Having natural products for you and your family feels good. From hormone-free foods to non-toxic cleaners, your daily life feels both clean and energetic! Unfortunately, the price tag on all those natural products tends to add up. Better ingredients will usually mean a higher bill. In the end, it can be a struggle to live naturally without breaking the bank. To provide your loving dog with the same natural benefits, but at a more reasonable cost, check out the Loving Pets Buffalo Horns and Buffalo Horn Cores.

     As a dog chew, the Buffalo Horns and Buffalo Horn Cores by Loving Pets is a great way to sneak natural-living into your pup’s chewing habits. Unlike other all-natural dog products, it comes at a fraction of the cost; leaving you will more money in your pocket for other great items.

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Horns as Dog Chews

     Using animal horns as dog chews is a tricky business. We know many pet owners have concerns with safety and animal cruelty. However, animal horns should be on your list as something to try for your pup. Most dogs take immediate high interest to the horns and will love you endlessly for your new gift.

     To combat any concerns with animal horns, always be sure to pick your horn from a reputable source. You will want to stick with companies who gather their product from naturally shed animal horns. This way, you can be certain no animals were specifically raised or hunted for the product. Second, like any other dog chew, keep an eye on your pup as he or she gnaws on them. If a crack or break happens, you know it’s time to toss it in the trash!

Types of Horn Dog Chews

     Naturally shed animal horns can be harvested from the forest floor, which is about as close to natural as you can get. The most popular animal horns will come from deer and elk. Compared to rawhide and bully sticks, these horns are immensely dense and durable. Yet, with an all-natural, durable product comes a raise in price. For example, although we absolutely adore the Jim Hodges Elk Antler, it comes with a premium price tag. It will make a super special treat for your furbaby.

     In contrast, the Loving Pets Buffalo Horns and Buffalo Horn Cores come from a Midwest animal: the buffalo. Especially if you live in the Midwest, this is a great option to remain local. While watching those glorious stars twinkle over the open range, your pup will be able to gnaw on horns sourced from their own environment. Furthermore, it comes with a much more reasonable price tag; putting more food on the table.

Buffalo Horns Offered by Loving Pets

     Loving Pets offers two distinctive types of buffalo horn products. The first includes their standard Buffalo Horn and the second is the Buffalo Horn Core. Each one comes in two sizes: small and medium/large. This list breaks each option down:

Buffalo Horns

  1. Small: 4 to 5”
  2. Medium/Large: 6 to 8”

Buffalo Horn Cores

  1. Small: 4 to 5”
  2. Medium/Large: 6 to 8”

The Product Details

Small Horn

     The small size buffalo horn is best for small sized pups. It’s 4 to 5” length may be too small for larger dogs with large mouths. If you give this smaller size to a big German Shepherd, you run the risk of a choking hazard.

      Overall, the horn starts wide at its base and gets smaller until it reaches a rounded point at the other end. It also has a nice curve that will fit great as your pooch carries it around in their mouth. As far as color, you can expect the horn’s outside to be a tough, deep brown. It’s inside is a solid white that adds extra durability.

Medium/ Large Horn

     The medium/ large size buffalo horn is preferred by medium to large dogs. It’s 6 to 8” length is better fit for their larger teeth and mouth. In contrast, a Shih Tzu will have massive trouble trying to gnaw on the medium/large size buffalo horn.

     Like its smaller cousin, this buffalo horn has a wide base and smaller, rounded point. You will notice an overall spiral curve to its shape. Finally, you can expect the chew to be quite dense and solid. This larger size horn has a dark outer shell but is hollow in the inside. For this reason, we recommend monitoring your pup during chew time. Some customers have witnessed the horn shattering, which will cause problems if you are not around to immediately throw out the pieces.

Small Horn Core

     You will instantly know the difference between a Buffalo Horn and a Buffalo Horn Core by their color. While a Loving Pets Buffalo horn is dark brown to black, their Buffalo Horn Core is completely white. This is because one product is bone and the other are a bone’s natural white core (also known as the marrow).

     The small size horn core is best for smaller dogs because it will be comfortable to carry in their mouth. However, you will not want to gift it to a larger pup due to possible choking hazards. Furthermore, the horn’s core is a good, digestible alternative. The white core will eventually crumble, making it less durable but safer.

     Along with Amazon, we offer the small Buffalo Horn Core by Loving Pets on Shop Woof Pack. In price comparison, we knocked off a couple bucks for you.

Medium/ Large Horn Core

     The medium/large size horn core is very similar to its smaller cousin. First, it is completely white because the product is simply a horn’s center marrow. It has a wide base and curves into a rounded point. Unlike the smaller horn core, this larger size will fit nicely with a medium to large size dog.

     If you are concerned about a horn splintering into sharp edges, go with the Buffalo Horn Core. The core will crumble over time and become digestible. Although this feature makes it less durable that a true horn, it is undeniably safer for your furbaby.

Product Ingredients

     Digging for quality animal chews (that are also natural) is quite the adventure. Most searches you undertake result in over-priced, scientifically-formulated, complicated treats. However, the Loving Pets Buffalo Horn and Buffalo Horn Cores have only one, simple ingredient: all-natural buffalo horn and/or horn core. Mother nature has gifted your furbaby with a lean dog chew option. They are free from soy, gluten, wheat, grain, glycerin, and corn. Best yet, your heart will sing at the low price.

Is This Right for My Dog?

     The Loving Pets Buffalo Horn and Buffalo Horn Core are only for adult dogs. Due to their naturally dense material, it should be matched with tough, fully-grown doggie teeth. By no means should you gift this natural horn chew to a puppy or fragile senior pup.

     In the end, the Loving Pets Buffalo Horn and Buffalo Horn Core are natural dog chews. Dog owners need to provide a variety of chews and chew toys to their dogs. First, using a dog chew after mealtime helps cut back plaque and tartar in your pup’s mouth. Second, chews will satisfy your furbaby’s natural urge to chew. If you don’t provide them with an option, they will go find their own! AKA, your nice shoes.

Pro and Con Break Down

     Throughout this in-depth article, we have provided many benefits of Loving Pets Buffalo Horns and Buffalo Horn Cores. In fact, we have even pointed out some cautions. To make your hunting a bit easier, here is our product pro/con break down:


  1. All-natural, mother nature sourced
  2. Cheap price
  3. Durable
  4. Leaner option
  5. Cleans your dog’s teeth after mealtime
  6. Fights dog boredom
  7. Satisfies natural urge to chew
  8. Comes from the Midwest environment


  1. Medium/large buffalo horn option can shatter
  2. Buffalo horn core is less durable, but much safer
  3. May smell during chew time

In Closing

     Being a natural individual or household in today’s world will come at a high price. Your love for feeling great and impacting the environment in a positive way can weigh heavy on the wallet. Fortunately, our research has led to a simple, natural dog product that won’t break the bank. In fact, you can probably purchase more than one per month without sweating it. The Buffalo Horn and Buffalo Horn Core by Loving Pets should be on your natural-living radar.