Sometimes you wake up in the morning and instantly know it’s a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. Your bike simply calls to you and begs for another adventure on the road. Honestly, bike travel can be more efficient on the wallet and more thrilling on the soul. Whether you have a chopper, sport bike, or maybe just a safe moped; you don’t have to leave your dog stuck inside. As your loving companion, Fido can enjoy a beautiful day on the bike with you! Maybe you can take an awesome trip to a new dog park? Or maybe ride through the countryside to feel the breeze pass by?  Before hopping on the Harley, first you should know some motorcycle dog essentials.

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A Helmet

Prima Dog Helmet for Pets

     This helmet from Prima Dog is perfect for those fashionable and/or rebellious biker dogs. With a white skull and crossbones on top of an all black helmet, no cats will want to mess with them. Not only will it look good it will also work to protect the top of their heads from debris, the wind, and the sun.

     To make sure that their head is fully protected the company made the helmet out of the same material used to make construction hats. However, do not think that with all of this strong plastic that the helmet will be heavy on their head. The helmet is light and with padding on the inside, it is completely comfortable.

     The dimensions for this helmet is 4 inches in length x 3.5 inches in width x 2 inches in height. According to the company these measurements are best for animals between 5 and 10 pounds. Not every head is the same so the helmet has a chin strap that you adjust to get the perfect fit.

Lifeunion Helmet for Pets

     If your biker dog is on the larger size do not worry the Lifeunion helmet is the option for them! This helmet actually comes in sizes ranging from small to large. To help make sure the fit is even better the helmet also has an adjustable chin strap to loosen or tighten as needed.

     According to the company the small size is made for a dog’s head that is 4 inches in width and between 9 and 11 inches in circumference. This then goes up to the large size which they say is made for a dog’s head that is 6 inches in width and between 16 and 19 inches in circumference.

     Although, no matter what size you do end up choosing their head will be completely protected since it is made out of ABS material. Also, with padding on the inside and it being light in weight their head will be completely comfortable as well. Not only that but with colors ranging from black to pink, they will also be stylish.

Pair of Goggles

Dog Goggles by Enjoying

     While on the motorcycle your dog will be hit with a lot of wind which is why their eyes need to be protected. Thankfully at Enjoying they have goggles that are not only windproof but also UV proof and waterproof as well. Also, to add a little bit of their personality they are offered in either black or pink.

     The full dimensions of these goggles are 1.5 inches in height and 4.2 inches in width. However, if you think that they may be a little too big or small they also include straps that can be adjusted. These straps are located at the back of the head and the chin.

     At the smallest length, the strap at the back of the head is measured at 10 centimeters. This is also the smallest length for the strap at the chin.  However, do not worry about the goggles squeezing against their face because the frames are lined with foam which will make them fit gentle against their face.

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QUMY Pet Supply Goggles

     To get a pair of goggles that are just as bright and colorful as your dog’s personality than you should check out QUMY. They offer them in a total of 6 different colors ranging from black to yellow. Although, one detail the company wants every customer to know is that these plastic goggles are made for only dogs that are above 15 pounds.

     Once you choose a color make sure that your dog will be able to fit in the adjustable head and chin straps. The head strap can be changed from 3.20 inches all the way to 6.63 inches. One thing you will not have to worry about is fitting it in your adventures since it folds up for easy travel.

     The goggles itself has a soft frame made out of foam so it will be comfortable against their face. These frames are then filled with lens that is shatterproof. Not only will these frames protect them from the damage they also protect their eyes against UV, wind, water, and anything that may fly at them.

Riding Carrier

GeePet Front Facing Carrier

     It is not ideal for your dog to just sit on the motorcycle with no protection. To make sure that they are safe during travel to check out this GEEPET dog carrier. With a design that lets their legs hang out they will be comfortable during the whole ride. Also, with 4 different designs including color, denim, or stripes they will look quite fashionable as well.

     This carrier comes in a total of 4 different sizes ranging from small to extra large. Although, if you are unsure of the right size for your dog do not worry. To find the right size the company recommends measuring the chest girth and the distance from their arms and legs then checking the size chart. This will make sure they can ride along comfortably and not feel squeezed or like they are bouncing all around.

     To make it also comfortable for you the carrier has adjustable straps to help you distribute the weight. Not only that but it also includes a sponge between the fabric and mesh to allow ventilation. Also with two zippers on the side of the carrier you can easily put your dog in and out.

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K9 Sport Sack Air

     According to the K9 Sport Sack company, their AIR carrier is unique because it is veterinarian approved. With 5 different stylish colors ranging from black to mint, everyone you pass will approve it as well. Although the carrier is nothing if your dog does not fit inside which is why they offer it in small, medium, and large.

     To make sure you and your dog stay cool and comfortable the carrier has mesh straps and sides that are ventilated. Also on the sides, there are adjustable pockets allowing you to bring any toys or treats along. With easy-pull zippers, you can also be sure that you can easily open and close the carrier.

     Not only is the construction made with you in mind but the accessories included are as well. One of these accessories is the d ring which allows you to click on their collar. Another clip that is included allows you to attach a K9 whistle to the strap. If you would like to attach other things like a name tag there is also a velcro side.

Dog Biker Clothing

Biker Vest Harness

     To complete the whole biker look you should check out the Doggles biker jacket. With embroidered details that are designed to look like barbed wire, this look is not for a shy dog. In addition, the skull charm dangling from the back lets everyone know your dog means business.

     The skull and crossbones charm hangs off a loop where you can also attach their leash. This means that you can easily switch from the bike to a walk if they need to take a quick bathroom break. You will also not have to worry about the jacket falling off during this walk because it closes with tape that hook and loops.

     Unfortunately, we can not recommend this jacket for larger dogs since the sizes only go from teacup to small. The smallest size called the teacup size has a 4 inch back with an 8-inch neck. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the largest size called small has an 8 inch back and between a 17 to the 19-inch neck.

Dog Jean Jacket

     If leather biker jackets are not what you and your dog are into then do not worry. For a different rebellious look, SILD has a jean jacket. The 3 jackets they offer may be made of denim but they do not look the same. Each one has a different design even including one that has details to look like a cat.

     To close the jacket there are buttons but unlike regular jackets, you can not unbutton them if it fits too tight. This is why you need to measure and make sure that you have the right size. The company offers six different sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large.

     With a measuring tape, they recommend measuring the neck girth, chest girth, and also the length of the back. One detail this company stresses is to measure loosely and not tighten the measuring tape so the jacket fits comfortably. In the end, no matter if you have a Chihuahua or a bulldog they will be ready to ride with this jacket.

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