Modern. The word is used vaguely throughout the fashion and design world. In fact, it has now even reached your dog’s world in the form of the modern dog house. Unlike other dog houses, these houses have a lot of beneficial elements and features that will allow your dog to enjoy their own space. Their intentional, up-to-date designs will spark your inner trend-hunter. To find out what makes these modern dog houses so special and appealing, we’ve dug up some excellent choices.

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     Before you start looking into different options for a modern dog house you may wonder what makes them so different from regular houses? How can a few walls and a roof be changed or improved? To help you see the difference and what benefits a modern house can provide let me go into depth about a few of its details.

Clean and Simple Designs

     When you are looking for a dog house you want something that will not stick out like a sore thumb. You spent all this time designing and taking care of your yard or house which means you definitely do not want a dog house to ruin it. Thankfully one detail about modern dog houses is that their appearances are clean and simple. Most of the houses are made with stained wood and a trim allowing the house to easily flow with the design you already have.

Extra Features

     Like I mentioned before it may be confusing how some walls and a roof can be changed so much. Well, one big detail about modern houses is the fact that they are not all just walls and roof. Instead many of them include elements like balconies, steps, and porches. These elements will allow your dog to relax inside or outside while still being in their own space.

Built to Last

      Many other houses are just made from random wood planks and sometimes even plastic. The last and main detail of modern dog houses is that they are all made with sturdy and durable material. From fir wood and cedar to even a scratch proof canvas, all of these houses are made to last and keep your dog safe. Not only that but some of these materials are even good for the environment because they are nontoxic.

Top Modern Dog House Picks: Wooden

PetsFit Outdoor Dog House

      This white-trimmed dog house from Petsfit comes with a porch leading to the front door and a small window. To make sure that these elements comfortably fit your dog they offer the house in small, medium, and large. Also, to have the house fit with the design of your yard and house it comes in light grey, red, or yellow.

     Creating such a clean color they used a natural color stain after the cedar was dried in a kiln. To get this gorgeous cedar looking like a house the company pre-drilled holes so it easy to put each piece together. Once constructed this unique design allows you to remove the floor and open the top to clean.

     According to the company, the house is completely weatherproof but if you would like to add some more warmth to the large size house they also offer an insulation kit. The insulation itself is made from EPE foam covered with canvas. Do not worry about when it gets warm again in the summer because you can remove and even wash the canvas.

Tangkula Dog House

     The reddish-brown appearance of this Tangkula dog house is unique because it fits well in any grassy yard. Also, to help it fit in your yard and aesthetic, even more, you can choose a roof with or without grid-lines. To make sure it also fits your dog they offer the house in small, medium, or large.

      No matter which size or roof you do choose all weather elements will be held off with asphalt on top and on the sides. To stop these elements from entering from the ground the house has 4 legs to prop it up. These legs are also adjustable so it can be balanced even on an uneven landscape.

     The great exterior qualities do not stop there. The whole house is made of fir wood which will keep it strong and sturdy. On top of this wood, there is also a gorgeous paint that does not bother nature or pets because it is water-based. To get it to this completed house some construction is required but thankfully all the tools and a manual come with the pieces.

Merry Pet Room with a View

     Cedar that has been dried in a kiln is used to make this Merry Pet dog house for small pets. To get the beautiful brown color on this wood it is created with a natural color stain. Although, since this house can also be used inside if you would like another color to match the design of your house you can re-stain it.

      If you do decide to put the house outside it has a specific structure that will keep the house strong and sturdy against a wide range of temperatures. To protect your dog from the cold or wet ground at the bottom of the house is raised up on 4 legs. In addition to these great features, the house also includes steps on the side and a balcony that is surrounded by latticework.

      With all of these elements, it may make constructing it a bit overwhelming. However, with the hardware and all of the instructions included the company says the construction should take no longer than 20 minutes. Also, with the roof and bottom panels both being removable cleaning it will be just as simple.

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Tangkula Dog House with a View

      With steps on the side leading to a balcony and a room for themselves at the bottom, this Tangkula dog house would peak any dog’s attention. Although, not all of these dogs are the same size which is why they offer the house in medium or large. No matter which size you do choose the grey color and white trim will look stylish in any house or yard.

      To keep this good-looking house together and strong it is made of fir wood. Not only is it strong but it is also light in weight so you will be able to move around the pieces and even the house with ease. In addition to these great qualities, it is also not toxic which means it is safe for the environment and dogs. Also, with such a big door all, you have to do to clean the wood off on the inside is use water that is running from something like a hose.  

     In order to put this great wood together to make the house, you will need to follow a manual. According to the company with already drilled holes and all the hardware shipped with the pieces if you follow the manual it should take around 30 minutes.

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Boomer & George Dog House with Deck

    At Boomer & George, they have made a house specifically for larger dogs. This house includes a spacious room connected to a big porch. Even though it is on the larger side the company still made it have a gorgeous appearance with brown wood and black trim. Also, with a black roof on top, everything is tied together.

     The big porch allows your dog to relax and enjoy the warm sun or even a cool breeze. To protect them when the ground is wet or cold the house and the porch are lifted off the ground. Do not worry if your dog has bad legs because they provide a step for easy access onto the porch. This means they will not have to jump up and risk any more injury.

     If the weather is not as nice outside or if they overheat they can go inside the enclosed room. Even though it is enclosed it is spacious enough that they can lay down comfortably without feeling squished or anxious. In addition, there is also a window on the side that will let light and air enter.

Top Modern Dog House Picks: Canvas

9House Pet Sofa

      If you are looking for a luxurious place for your dog to relax that would not involve them laying on wood then the sofa/house from 9house Pet is right for you. Instead of a regular house, this is built like a hammock where they can lay inside or on top of a canvas. According to the company, it will make them feel the same as if you were holding them.

      The canvas itself is scratch proof and comes in either dove grey, ivory white, or navy blue. The hammock comes on a beautiful wooden stand. We notice three key benefits of this hammock/ wooden frame design:

    First, the stand is real wood; which makes it truly sturdy. Second, the product is light enough to carry around and place in any area you like. If you re-design the room, you will not have to leave the sleek hammock in its original spot. Finally,  the canvas and your dog will not touch the floor. As a result, everything and everyone will keep clean and tidy. However, if you do want to clean the canvas all you have to do is take it off the stand and throw it into the washing machine.

     This luxury product is all about spoiling your modern furbaby. It will come at a higher price point, but is worth a look. If you have that extra cash to burn and want to give your loving dog the best of the best, this canvas house is your pick. Imagine your prince or princess relaxing next to you in a clean and sleek modern dog house.