Puppies are an absolute joy; providing adorable entertainment and captivating energy. In fact, many dog owners prefer adopting younger pups because the dog can grow with the family. Consequently, you will experience the habits of a teething puppy! We understand you and your dog’s struggles during this stage and have found a unique product to help along the way. The Multipet Chilly Bone offers a “cool” new method of soothing young Fido’s teething mannerisms.

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About Teething in Puppies

Like most aspects of a new puppy, their teeth are an important component in their health! Their first set of teeth will begin to show at just two weeks. Ordinarily, these teeth will be fully in by eight to ten weeks of age. Pet MD elaborates, “The incisors often come in first, followed by the canine teeth and the premolars…”.

At first, a newborn will have no teeth. As a puppy, they will develop 28 and then 42 as an adult. Just like human children, puppies have “puppy teeth” that will proceed to fall out and make way for their adult chompers. In fact, all their puppy teeth will be gone by six months of age.

Many owners will worry about pain caused through the teething stage. Yet, Pet MD reassures us: your puppy will not experience that much pain. In contrast, if you believe discomfort is affecting your Fido, we suggest giving your local vet a visit. 

Through teething, the best thing you can do for your adorable puppy is offer safe chews. Pet MD suggests, “Look for toys that are soft, flexible and bend easily in your hand.” Hard chews have the capacity to harm Fido’s fragile, new teeth and gums!

What are teething toys?

All puppies have a natural instinct to chew.  In fact, chewing is essential for young pups! A couple key reasons include:

  1. Teething Toys are great for your new puppy’s mental health, behavior, and oral health.
  2. They will help your new pup develop healthy chewing habits, keeping them chewing on toys, rather than household items.
  3. Puppies will often chew to relieve the pain caused by teething.
  4. Teething toys are a healthy way to promote healthy new teeth for your pup without causing pain.

In particular, Mulitpet Chilly Bones are soft enough to prevent your pup from chipping a tooth, yet durable to last a long time. Another bonus of this Chilly Bone is that is not only helps foster healthy chewing habits, it also provides numbing relief to your puppy’s aching teeth and gums! If you find yourself wondering what other essentials your new puppy needs, head on over to this article on New Puppy Necessities.

Multipet Chilly Bone

What is it?

In general, the Multipet Chilly Bone is a unique teething toy for puppies. It is durable enough to withstand their biting and gnawing. Plus, it features soft stuffing on the inside that will not damage their growing teeth and gums. However, we have come to love this particular teething toy because it is designed to become cold in the freezer. Not only does this help soothing your little furball’s sore teeth and gums from teething, but it is a fantastic toy to beat the summertime heat!


Main Benefits:
  • For teething
  • Durable canvas material
  • Soft stuffing
  • Becomes cold in freezer
  • Easy for puppies to chew and carry
  • Easy to play fetch with
  • Very affordable

Designed for Teething Puppies

The MultiPet Chilly Bone brings a fun new twist to the typical teething toy. Its unique canvas design and chilly technology allows it to aid your pup through the teething process. The strong canvas material is the perfect mix of durable and soft. Unlike hard rubber toys, the canvas will soothe your puppy’s teeth without the risk of puncturing the toy. It’s durable enough to withstand chewing from adult dogs as well; however, they won’t have too much trouble chewing holes in the toy after some time.

Soothing, Cold Quality

So what really sets this bone apart from other teething toys out there? The Chilly Bone is designed to be frozen for use. Once frozen, the bone becomes an interesting toy that captivates dogs of all ages.  The cold temperature will soothe your dog’s gums and keep them comfortable during the teething process. Even if your dog isn’t teething, the Chilly Bone is a great outdoor toy for hot days. We also love the Chilly Bone because it becomes incredibly durable when frozen. The soft canvas material is still safe for your dog’s teeth but it’s harder to puncture when solid frozen.

Small Size, Light Weight

Even when room temperature, the Chilly Bone is a fun toy for small to medium sized dogs. Specifically, it measures 5.5″ in length and is mostly skinny in its shape. The toy is full of stuffing, making it light enough for dogs of all sizes to flop around and play with. It’s not only designed for chewing, it’s a great toy for fetch as well. Weighing only about 2 ounces, it’s easy to throw the toy far, and easy for your dog to carry around with them.

Great for Summertime

Even if you don’t have a teething puppy, the Chilly Bone can be a great toy to cool off your dog in the summer. Dogs can overheat just like humans. As summer approaches it’s important to make sure your dog can cool off when the heat hits. The Chilly Bone will help keep them cool when they don’t want to take a break from playing to get a drink of water. We all know how focused dogs get when it’s time to play, and the Chilly Bone is the perfect toy to keep their temperature cool when they’re running around outside. The toy thaws fairly quickly, and your dog will be able to lick the water off of the toy as it the ice begins to melt.

Very Affordable

As of now, you can find the MultiPet Chilly Bone on Amazon for under $5. They also offer it in a 2-pack or 3-pack so you can stock up. If you plan on freezing this teething toy for its cooling and gum-soothing effects, we highly suggests purchasing the 2-pack (which runs under $12). That way you can pop another one in the freezer as one is taken out for playtime. 

How to use it

The Chilly Bone is incredibly easy to use. Simply soak the bone in water, then freeze the bone in the resealable bag it comes with. In several hours you’ll have a durable canvas toy that your dog will be able to play with. You can freeze the toy as much or as little as you’d like. We would suggest that if you freeze the toy, let them play outside with it. The toy will inevitably create small puddles as it begins to thaw out, making a bit of a mess indoors.


Because this toy is designed for teething puppies, you will notice that aggressive chewers will easily be able to tear through the canvas. However, puppies and light chewers will get a great deal of use out of this toy. If you do have a stronger chewer, you can refreeze the toy as soon as it starts to thaw out, making it hard to chew through. This will also prevent the toy from creating puddles around your house. We have also noticed that the canvas gets dirty fairly quickly (especially when used outdoors); while it can be cleaned, it’s not machine washable.

Large Option: Vanilla Chilly Bone

Looking for something a bit more fun for your picky pup? The Chilly Bone is also available in a vanilla flavored bone! Now your pup can enjoy a cool vanilla treat in the summer, that’s perfectly healthy for their teeth and gums. The vanilla flavored bone is available in one size, large. The dimensions are  7 x 4 x 1″, and it weighs around 5.6 ounces. This Chilly Bone is ideal for larger pups that need a fun summer treat (that’s also zero calories). If your dog doesn’t take much interest in the regular Chilly Bone, the vanilla flavored one may just peak their interest. It has minimal odor, but dogs go crazy for the taste. You can purchase the vanilla Chilly Bone from Amazon for under $10.

About the Company: Multipet

MultiPet has been a premier pet product company for nearly 22 years. MultiPet is an international company that has experts from all over the world designing their dog toys. This diverse group of people working together has allowed MultiPet to excel at product design and quality. You may recognize some of their most notable products such as the Loofa Dog or Lambchop dog toy; however, you may be unaware of some of their most innovative products that we’ve grown to love. They have over 10 lines of dog toys, all with their own unique benefits and quality designs. No matter what kind of pup you have, MultiPet will have a product sure to satisfy their picky needs.