When you have two dogs, going for a simple walk or run can turn into a disaster. One dog pulls right, the other pulls left, and pretty soon your arms are stretched wide! As a result, your walk time doubles. Instead of trying to master two separate leashes, your answer may lay in a handy multiple dog leash.

These contraptions enable an owner to hold one handle while controlling two separate pups. In essence, the leash splits at a center point and provides two attachment heads. Furthermore, many multiple dog leashes incorporate innovative designs like 360-degree movement or bungee shock-absorption.

We’ve found three dog leashes and leash attachments that will make your walking adventures easier. After comparing prices, customer reviews, product details, and innovative design features; these three stood out above the rest! Each is affordable at under $15 and can be purchased directly through Amazon using our provided links.

The First: Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash


By far, we believe the Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash has the coolest design. Instead of being a full leash, this product attaches onto your own favorite leash lead through the use of a 360” swivel ring. In fact, the swivel ring has full range of rotation and eliminates the possibility of tangled pups! Customers explain that the swivel feature is absolutely wonderful for dogs who like switching sides during their adventures.

The Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash is entirely black with bright green stitching and padding details. Therefore, its color does not indicate any specific gender and can be used with any unique furbaby. The double dog leash is 1” wide with an extremely sturdy construction. Additionally, because this product attaches onto your own leash lead or hands-free device, the length is completely customizable. On its own, the product measures 24 x 1 x .3”.

In detail, each leash side is adjustable from 18” to 24” using hard plastic hardware. As a result, an owner is able to modify for different dog sizes or heights. Afghan Hounds, Scottish Terrier, German Shorthaired Pointer; in theory any two dogs will be able to walk together!

The Selling Point

 The true selling point of this leash includes two padded handles stitched into each individual leash side. Neoprene made, the padded handles should feel comfortable in your hands. The company has designed their double dog leash with a handle for each side to give the owner more control between two separate dogs. For example, when a squirrel scampers by and one dog has the urge to chase, simply grab onto that pup’s stitched handle. On customer explains, “I like the padded hand held options so when [a] car passes by I can hold them back closer…”.

Who is the Product Made For?

The Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash is designed for medium to large sized dog breeds. The company indicates that their product is “strong heavy duty.” Furthermore, customers seem to agree; explaining the leash to be very sturdy.

We believe this product will be great for owners who are very active with their pups. Along with its strong design, the leash is perfect for attaching to your choice of lead. For instance, an owner can enjoy hands-free hiking or possibly cycling. Furthermore, the bright green stitching is reflective! In effect, you can continue to be adventurous with your furbabies into the night. In contrast, customers suggest the product is not good for obedience training.

If you are unhappy with your Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash purchase in any way, the company offers a lifetime guarantee. Yet, the fact that they offer such a guarantee denotes how confident they are in the leash!

Unfortunately, Vaun Duffy is currently building their website. Therefore, we are unable to provide a manufacturer’s photo. Please click the Amazon link below to view this leash.

The Second: Double Dual Dog Leash by Petender


The Double Dual Dog Leash by Petender comes in all black, even the hardware. Similar to the Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash, this leash features the ability of 360-degree rotation. It is able to follow your pup’s movement using a swivel ring located where the leash splits in two. By and large, this ability minimizes the risk of two Fido’s tangling together!

Unlike our previous pick, this particular leash comes with a leash lead attachment with stitched handle. But, the center clasp allows an owner to remove the leash lead and attach their own variation. We believe this is an important feature. For example, you may wish to use a hands-free walking device! Or you may be in the mood to jazz things up with a colorful leash lead.

In detail, the Double Dual Dog Leash by Petender is made with quality materials. This includes nickel plated and stainless steel hardware, nylon webbing stitching, and neoprene padded handle. All combine to make a sturdy and comfortable multiple dog leash.

The Selling Point

Ultimately, the true selling point of the Dual Dog Leash by Petender includes the shock-absorbing bungee on each leash. In fact, the stretching material spans 60” to 72”. All-together, this makes the leash 5 to 6 ft in length (which is standard).

The bungee exhibits more positive effects on you and your pup’s walking experience. First, the stretch reduces neck injuries and choking hazards for your furbaby. Second, the shock absorption quality provides ease on your arms and shoulders if your pooch suddenly pulls!

On the contrary, some customers are not a fan of the bungee. They note that its stretch extends too far to maintain control over their pup. While this pit-fall can be considered a set-back, it does not detract from quality. In fact, most customers explain Petender’s Double Dual Dog Leash as well made and high quality.

Who is this Product Made For?

We recommend this leash for large dog breeds because it may be too heavy for small breeds. Furthermore, customers note that difficulties arise when two dogs of different heights are attached. In theory, the stretchy, bungee material should allow for different sized pups. Yet, customer experience tells otherwise.

The sturdy hardware and material are a great combination for active dogs and owners. Additionally, Petender uses reflective stitching in this leash for increased nighttime visibility. Thus, if your adventurous day runs into the evening, that’s okay!

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase of the Double Dual Dog Leash, the company offers a 180 day free maintenance guarantee.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this leash.

The Third: Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Double Dog Walker


Our final pick is Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Double Dog Walker. This 1” wide leash attachment is similar to Vaun Duffy’s Double Dog Leash because it comes without a leash lead. Consequently, you have complete autonomy in choosing your own perfect handle.

Using a connecting alloy ring, your dogs will have the ability to move about freely. Essentially, their leash will slide along the ring as they move in different directions. Like our other multiple dog leash picks, this feature reduces the hazard of entanglement!

One customer explains, “The dogs can easily switch positions […] without getting tangled, but they still are forced to stay in control…”. Unlike bungee material, this leash’s material holds no stretch. Therefore, an owner can maintain optimal control.

The Selling Point

While Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Double Dog Walker does not have any fancy features, it is practical and reliable. Customers note its great quality and good value for the price.

It is obvious that the hardware included on this leash is durable. This includes an alloy ring, nickel plated hooks, and sturdy plastic adjustment pieces. Because the two leashes are adjustable, an owner can walk two pups of different size or height. Furthermore, its material is water resistant!

Who is this Product For?

The Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Double Dog Walker is designed for owners who want a simple, quality multiple dog leash. It is a basic standard, like a quality white t-shirt. Unfortunately, one customer observes a slight downfall: the product does not work optimally with dogs who walk at different speeds. But, we believe this to be a downfall with most multiple dog leashes.

Sizing Conflict

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Double Dog Walker comes in third place of our multiple dog leash picks. Overall, this leash is a quality product, yet there remains a discrepancy in sizing. To explain, the product’s Amazon page notes that two sizes are available: small and large.

First, the product’s title on Amazon states “16 to 24 inches.” Second, their description states “11 to 20”. Third, their product image states “4.5 to 22”. Therefore, it is hard to understand which sizing is correct for small and large. Unfortunately, the company’s website produces no solid measurement description.

In Conclusion

Multiple dog leashes, or dual dog leashes, are a fabulous way to take two doggies out for an adventure. The product eliminates difficulties like stretched arms and tangled leashes. In short, your pups while walk side by side, attached to the same leash head. While their first couple walks on this product might take some adjustment, soon your dogs will be trained together!

We’ve chosen three multiple dog leash options that received positive customer feedback and exhibit quality design features. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy walks, runs, hikes, and more with your furbabies!