Who is Multipet?

Founded in 1995, Multipet International has established themselves as a premier supplier of pet products with clients ranging all around the world. With both dog and cat owners in mind, the company prides themselves on high quality fabrics that are internationally sourced to manufacture the best products possible. Some of the merchandise they sell includes toys, grooming equipment, and travel bags.

If you’re looking for a toy to get your pup in the holiday spirit, Multipet is the way to go for that occasion, too. All of their goods are distributed from 40,000 retailers ranging from the United States, South America, Australia and beyond. With several products featured on Amazon’s top selling dog toys list, Multipet is an internationally trusted company.

Multipet understands corporate responsibility and continues to give back to the global community by supporting several foundations. They joined the fight against breast cancer in 2007 after introducing the Loofa with a pink ribbon embroidered onto the toy. The proceeds go towards cancer research. The original Loofa has proven to be one of Multipet’s best sellers. A camouflage Loofa was created shortly after the success of the pink ribbon Loofa. The proceeds for this edition go towards the “Support Our Troops” fund.

Multipet has over 20 years of experience and is one of the leaders in the industry with a number of great products, including the Tug ‘o Man. Tug ‘o Man is one of many “Tuff Enuff” products manufactured by Multipet which are aimed at heavier, more aggressive chewers.

The Product: Tug o Man

Basic Design

Belonging to the “Tuff Enuff” lineup, the Tug O’ Man is very durable. Made with tough nylon and a roped cotton handle, this Multipet toy is made with medium and large dogs in mind. Moderately priced around the $10 mark, and built to last, the Tug O’ Man is a good value. The water resistant toy floats and is brightly colored for easy retrieval! Whether your pup is playing with it in the woods or fetching it in the ocean, this durable toy will get many uses.

Available in multiple colors (which you can choose from on our sister site shopwoofpack.com), this quality 14 inch toy comes with a durable squeaker. Located in the leg of the man, the squeaker is easy to find for you and your dog.

For Tug and Other Play

Another unique feature of the Tug O’ Man is that it’s great for multi-dog homes. If two pups want to have a true game of tug-of-war, the cotton handle allows for that. When your dog plays with their furry friends, they can each grab one end and tug on it. Given that there aren’t a lot of dog toys for multiple dogs on the market, Tug O’ Man has a leg (or paw) up on the competition. The cotton handle also makes it great for owners to grip while helping to keep your hands slobber-free. With a little targeting bite training, and the dishwasher safe feature of this toy, this is a great pick for dogs that slobber.  The handle can also be used for a better throw during fetch, whether in the pool or on land.

Constructed with a combination of nylon and rope, the Tug O’ Man is a quality, durable dog toy with incredibly strong stitching able to withstand some of the largest and hardest dog’s bites. Dogs also love that the Tug O’ Man squeaks, feeding to their predatory instincts, and keeping your pup engaged for hours no matter how hard they chew.

Washing Features

Due to the Tug O’ Man’s durability, it is a dishwasher safe dog toy. This is a great feature for maintaining the longevity of the toy, especially after a day at the beach or at the park. The Tug O’ Man is very easy to maintain for indoor play, as well. You can easily wash it off in the sink and have it looking like new after it dries. With this toy being an indoor friendly dog toy, dishwasher safe for outdoor play, and a water friendly dog toy, this toy can go just about anywhere, and you can easily clean it off when they’re done.

Is this right for my dog?

Though the Tug O’ Man is super durable, as with any dog toy, it is not indestructible. Still, some toys are better than others for those tough chewers, and this has proven to be one of them.Without any reservation, we would classify this in the higher quality, higher durability dog toy category.

