MultiPet has a great line of rope toys that are great for chewing dogs no matter what age they are. The rope is durable enough to withstand heavy chewing and outdoor play, but not hard enough to risk chipping your dog’s teeth. Three of our favorite MultiPet rope toys are listed below, all with great benefits for your dog’s oral health. 

A Word About MultiPet

MultiPet has been a premier pet product company for nearly 22 years. MultiPet is an international company that has experts from all over the world designing their dog toys. This diverse group of people working together has allowed MultiPet to excel at product design and quality.  

You may recognize some of their most notable products such as the Loofa Dog or Lambchop dog toy; however, you may be unaware of some of their most innovative products that we’ve grown to love. They have over 10 lines of dog toys, all with their own unique benefits and quality designs. No matter what kind of pup you have, MultiPet will have a product sure to satisfy their picky needs.

Chew Toys

All dogs have a natural instinct to chew. Chew toys are great for your dog’s mental health, behavior, and oral health. They will help your pup develop healthy chewing habits, and keeping them chewing on toys, rather than household items. Even puppies will benefit from chew toys. They will often chew to relieve the pain caused by teething; teething toys are a healthy way to promote healthy new teeth for your pup without causing pain. Even better, they’re soft enough to prevent your pup from chipping a tooth.


MultiPet Nuts For Knots Rope With Tug

The MultiPet Nuts For Knots Rope is ideal for larger dogs that are aggressive chewers. It will give your rough playing pup a strong and sturdy rope that they can safely play with. The first thing you’ll notice about this toy is that it’s incredibly heavy. If you purchase it for a small breed, they will definitely have trouble tugging on it or carrying it around. The toy is large enough for large breeds such as Pitbulls or Great Danes to chew on, and it’s the perfect tug o’ war toy. Simply grab onto the rope handle, and you and your dog can enjoy hours of play. 


This rope toy is also great for your dog’s teeth. As they run around with it, play tug o’ war, and chew on it, the toy will slowly scrape off tartar and plaque buildup. The rope toy will also allow your dog to maintain healthy chewing habits; this will not only help your dog but also protect your household items from your pup! The rope will alleviate boredom and create a fun toy whether or not you’re there to play with them. 

The Perfect Outdoor Tug Toy

The Nuts For Knots Rope is great for outdoor play. It’s durable enough to withstand roughhousing outside and water resistant. Your dog can play with this toy just about anywhere without hurting the material or wearing it down. We did, however, notice that when wet, the toy gets very heavy; not an issue for large breeds, but if you have medium or smaller sized dogs, it may make it too difficult to pick up. The Nuts For Knots is available in two sizes; the smaller size is 10 x 4 x 4 inches, weighing around 12 ounces. The larger size is 13 x 6 x 6 inches and weighs almost 2 lbs.

We would highly recommend the Nuts For Knots Rope for any active playing dog that needs a strong toy to play with. Your dog won’t be able to destroy the toy immediately, but will wear it down eventually; this will eliminate large messes and let your pup stay distracted and chewing for a long time. In our opinion, this rope toy is well worth the money considering how much time your dog will be able to play with it. It will save you money in the long run and spare you the hassle of cleaning up after flimsy toys that your dog destroys within minutes. 


Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The first thing that your pup will be able to destroy is the rope handle. Especially for heavy chewers, they will make it their mission to rip this out. Most dogs can only get one side of the rope out, and it simply becomes a rope attached to a ball rather than a handle. This will still allow you to throw the ball easily, and your dog will still be able to chew on it. Over time, your dog will be able to chew away at the rope until the ball gets too small to play with. While this does create a bit of a mess, it will happen so slowly that you won’t have too much to clean up at any one time. 

Add Rubber Into The Mix

The Nuts For Knots Rubber & Rope Ball With Tug is a great alternative to the traditional Rope with Tug. This great tug of war toy is made with a rope handle and has rubber mixed into the ball. This toy is great for just about any breed. The dimensions of the toy are 3.5 x 3.5 x 12 inches, and it weighs 7.2 ounces. The rubber Nuts For Knots is just as easy to throw as the original but is a bit lighter than the solid rope version. 

Nuts For Knots Ball

While the Nuts For Knots Rope is great for games of fetch due to it’s easy to throw design. You may want to consider purchasing the Nuts For Knots ball for your dog. The first thing to be destroyed on the Nuts For Knots Rope With Tug is the rope, so some dog owners like to simply purchase the ball. The ball is incredibly durable just like the Nuts For Knots Rope Ball. Because of its heavy construction, you can throw the ball fairly far, even without the handle. We would definitely suggest this for dog owners that don’t see a need for a new tug of war toy, but rather just a fun chew and fetch toy.

nuts for knots

The Nuts For Knots Rope Ball is 5″ around in diameter, perfect for just about any size breed. Keep in mind that just like the Nuts For Knots Rope With Tug, the ball does get heavy when wet; smaller dogs may have trouble carrying the toy around if it gets soaked.