A dog tag is one of the most important gifts you can give to your pup. It’s a no-brainer; a good dog tag will help your dog be found if or when they become lost! While your dog may be highly trained and well-behaved, you can never predict what may happen. Animals, people, or even a stupid rustling leaf may cause Fido to take off without warning. Your pet is a part of the family, so we know how devastating it would be for them to run away. At least with the use of a dog tag, you will know that whoever finds your pup will have the information to get them home safely. The Leashboss Pet ID Tag will give you all the great benefits of a dog tag, but with the added bonus of a quality, jingle-free design. Finally, you can protect your dog without listening to metal clank together every time they walk through the house.

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Why do I need a dog tag?

     One of the very first things you need to buy for your dog is a dog collar and dog tag. Dog tags are absolutely necessary because they identify your dog, and may potentially prevent a devastating loss. Most city councils actually require dog tags, so you’ll need to purchase one right away.

     By and large, dog tags are a simple, effective, and an inexpensive way to protect your dog. Your dog should even wear their dog tag when they are inside the house, just in case they run outside. The sound of a dog tag jingling will also allow you to keep track of your dog while they are walking around the house so you know their whereabouts. However, many dog owners don’t like the constant noise a dog tag can make. It’s a headache waiting to happen.

About the Company

     Leashboss began with a goal to create a leash for strong pulling dogs, which is how the Leashboss Original was born. Many pet owners understand the problems associated with being pulled down the street by their pups, including the creators of leashboss. Since they themselves are pet owners, you can trust that the company will have your best interests at heart. They strive to provide their customers with functional products to make the lives of pet owners a little easier. Not only are their products innovative, but they are also high quality. Leashboss has come a long way since the Leashboss Original, now providing collars, harnesses, dog tags, and much more. With a variety of products, Leashboss is sure to have something for every dog owner.

Leashboss Pet ID Tag for Dog Collars


What are They?

     If you’re looking for a quality, quiet (in both sound and style) dog tag free of bells and whistles, Leashboss has nailed that request. Leashboss has partnered with Boomerang Tags to provide customers with an innovative ID tag like never seen before!


     Leashboss dog  tags are great for anyone looking for a silent, modest way to display his or her pet’s emergency information. Unlike most tags that dangle from pet collars by a metal ring, these tags lock right onto pet collars like a belt buckle. Thankfully, their design allows the tag to sit without being uncomfortable on a dog or cat’s neck.

     The tag is great because they don’t make any noise, get caught in things, or dangle in your dog’s food or water. It is made of non-magnetic stainless steel, so it is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant.The stainless steel has a curved design, so it will naturally fit the shape of your dog’s neck. Along with durable stainless steel, the tag also has 5 lines of custom engraving. This is how the pet’s name, owner’s name, phone number, and address will be displayed. The text is engraved deeply into the tag, preventing the words from wearing away over time. There are 3 styles of the slide on tag, which each fit the needs of different types of collars.


1. Collar Pet ID for Adjustable Nylon Collars

     This style is compatible with standard clip buckle, martingale, and electric fence collars. It is made ONLY for nylon collars. In order to put the tag on your dog’s collar, you have to pinch the collar and put it through the gaps of the stainless steel. Leather is not easy to fold, which is why leather collars do not work with this style. Also, these tags are meant for collars that have approximately ⅛ inch thickness. Collars that are too thin can slip through the gaps of the tag, causing you to lose your pet’s ID, and no one wants a lost tag!

2. Slide On Pet ID Tag

     The difference between this style and the previous one mentioned, is that it does not have the gaps in the stainless steel. Due to this design, it is NOT compatible with clip buckle collars, because they will not fit through the hole. However, this is also made for nylon collars, and not leather. Again, these tags are made for collars that have ⅛ thickness.

3. Slide On Pet ID Tag for Double Thick Nylon or Leather Collars

     Lastly, there is an option for thicker nylon and leather collars. This is also NOT meant for clip buckle collars because you won’t be able to slide the tag on and off. It will work on collars up to 3/16” thick, so make sure to take a look at your pup’s collar before ordering.


    The size options for the Leashboss Pet ID Tags are based on the width of your dog’s collar. It is important to measure your dog’s collar before making a purchase, so you can be sure that the tag will fit on the collar.

  • Extra small: ⅜ inch collars
  • Small: ⅝ inch collars
  • Medium: ¾ inch collars
  • Large: 1 inch collars


     Leashboss tags are only available in one buckle-shaped form, and in one color: standard chrome. The material will not have any effect on your dog’s fur. Sometimes, you may find that different tags may discolor their coat. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Leashboss Pet ID Tag.

     With this dog tag, the quality of the five lines of custom engraved text is undeniable. The engraving is embossed deeply, so the text is extremely legible, durable, and will not fade or rust away. Your tag’s information will be readable as long as the tag itself is still around! And honestly, this is a very important factor when purchasing a dog tag.

Ordering and Value

     Amazon makes ordering Leashboss’ Pet IDs extremely easy. All you have to do is select from the four tag sizes, customize your five lines of engraved text, and check out! As far as price goes, these tags are similar, if not a little more expensive, than the average in-store customizable dog tag. This is a great value considering the durability of the stainless steel buckle tag and the professionally embossed custom text. Leashboss is so confident in this level of quality that they have a 5-year 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with this product!

Main Benefits List

  • Helps identify your dog
  • Silent
  • Won’t dangling in food or water bowl
  • Won’t get caught on anything
  • Five lines of quality, customized text
  • Durable
  • Less likely to fade


     As a responsible pet owner, you know it is necessary to give your dog an ID tag. No one wants their dog to become lost, so it is important to take the right safety measures. After-all, your furry friend is practically family! The Leashboss Pet ID Tag will provide your dog with the tag they need, while also having quality and an innovative design that keeps quiet. We like that the company offers three different types of quiet dog tags for you to choose from. They accommodate for practically any type of collar. Finally, the quality engraving offered on each tag will help it last longer. Each won’t cost you too much, so check it out.