Losing a pet is one of the hardest things to go through. You are not only losing a dog or cat but a best friend and a loved one. To make sure that their memory is represented and kept forever we have found 10 different ways to celebrate their life.

Not only can these memorial pieces be used to remember your beloved pet but they can also be given as a gift. Just like their pets memory these gifts will come from the heart and last. Here at Better Living with Fido we apologize for your loss and hope that these memorial pieces allow you to keep their memory in mind.


Memorial Frame

After losing your best friend it is always hard coming home to an empty house. However, with a memorial frame you will still get to see them when you leave and come home. No matter if you would like to sit it on a table or shelf you and your guest will be able to remember their beautiful face.

This memorial frame is unique because it has two 5×7 inch photo frames. On one side the frame is filled with a compassionate poem while the other side will hold a picture of your furbaby. Not only that but it also includes a ribbon holding a tag that you can engrave with their name.

To insert the picture of your beloved pet all you have to do is turn the tabs to remove the back and then reinsert it. The frame itself is made of wood and with strong construction so you will be able to always cherish their memory.

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Clay Print Frame

If your vet gave you a clay imprint of their paw or if you have time to make one before your pet crosses over the rainbow bridge then this frame is perfect. To help you create a beautiful memorial for them this frame has two frames. The first frame will hold a 4×6 inch photo while the other side will hold a clay or ink paw imprint.

To help you create this imprint the company will send you all the supplies you will need with the frame. This includes an ink pad which can make an imprint of paws that go up to 2.25 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. Also, do not worry about the ink used according to the company it is completely safe for your pet.

Before you start assembling the frame make sure that the imprint had at least one day to dry. Also, the frame does come with tape to hold up your imprint but many customers suggest using crazy or hot glue instead. No matter which of the 4 colors of wood you choose once it is assembled it will be a beautiful way to remember your best friend.


Forever Garden Stone

“If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever”, that is the compassionate saying engraved into this memorial stone. The elegant cursive lettering used makes the stone a beautiful piece. Also, with two paw prints right above that quote there is no question who this memorial is for.  

To make sure that this stone keeps their memory strong in your heart it has a finish that protects it from weather and the sun. With such a strong exterior you can put it anywhere that is special to you and your pet. Some places that the company suggests is under a tree or in a garden.

Since this stone is on the thinner side some customers put it inside of their home. Although, do not think that this means you will just have to leave it hidden on a shelf. The stone comes with a backing that helps you hang the stone for everyone to see.

Paw-Shaped Stone

What makes this memorial stone so unique is its shape. There will be no need to question who this stone is for when people notice it is in the shape of a paw. Not only that, but the poem on the face will make them realize how much your pet meant to you.

However, if you do want to add some personalization there is a place to hold a 2×3 inch picture. To insert this picture all you have to do is put it in the slot at the bottom of the stone. To make sure that this picture keeps their memory strong through any weather the company recommends laminating it.

Since the stone is made from resin that is weatherproof you will not have to worry about where you place it. Some places the company suggests is outside in a garden or even inside on a mantle. To makes sure the face of this stone is easily seen it can sit up on its base and showcase the photo and poem to all.

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Rainbow Beaded Bracelet

If you would like to keep their memory always by your side then a memorial bracelet is right for you. In this bracelet there are 15 black beads interrupted with 7 colored beads creating a rainbow, a paw print bead, and a heart bead. The meaning behind this order of beads is that your pet left a print in your heart, a paw print that is and will be waiting for you across the rainbow bridge.

There is only one size of this bracelet so they made it from elastic so it would be easy to stretch. Each of the lava beads come out to 8 millimeters while the bracelet as a whole comes around to 8 inches. Also, something to remember is that because these are lava beads they are not as smooth as some you see in stores.

To make sure you or whoever you give this to understands the meaning the bracelet is sent with 5 extra things. This includes an explanation card, a greeting card, a envelope, a velvet bag, and a yarn bag. The rainbow bridge bracelet is beautiful but if you would like something more simple there is also an option for a white and silver bracelet.

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Charm Bracelet

With this bracelet that can be personalized you can have their name and memory always by your side. The bracelet itself is made out of stainless steel so it is good quality and will keep their memory strong. To make sure it fits comfortably it is expandable and is able to fit a 7 to an 8.5 inch wrist.

To pay tribute to your beloved pet passing on there are two charms attached. The first charm is a bone while the other is a wing. Since both of these charms are silver plated they will shine as they dangle from your wrist.

However, that is not the only personalization to this bracelet there is also a tag that reads, “Forever in my heart” and a name tag. Both of these pendants are made of aluminum and hand stamped so you can pick the name on the tag. Do not worry if you would to remember more than one of your pets because you can request more than one dog name.


Personalized Bone Ornament

As the holidays come around it is hard to not be with your pet. Although, with a memorial tree ornament you will be able to cherish their memory each and every year. To help you find the one that best fits your pet you have six options to choose from ranging from a bone and a stocking to a cat and a dog house.

To make it more personal you can add a name and a year right onto the ornament. You can add up to 9 letters and make sure that their name is shining in between the lights. What really makes this piece so unique is that all of the names and dates are added by hand by artists.

The ornament itself is made from polyresin which means it will be strong and high quality. To allow you to easily add it to your tree there is a ribbon loop attached. In turn, this means you will not have to risk damaging it by having to drill a hole or covering the back in hot glue.

Poem Ornament

You can use a memorial ornament to decorate your tree or you could even hang it from your rearview mirror or a display like this company suggests. Instead of adding their name this one lets you include a picture right in the center. Although, if you would like to get their name engraved they left the back of the ornament smooth.

This piece as a whole is 3 inches in diameter piece and allows you to put a photo that is two inches in diameter. Right above the photo there is a lovely poem that says , “If love could have saved you, you would have lived furever.” Adding to this compassionate saying there are red hearts, angel wings, jewels, and paw prints covering the bottom half.

If you were going to give this ornament as a gift it comes with a saying that expresses the love pet’s give and a gift box. Also, to make it easy to display it includes a red ribbon allowing you to hang it where ever you please. If you have had more than one pet pass do not worry you can get packages of one, two, or three.

To view this stunning ornament, please click the Amazon link below.


Paw print Wind Chime

 Without your pet around it can almost seem too quiet. Thankfully, with this memorial metal wind chime you can use noise to remember them by. Every time the wind makes it chime you will remember their adorable face or a moment that you cherish.

This chime is made up of three different parts starting with a paw print at the top engraved with a beautiful saying. Next, to make the noise there are 4 tubes hanging down from the print. Lastly, to add to the remembrance there is a pendant hanging a little bit lower that reads, “pawprints left by you”.

All of these parts put together adds up to a total of 12 inches. Make sure to pay attention to this measurement because multiple customers said they were surprised by how small it actually was. However, no matter the size it is still a beautiful way to remember your pet inside or outside your home.

Rainbow Wind Chime

Did you have a pet more on the louder side? No worries, this wind chime is 25 inches long and is made of excellent material that will give you the sound you are looking for. Not only that, but when the wind blows each chime has a remembrance seal that will get caught in each gust.

There are 6 different chimes hanging down and each one is a different bright color. With all of these colors next to each other it creates a rainbow that is supposed to represent the rainbow bridge. To add to this beautiful meaning even more there is also a paw print pendant hanging lower that reads, “meet me under the rainbow bridge”.

To let you easily set up this piece it comes already put together. No matter if you decide to put it inside or outside their memory will be making some noise. Also, one point that the company does make is that with a wind chime if you do move all you have to do is easily pick it up and take it with you. This means you that will never have to leave their memory behind.

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