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Growing up, many of you might have seen Lamb Chop in toy stores, on the tv, or in magazines. Well, Multipet International has brought her back for the enjoyment of our four-legged friends. The beloved Lamb Chop has now been made into a toy specifically for your dog to cuddle, play with, carry around and enjoy. This lightweight, plush toy is perfect for your pet to enjoy. Filled with squeakers, stuffing, limbs that hang off, and a soft outside, lamb chop has every feature dogs love, and more!

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about the company

Multipet International is a dog toy company that was established in 1995. They claim to be the “premier supplier of pet products throughout the United States, Europe, South America, Australia and beyond.” They sell dog toys, cat toys and lifestyle items like pet carriers and grooming products. They even sell festive holiday toys for your pet to enjoy. Although their products are made in China, they are committed to the happiness of their customers by providing high-quality products. Using fabrics that are internationally sourced with unique designs and of high quality, Multipet strives to create premium dog supplies.

However, Multipet is much more than a dog supply company. They understand the corporate responsibility they have to give back to the worldwide community. In 2007, Multipet joined the fight against breast cancer by introducing a Loofa Dog (one of their popular toys)  with a pink ribbon embroidered on it. That’s not all that they do. They also pride themselves in giving back to their community by supporting our troops with a camouflage Loofa Dog. For both of those products, the proceeds are donated to various organizations in support of the respective causes. While Multipet sells many great products, their best-selling is the Multipet Lamb Chop.  Many will recognize the Lamb Chop as a novelty replica from the popular children’s show “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along.”

The origin of lamb chop

lamb chop

The Multipet Lamb Chop dog toy is based on the sock puppet, Lamb Chop. Lamb Chop made her debut in 1957 and is one of several award-winning characters created by Shari Lewis, a renowned ventriloquist. This charismatic lamb had her own show titled “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along,” in 1992 which lasted for about 5 years. Now made into a unique plush toy by Multipet International, this lamb has been designed for small, medium and large dogs to enjoy. This beloved toy is sized at 6”, 10”, and 24” respectively. Lamb Chop has evolved from a favorite character for humans to a widely loved plush toy for dogs.


First, dogs love her! It’s been said by many dog parents that their pups tend to fall in love with the adorable lamb at first sight. They play with her with a passion and just can’t seem to stop. With a variety of sizes, you will be sure to find the perfect size for your unique pup! The small is the perfect size for small dogs or puppies. The medium size is perfect for dogs between 15 and 45 pounds. Lastly, the large is perfect for dogs 45 pounds or more. If sized correctly, your pooch should be able to carry her around in their mouth comfortably.

The squeaker in the Lamb Chop does not sound the same as many other squeakers. Due to this, we have found that many dogs don’t immediately try to rip out all the squeakers. Instead, they softly bite and squeak Lamb Chop more gently than they do other toys.  Many dog parents have found that, even after the stuffing and squeakers have been dissected out, their dog still cherishes the Lamb Chop.

lamb chop

Lamb Chop is more than just a toy. She can be used as a “crate companion” for your dog to cuddle with while crated. Even if they are not in their crates, Lamb Chop is the perfect plush cuddle toy. After the stuffing is all gone, the toy becomes the perfect rag doll to cuddle up to. This best seller is relatively inexpensive and, to top it all off, for all of those who watched Lamb Chop on tv it is quite the nostalgic little toy. This toy doesn’t last long, but the joy it brings to your dog is priceless. And with such a low cost, you will find yourself buying multiple to make your dog happy again!



ll toys come with their own unique (or not so unique) pros and cons. The Multipet Lamb Chop dog toy is no exception. There have been varying flaws reported by several customers of this beloved plush toy. Often, the little Lamb Chop is smaller than they expected or that they were told she would be in the item description. There have also been some issues with the non-refundability terms that were not clearly stated by the company. Some customers felt the return policy was misleading.  

Dogs that love to chew on things or that are energetic may easily rip up the Lamb Chop. They are able to tear off the ears or tongue and chew through the thread binding it together.The more they play with it, the more the fur comes off, quickly making a mess. They might even end up swallowing some of the stuffing. Depending on your dog, this plush toy may not last long.

If your dog is energetic and loves to play and destroy toys, the Lamb Chop is not going to last long. However, Lamb Chop is not marketed to be the most durable toy. Instead, it is an adorable, novelty toy that owners and dogs will love. If your dog is small or older and enjoys soft toys, Lamb Chop is an excellent choice. If your dog loves to destroy toys in search of the almighty squeaker, Lamb Chop is a good, inexpensive toy to let them enjoy. As long as you don’t mind the mess that will be left behind by the stuffing.

lamb chops

general cautions

With new toys, there often come risks. We all want the best for our furry best friend and that means looking out for their health and safety. With the Multipet Lamb Chop dog toy, there are a few cautions we would love to give you, especially those of you with energetic dogs. If your dog loves to chew on toys or play tug-of-war then you should watch out with this toy. As your pooch plays with his/her Lamb Chop, there is the possibility of them ripping off her tongue or ears. They could also rip through the seams and get ahold of the squeaker(s). Both of these things pose a choking hazard for your dog. It is at this time that knowing how to help your dog would come in handy.

The first thing you can do if your dog is in trouble is to move your finger through their mouth to dislodge and get ahold of the item. Another option is to do the Heimlich maneuver on them. This simply requires you to pull your dog towards you, put your fist behind their last rib and hit them between the shoulder blades. However, with supervised play, your dog should be able to play with the Lamb Chop safely. As a general rule of thumb, you should remove all tags, loose threads, hanging loops, etc from toys before giving them to your dog. Removing tags is especially important since they are made out of such a tough material, it is hard for your dog to pass if accidentally ingested. Lamb Chop has a small, square tag on the back half of her body you should remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new toy for your dog could cause you to raise several questions. These questions could be: what color is it? Is the toy going to be durable and last a long time? Is it washable? Where is it made? What material is it made of? Is there a squeaker? All of these questions and more have been asked about Lamb Chop and we have the answers just for you! Lamb Chop is made in China and is white with black eyes and red paws. She is washable and as an added bonus, the colors don’t bleed when washed.  Made with polyester fibers, Lamb Chop has a knit face with a fuzzy body that’s great for your puppy to cuddle. The toy contains a squeaker for the enjoyment of your dog.

Depending on what size you buy, the squeaker changes location. In the smaller size, the squeaker is located just below the head in the back. The larger size had the squeakers in all four paws as well as below the head in the back. Lamb Chop is a stuffed toy, full of cotton and polyester blend stuffing.

lamb chop

No matter the size or chewing ability of your dog, Lamb Chop will be a toy they cherish. Whether that’s for months or just a couple of minutes, this adorable toy is well worth the looks on your dogs face. Plus, the nostalgia Lamb Chop will give you makes her something you and your dog can enjoy together.