You may remember growing up watching Gumby and his claymation friends on television, or maybe you just recognize the cartoon character from his famous lanky, green structure. Multipet International has brought the beloved children’s television star to life in the form of a toy specifically made for your pup. Featuring a bright green exterior made of polyester fibers along with a durable squeaker, the plush toy is great for playing, cuddling and carrying. The stuffing filled toy with hanging limbs and a soft outside is one that your dogs will love.

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About The Company

Multipet International was founded in 1995. They’ve established themselves as a premier supplier of products with clients ranging from the United States, South America, Australia and beyond. The company provides supplies for both dogs and cats including toys, grooming equipment, travel bags, and even holiday themed toys. Though all of their products are made in China, they use unique internationally sourced fabrics of the highest quality and are a worldwide leader in the pet industry with supplies in over 40,000 retailers. Multipet International has had several products featured on Amazon’s top selling dog toys list.


Not only is Multipet International a leader in the pet supplies industry, they also look to support several foundations worldwide. In 2007, they joined the fight against breast cancer by introducing a Loofa (one of their top sellers) with a pink ribbon embroidered onto the toy. Along with the Loofa Pink Ribbon series, they also make a camouflage Loofa Dog. Both proceeds from these products are donated to organizations for their respective causes of supporting our troops and cancer research. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Multipet sells a variety of great products, including the Gumby novelty replica. He is easily recognizable from his debut television series “The Gumby Show.”

The Origin Of Gumby


The Multipet dog toy is based on Art Clokey’s claymation character Gumby. Gumby was inspired by Clokey’s first hit short film “Gumbasia” which featured lumps of clay rhythmically moving into different shapes set to music. The short film was so successful, it drew the attention of film producer Sam Engel. Engel encouraged Clokey to develop figures for children’s stories and Gumby was born. 

He first appeared on television in 1955 when “Gumby on the Moon” was featured during an episode of “Howdy Doody.” The premier was such a hit, it led to his own series “The Gumby Show” in 1957. The show ran for 12 years and the complete series can now be found on YouTube. A reboot came along in 1987 called “Gumby Adventures” but it only lasted a couple years. In January 2018, “Gumbo’s World” was released as an app on iOS and Android devices that features games, collectibles, video clips, and more.


Many dog owners say that their four legged friends love Gumby! A lot of pups favor the green guy over other toys. His soft, plush exterior is great for cuddling and carrying comfortably. Gumby is for all dog sizes, depending on whether they are serious chewers or not. The novelty toy is a great blast from the past for its owners and is very cheap. Though it can be destroyed easily, the affordable price allows for multiple purchases, whether to replace the old toy or to increase the longevity of the toys by having multiple around the house. Many owners claim that their dogs become attached to Gumby instantly, which is well worth the price that hovers right around $5.

The squeaker itself is sturdy and many dogs tend to like it. Unlike other noise makers, Gumby is much less annoying for the owners than other squeakers tend to be. It is also physically smaller than others causing it to be quieter than squeakers you may be used to. The petite size allows for all dogs, even puppies, to fit their mouths around the squeaker to enjoy the sound while chewing.

Gumby can be used for more than just play. The bright green character is easy to get attached to. Gumby can be used as a “crate companion” as he is very soft and easy to cuddle with. Even once the stuffing and squeaker is removed, he can be used as a ragdoll to snuggle up with. The nostalgia plays a huge factor in this toy. If you grew up watching Gumby on the television, you’d want your pup to enjoy the same fun green guy that you did as a child.


The biggest complaint that owners have is the frailness of the toy. Many have claimed that the toy lasted less than a week after their dogs began playing with it. With its flimsy arms and legs, the stitches can easily be torn. Once a limb is ripped off, the cotton stuffing will begin to fall out of Gumby. If the squeaker falls out, dogs tend to forget about the toy. There is only that one squeaker, so dogs who favor toys with multiple noise makers may not choose Gumby over other toys.

Another popular complaint about Mulltipet’s plush Gumby toy is the size. Many purchasers expected the plush toy to be larger. Upon receiving the toy, they noticed it to be much smaller than expected. The size definitely affects the durability of Gumby, especially with larger dogs. This toy is better suited for pups who are not aggressive chewers.

General Cautions

We all want our four legged friends to be as safe as possible. With new toys comes new risks. Health and safety precautions must always be seeked before letting your pups play with something new. If your dog loves to chew on toys or play tug-of-war then you should maybe avoid this toy. The more your dog chews on Gumby, the more likely it is for him to lose an arm or a leg. Due to its small size, the limbs could pose a choking hazard. Once the limbs are ripped, the stuffing and squeaker also become choking hazards. Many owners never think that a plush little toy could cause such harm to their dogs which is why knowing what to do in a situation like this could prove to be convenient.

Your first option if your dog is choking is to place your finger in their mouth and try to dislodge or get ahold of the item. You could also try the Heimlich maneuver. Similar to the maneuver on a human, simply place your fist behind their last rib and hit them on the back between the shoulder blades to try and loosen the item that is stuck in their throat. However, with supervised play, your fuzzy friend should be just fine with the plush Gumby. In general, you should remove all tags, look for loose thread, or anything else that could be seen as harmful. Removing tags is most important due to the thick material they are made of. If they are ingested they can be very hard to pass. Gumby has a small tag on his left leg that should be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new toy for your dog always raises questions. Possibly questions could be: What kind of material is it made of? How durable is it? What color is it? What size dog is it for? Is it washable? Where is it made? Is there a squeaker? All of these questions and many more have been asked about Gumby and we will provide you with the answers! Gumby is made in China with the materials of soft polyester fibers with light stitching on his face. The bright green toy is very soft and filled with cotton stuffing. There is a small squeaker located in the head of the toy. The squeaker is smaller than your average noise maker causing it to be a bit quieter than others. Gumby is for all dog sizes, depending on the type of chewer your hound is. The toy is not the most durable, especially with active pups. Gumby can easily be destroyed with constant chewing or tugging. The toy is washable, and as an added bonus Gumby’s signature green will not bleed.

No matter how long Gumby lasts in your home, whether its five minutes or five months, your pup will cherish its time with the nostalgic character. Though it may be more of a purchase for you than for your dog, you will both enjoy having Gumby around.

Alternative Toys

Multipet also makes a Gumby rubber dog toy that may last longer than the plush toy. Made of all rubber, the alternative could be a better choice for your dog. The rubber version is much sturdier than the plush version. Better for chewing, the rubber Gumby is still not indestructible. The more it is chewed on, the easier it is to tear it to pieces. The small rubber pieces can be a choking hazard if your dog continues to play with them. The rubber Gumby is a bit heavier than the plush so it can be hard for smaller dogs to play with and carry around. If you’re looking for something harder and sturdier, but still want the nostalgia, rubber Gumby could be the way to go.