There is only one squeaker in the toy and it is located in the leg making it very small. Due to its little size, the squeaker is not very loud and has to be hit in the right spot to produce noise. If you prefer a squeaker that is not easily found by your dog, this is a bonus! But if your dog is a squeaker-seeker who will constantly hunt for the noise maker and annoy you, this may not be ideal

The rope handle is very tough, but as it is made of tiny threads tightly woven together, it can become frayed with sharp teeth. Puppies may not be the best users of this toy because of the sharpness of their teeth. At 14 inches, this toy is quite large and heavy, so if your dog is small or not fully grown, they may have trouble trying to carry it around or even fit it in their mouth.

General Cautions

This toy is a stuffed dog toy, filled with cotton.  As with any stuffing filled dog toy, if the outer layer is ripped, the cotton becomes a choking hazard. However, as we have mentioned before, the Tug O’ Man is very durable and will be hard to break through.  Still, any responsible dog owner needs to be aware of the possibility.

Along with the stuffing, the squeaker can also become a choking hazard if your dog becomes exposed to it. The squeaker is small and could definitely get lodged into any dog’s throat. Due to the squeaker being in a flimsy limb, the possibility of it being chewed off and becoming a choking hazard is higher than ripping through the core of the toy where the stuffing is located.

Lastly, there is a tag on the Tug O’ Man located on his leg. Generally, tags should be removed from toys before your dog plays with it to avoid the possibility of swallowing it. Tags are made of very tough material and can be hard for dogs to pass. It is always good to know how to handle the situation of your dog choking, no matter how unlikely it may seem.

Choking Solutions

The first thing you can do is put your finger in their throat to try to dislodge the item. If that does not work, the Heimlich maneuver is another option. As you would with a human, hold your fist behind the last rib of your dog and hit their back between the shoulder blades to loosen or remove the object altogether. However, with supervised play your pup should be just fine playing with the Tug O’ Man.

Alternate Options

Though the Tug O’ Man is a super durable toy with a squeaker included, it is not for all dogs. Ranging 14 inches, the Tug O’ Man is one of the larger toys on the market which makes it a great pick for big dogs. Perhaps your dog wants something a bit smaller. MultiPet offers a variety of “Tuff Enuff” toys that are manufactured similarly to the Tug O’ Man.

Cross-Ropes Duck

For instance, the Cross-Ropes Duck is made with the same material, but is only 11.5 inches. The product is also skinnier than the Tug O’ Man which can make it easier to grasp and carry for dogs. The Cross-Ropes toy is available in the shape of a bone and a fish, as well. Unfortunately, this toy does not have the featured handle that the Tug O’ Man has, so tug-of-war may bit a bit of a challenge with stronger dogs.

Chilly Bones

If you’re looking for a “Tuff Enuff” toy for a small dog, Chilly Bones could be a great option. Chilly Bones come in both 7 and 5.5 inch sizes which could suit any size dog. Whether it’s a teething puppy, or an active hound, Chilly Bones could be a great, smaller option. The unique thing about Chilly Bones is that they are made of a freezable canvas making them the perfect teething toy for hot summer days.

For detailed information on this product, check out our article Multipet Chilly Bone.

Brrrrr Bite Bone

Another option is the Brrrrr Bite Bone. Like Chilly Bones, the Brrrrr Bite Bone can also be placed in the freezer. However, the Brrrrr Bite Bone must be filled with water before it is frozen. Both toys are great options for dogs who are looking to beat the summer heat. They can be used without freezing them, too.


The Tug O’ Man toy has many great features that make it worth the purchase. Dog toys for multiple dogs are tough to find on the market, but the Tug O’ Man can solve that issue! Tug O’ Man is designed to be used by multiple dogs at once, or by a dog and its owner. The nylon rope makes gripping the toy easy, and it is even meant to last through a stronger bite. Whether you own one dog or live in a multi-dog home, the durable toy is a great option for medium and large dogs.  Its ability to be rinsed off with soap and water or put in the dishwasher for a more thorough clean is ideal for those playful pups. This is the perfect indoor and outdoor toy for just about any season. It can withstand weathering, biting, water, and more!