Many dogs prefer toys with a soft, plush texture. In fact, for puppies and senior dogs, it is preferable! Their fragile teeth and jaws require a squishy material that won’t leave damaging effects. Furthermore, plush toys offer a comforting pal to pups. The Loofa Dog by Multipet is a prime example of a great plush toy. Its texture, design, and added squeaker are canine friendly and fun!

To shed some light on the Multipet Loofa Dog, we dug through product research, customer reviews, and company information. Learn the essential pros and cons about this product, then decide if it is a fit for your furbaby.

The Company: Multipet

Multipet was founded in 1995 and since has been a well established and loved brand in the dog toy community. They focus on bringing in high-quality and unique products, using the best fabrics and designs, to ensure customer satisfaction. Multipet also takes pride in providing a variety of different toys and products that are inclusive to pets, not only dogs, of all sizes and personalities.

On a national level, the Loofa dog specifically has been in commercials such as, however not limited to, Febreeze and Purina dog food. On an international level, Multipet dispenses their products all over the world to continents such as Europe, Australia and South America. Multipet has also made social impacts by also aiding in breast cancer research by releasing their Pink Ribbon Loofa Dog in 2007. Just recently, Multipet has also added a camouflage Loofa Dog with a yellow ribbon that donates a portion of their revenue to support U.S troops. We use many of their products here and our dogs love about every toy that we provide for them. We believe that Multipet is a company that you can really trust and won’t be disappointed giving their products a try.


Multipet’s Loofa Dog is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands of their consumer products. Currently on Multipet’s site, they offer a variety of twenty eight different styles and designs of the Loofa Dog, ranging from different materials to different patterns to represent holidays or organizations they donate to. Below we will focus on just three of the Loofa Dogs here, however we recommend that you also take a look at the other twenty five they have to offer, to ensure the best product for your own dog.

The Product: Multipet Loofa Dogs

Also known as ‘The Original’ Loofa Dog, this Loofa was the first of it’s kind to the Multipet brand and still stands as one of their best sellers. It can typically be found for under ten dollars, sometimes much cheaper.

The original Loofa dog is made out of fabric and plastic, and stuffed with premium plush filling. It has a simple, yet signature design. It features a solid color and a large, grinning face. In fact, the smile is a staple to all the Loofas in the series.  Since the loofa is filled with plush, it’s ideal for all dogs, but especially teething or elderly dogs that want a toy soft on the mouth. The squeakers can be found in the head and the tail of the dog, which is easy for the dog to locate when playing.

This loofa can be found twelve inches and eighteen inches, which makes it adaptable for all sizes of dogs. Multipet is known for its bright and colorful toys, and the Loofa dog is no exception, coming in five vibrant colors; blue, purple, yellow, green and red. The bright colors are really helpful for dogs, since they do not see as well as humans do, so they can locate their toys easily around the house.


Perhaps the biggest pro for the original Loofa Dog is how soft the material is. For younger dogs whose teeth have not grown in, or older dogs who have lost their teeth, the plush filling of the Loofa makes it easy for them to hold the toy. This also makes the toy ideal for smaller dogs because they don’t have to wrap their mouths around a larger and harder object.

Another key point is how the squeakers are found on the opposite side of the toy, so they can easily be found and played with, however they do not get in the way for the your dog just wants to carry the toy around.


The Multipet Loofs Dog may not be ideal for dogs that like to rip their toys apart. While it is made from high quality fabric, it can still be teared easily by more aggressive chewers. Since it does contain squeakers at both ends of the toy, it does present a slight choking hazard for your dog if they were to rip the squeaker free. As far as cosmetics go, when ordered, the color will be sent at random, so you may not get the desired color of choice.


Product details

The Latex Loofa Dog is another popular item in the Multipet Loofa Dog line of products. Standing at only six inches and weighing .8 ounces, the Latex Loofa is definitely a great product for (though not limited to) smaller dogs.

It is made of sleek and premium latex that is safe for the dogs to chew on, and has ridges along the body of the product that make it a fun texture for dogs to chew on. The latex also makes this product ideal for outdoor play since it is easy to clean and sanitize after they are done to ensure you keep your dog healthy.

Multipet offers this product in four fun colors, red, blue, yellow and purple. All four colors stand out well against the grass, so it’ll make it easy for your dog to locate them while playing. This product also contains squeakers that are ideal for most dogs.


For under five dollars, this product offers a lot for your dog at such an affordable price. The Latex really is ideal for keeping the product cleaner than the Original Loofa Dog that comes in a fabric covering. The squeaker is ideal for dogs that typically like to play with squeaky toys.


Once again this toy is not quite ideal for aggressive chewers. While made from a premium latex material, it is still susceptible to being torn apart by dogs that usually tear into their toys. Latex is undoubtedly unsafe for dogs to consume, so it is recommended that the owner keeps a close eye on their dog while they play. Therefore, ensuring the highest amount of safety and happiness.

Also with this comes with the warning of a choking hazard, as it does contain squeakers within the latex. As with most Multipet products, the color is sent at random, so the buyer can’t choose which they prefer.


Product details

The Light weight Loofa Dog is much like the original. However, it’s much lighter and does not include stuffing. Without the stuffing, this product only weighs .3 ounces, ideal for small dogs!

This Loofa can typically be found under ten dollars, which is a good deal for the amount of quality it has. It comes in at fourteen inches long, and in the same five colors as the original, blue, purple, yellow, green and red. This Loofa still includes the squeaker, so there is still a lot of fun to be had in this light-weight toy.


This products biggest selling point is how light-weight that it is. It makes it idea for having all of the positive aspects of the ‘Original Loofa Dog’, such as it’s soft material and bright colors, with the inclusion of how light-weight it is. Being that there is no stuffing, it’s also much easier for smaller dogs to wrap their mouth all around the toy in order to get a tighter grip.


Like the other Loofas, this toy is not made for destructive dogs. It fabric of the light-weight loofa makes it easy to tear and possibly swallow the fabric. Also since it includes a squeaker, it has the possible danger of a choking hazard. It’s recommended that you always watch your dog while they are playing, in order to ensure the highest safety for your pet. This item also, like most Multipet Products, does not allow the buyer to choose the color, so just be aware of that when purchasing.


Overall, the Multipet Loofa Dog, and its variations, is a wonderful toy for your dog. Between the unique squeaking of the toy, the wide variety of options, this toy is hard to pass up for typically under ten dollars a piece. Coming from a company that we love and trust here, we think that giving a look at all of the Loofa Dogs offer is worth the chance. Since there are so many different sizes, textures and designs for the Loofas that Multipet offers, it’s very possible that you could find your dogs new favorite toy to add to their collection.