globken chicken

In this in depth review we will be talking about the Multipet Globken Chicken Toy, a known best seller in the dog toy community. The Globken Chicken Toy is a premium latex chicken with a plush filling inside. This plush goes easy on your dogs mouth. This highly renowned toy comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colors. These colors include light blue, yellow, white, pink and green. This is a unique product with a recognizable squeak that most dogs seem to absolutely love.

Multipet, the company that produces the Globken Chicken Toy, is one that we really trust here. We own many of their products for our own dogs. The Globken Chicken Toy itself is known very well throughout the dog toy community as being one of the most durable and affordable toys when it comes to your dogs entertainment. In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about this product. By the end, you will be able to decide if the Globken Chicken Toy will be the new addition to your dogs toy collection.

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About MultiPet

Multipet was established in 1995 and has been one of the premier suppliers of pet products throughout the whole world. This includes the United States, Europe, South America and Australia. A big staple of Multipet is that they focus on quality fabrics and designs. In recent years, Multipet has been featured on a number of well-known publications, including Buzzfeed and an article in Pet Business Magazine. The Globken Chicken Toy is one of Multipet’s most well known and acclaimed toys in their collection. We really trust this company and use many of their products for our own personal pet use. Our dogs absolutely love their products. Since Multipet has been around for a long time, they really know what they are doing when it comes to the dog toy business. 

They sell dog toys, cat toys and lifestyle items like pet carriers and grooming products. They even sell festive holiday toys for your pet to enjoy. Although their products are made in China, they are committed to the happiness of their customers by providing high-quality products. Multipet strives to create premium dog supplies. They do this by using fabrics that are internationally sourced with unique designs and are of high quality.

However, Multipet is much more than a dog supply company. They understand the corporate responsibility they have to give back to the worldwide community. In 2007, Multipet joined the fight against breast cancer by introducing a Loofa Dog (one of their popular toys) with a pink ribbon embroidered on it. That’s not all that they do. They also pride themselves in giving back to their community by supporting our troops with a camouflage Loofa Dog. For both of those products, the proceeds are donated to various organizations in support of the respective causes. While Multipet sells many great products, the Multipet Globken Chicken Toy is one of the best-selling. 

Globken CHicken

The Globken Chicken Toy is made from premium latex and has a soft, plush filling. This makes it ideal for all dogs, but especially teething puppies that need something a little softer to chew on. The latex and plush stuffing are lightweight, coming in at under 10 ounces. This makes it ideal for travel as well as making it easy on your dog to carry around. Don’t let the plush filling fool you though, the Globken Chicken Toy is known for being very durable. So long as your dog isn’t prone to completely destroying every new toy they get. Globken Chicken Toy’s come in a variety of colors and sizes which makes them a possibility for any dog. The largest sized toy comes in 11.5 inches for larger pups. The smallest toy is 5.5 inches, making it just small enough for our smaller dog friends.

Since this product is one that appeals to many dogs of all shapes and sizes, our sister site, Woof Pack even includes these in their monthly subscription boxes. The Globken Chicken Toy is a favorite amongst our puppy testers for all the right reasons.

First, the bright colors make it easy to spot by your dog since they do not see colors as well as humans do. The Globken Chicken Toy comes in green, white, pink, yellow and blue. The colors also make it ideal for playing with outside. Your dog will easily be able to see it in the grass, as long as it’s not the green option. In addition to all of the fun colors, the Globken Chicken Toy is coated in a variety of bumps and fun rubber textures that dogs really seem to enjoy. Another key thing is the Globken Chicken Toy makes a very unique and distinctive squeak that is very intriguing for many dogs. The sound is unlike other toys, which makes it new and exciting for dogs to chew on.

What Makes This Unique?

The Globken Chicken Toy is pretty much on par with other high-quality pet toys. According to customer feedback, it is seen as the most durable of the choices in the Multipet line of animal toys. Its sound is unique too! The squeak that the Globken Chicken Toy makes is one-of-a-kind with its high-pitched sound. This gets dogs going and will have them chewing for hours.

Is this right for my dog?

Knowing if the Globken Chicken Toy is right for your dog can come down to a variety of things. First, the Globken Chicken Toy comes in two different sizes, which makes it flexible to fit the needs of any pet. The biggest factor is how destructive your dog is with their toys. Thanks to the soft material that the toy is made of, it may not be ideal for dogs that really aim to tear their chew toys apart. The squeaker inside of the toy can come out quite easily, so for dogs that tear it out, it can be a choking hazard. The Globken Chicken Toy also makes a very unique, high-pitched sound as we’ve mentioned. If your dog is skittish and scared of loud noises, this toy may not be ideal for them. However, if your dog really enjoys squeaky toys, the Globken Chicken Toy is often named as one of the favorites.



If this product is a good fit for your dog, it could be their new favorite dog toy. The durability and fun noises from the squeaks make it an attention getter and keeps dogs entertained for a long time. Because of how entertaining it is, the Globken Chicken Toy encourages long-term exercise for all types of dogs. Since it is lightweight and durable, it’s also ideal for fetching or playing tug-of-war. This provides a fun work-out for not only the dog, but the owner too. This also leads to quality time spent with your beloved pets.

The latex material makes it very easy to clean, which is essential to protecting your dog’s health. The easy to clean surface also makes it ideal for outdoor play. Which will give you and your dog more room for running and play.  


The biggest complaint of this product is its short lifespan when in the paws of very destructible dogs. It’s important to know your pet’s habits when playing with toys. If they are destructive or like to tear their toys apart constantly, this may not be the right product for them. While the Globken Chicken Toy is very durable, and known for it, some dogs can tear through anything. The squeaker can also become detached when played with roughly, which makes it a potential choking hazard to dogs.

As far as cosmetics go, Multipet does not allow the buyer to pick the color that they desire for their pet. This can be annoying, as it does come in a variety of unique colors. However you do not find out which color you are getting until it arrives at your home.

Do We Recommend It?

Globkens can be found on Amazon for typically under ten dollars. This is a good price for owners who are looking for a unique and fun toy to entertain their dogs for hours. This product is also good for young and teething puppies and can be cheaper than most products designed specifically for teething. However, if your dog is more interested in simply destroying their toys, there could be cheaper products out there to occupy their time.

Overall, the Globken seems like an ideal toy for a variety of dogs, from all sizes to all personalities. The company Multipet is well-known and has been trusted with making dog toys since 1995. With the price being under ten dollars, we think that at least giving the Globken a chance is a doable option. As long as you’re okay not being able to choose the color of your Globken, and can stand the unique squeaking, we recommend buying one for your dog. It’s sure to become a wonderful and loved addition to their collection.