be tempted to try them. You can trust your dog with LazyDog’s Pup-Pie’s, they’re made in the USA with human-grade ingredients, and hand inspected. We highly recommend any of the pup-pies to dogs with allergy problems that deserve a special treat. They also make great gifts, and are large enough for multiple dogs to share! Because they have such a long shelf life (over a year), you can feed your pup individual slices slowly over time without the fear of the pies spoiling.

core ingredients

All of these delicious flavors contain the same core ingredients free of wheat and corn:

  • Oat Flour – Contains Vitamin B and protein
  • Pumpkin – Antioxidant rich and great for digestion
  • Peanut Butter – Full of protein, biotin, and delicious.
  • Ground Ginger – Helps your pup digest these delicious treats
  • Ground Cinnamon – Nontoxic powder to produce a delicious flavor
  • Sodium Bicarbonate- Used to bake these pies to perfection
  • Palm and Canola Oil – Rich in Vitamin E
  • Vanilla & Sunflower Lecithin

All of these ingredients come together to create a sweet treat that’s easy on your dog’s stomach, and great for their allergies. LazyDog made sure all of the ingredients used in these pies are low-allergen and made with human-grade ingredients. You can trust your dog in the hands of any of LazyDog’s premium treats. These treats are packed with flavor and make your pup feel like part of the family.

i ruff you pup-pie

valentine's day treat

Not sure what to get Fido this Valentine’s day? This pie is a no-brainer. While you’re running out to buy discounted candy at the CVS, your dog can chow down on this delicious pup-pie made just for them! Now you can binge on Valentine’s day treats with Fido, without risking their health.

This pie is non-GMO, vegan, and made with human-grade ingredients. Of course, they’re also free from corn, soy, and wheat allowing them to be a safe treat for dogs with even the most sensitive stomachs. Your pooch will think they’re getting one of your Valentine’s day treats, little do they know, they’re actually snacking on a healthy and delectable treat made just for them! 

This pie is topped with a dairy-free vanilla coating and pink “sprinkles”.  No matter what diet your dog is on, this treat is the perfect snack. You and your pooch can both binge on treats this Valentine’s day; no need to worry about Fido accidentally getting into your chocolate stash! This pup-pie will fill them up and make them feel spoiled. These treats are a great treat for special occasions, and make the perfect gift for friends with pups! They’re safe for dogs of all ages, and have 10 great slices for your pup to share with their friends.

Peanut Butter Banana Pie

This signature Lazy Dog treat contains a delicious yogurt “icing” with freeze dried bananas. Each pie contains ten 1/2 ounce slices, perfectly cut for your pup. There is no laziness in the decorating department either, each pie is hand cut and decorated to perfection. This delicious pie is extremely affordable and contains only the best ingredients for your pup. In addition to the core ingredients, the banana pup-pie contains banana, nonfat dry milk, yogurt powder, and canola oil. The banana makes these treats potassium rich, and the peanut butter gives them a great deal of protein.

Happy Birthday Pie

Happy Birthday Pie

Is it your pup’s birthday? This pup-pie is a no brainer! It’s almost impossible to find fun birthday treats for dogs that are also healthy. Fortunately, Lazy Dog makes this possible. The Happy Birthday Pie is available in two colors (blue or pink), all of the wholesome ingredients in both colors are certified non-GMO. They’re only 38 calories per .5 oz. slice, and have a long shelf life of sixteen months. The yummy toppings are dairy free and include sesame seeds for extra flavor. 

Both varieties are vegan and free of wheat, corn, and soy; the perfect healthy treat for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Both the pink and blue pies include identical ingredients, the color is the only difference. If you’re really looking to spoil your pup this year, check out all of our favorite birthday toys and treats here. 

Happy Adoption Day & New Puppy Pie

If you have a new puppy the Happy Adoption Day Pup-Pie and New Puppy Pie are the perfect celebratory desserts for your dog. They have a delicious yogurt topping and are free of wheat and corn. Both pies are healthy, hand decorated, and cut into ten perfect slices for dogs of all sizes. They both contain the same antioxidant-rich ingredients; however, the new puppy pie also contains sesame seeds. In addition to the core ingredients, these pies contain nonfat dry milk, yogurt powder, and the new puppy pie contains sesame seeds.

Looking for other must-haves for your new puppy? Check out our new puppy guide here. 

Adoption Day Pie

Apple Of My Eye Pup-Pie

Apple Pup pie

The Apple-flavored pie is full of wholesome ingredients and hand decorated to perfection. The pie weights about five ounces, and contains ten delicious slices. The apple flavor is free of wheat and corn and contains only human-grade ingredients. They use real granny smith apples, veggies, and nuts to decorate the top. Because this is a fruit and vegetable based pie, your dog will be ingesting plenty of fiber, which will not only regulate their digestive system, but give them carbohydrates and the energy to play. In addition to the core ingredients listed above, the apple pie contains roasted carob powder, carob yogurt topping, nonfat dry milk, and granny smith apples. 

My Little Pumpkin Pup-Pie 

The pumpkin pie flavor is non-GMO and vegan. It’s also wheat, corn, and soy free; making them great for dogs with allergies. Even if your pup doesn’t have allergies, this treat will be great for their digestion. Pumpkin is high in fiber, and rich in antioxidants. This will give them a great tasty treat that’s also easy on the stomach. Just like the the other flavors, the pumpkin pie is cut into ten convenient slices, all around .5 ounces. It contains natural pumpkin, unsalted peanut butter, tapioca starch, baking soda, evaporated cane juice, nonfat dry milk, yogurt powder, and naturally dyed sesame seeds.

pumpkin pie

Carob Peanut Butter Pup-Pie

Carob Pup Pie

The carob peanut butter pie has human grade ingredients and is also free of wheat and corn. Each pie weights approximately five ounces and contains ten, 1/2 ounce slices. They’re the perfect low-allergen treat for your furry member of the family. The delicious “icing” on top is carob and drops of peanut butter. The peanut butter will give your dog healthy fats and give them the energy to get through their busy days filled with playing. In addition to the core ingredients, the carob peanut butter pie contains nonfat dry milk, yogurt powder, peanut flour, carob yogurt topping, and nonfat roasted carob powder.

Deep Dish Pizza Pup-Pie

Lazy Dog’s Pup Pie pizza might just be the closest thing to real pizza you can buy for your pup. They’re made with real tomatoes, Italian seasonings, and are wheat and corn free. This deep dish pizza pie is the only pizza we’ve found on the market that’s safe for dogs to eat. Keep in mind that it does contain dry milk, which can upset dogs with sensitive stomachs. The pie includes ten delicious slices just for your hungry them. In addition to the core ingredients, they contain evaporated cane juice, yogurt powder, nonfat dry milk, freeze-dried tomatoes, and Italian seasonings. It’s a healthiest and most affordable way to feed your furry friend delicious pizza.

pizza pup pie

Frost bites

frost bites

The frost bites are one of our favorite flavors. Made with dairy-free non-GMO yogurt, and topped with delicious coconut, your pup will have the perfect sweet treat for the holidays. In addition to the great coconut taste, they contain pumpkin, which is a great source of fiber and can help regulate your dog’s digestive system. Just like the other flavors of Pup-Pie, the Frost Bites come in 10 slices for your pooch, and each pie is 6″ in diameter. You can feel good about feeding your dog a delicious dessert that’s sweet, organic, and made with only natural ingredients! 

happy howlidays pup-pie

The Happy Howlidays Pup-Pie is the perfect way to treat your pup during the holiday season. Made with only organic and natural ingredients, you can spoil your pup with a tasty treat that’s good for them, too! This flavor is even non-GMO and made with human-grade ingredients. The Happy Howlidays Pup-Pie contains the nutrient-rich ingredients found in all Pup-Pies, in addition to delicious unsweetened coconut flakes.  These pies are a great addition to your dog’s treats during the holidays! They’re also great as holiday gifts for your friends with pets. The pie 5 ounces, and great for sharing as well!

howlidays pup pie