Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of a dog’s body. Unfortunately, other than some wispy lashes, your pup does not have a natural way to fully protect their pupils. Just like humans, pups need adequate eye protection to keep their vision safe. We all know that dogs tend to dive head first into everything they get into, so it’s extra important to protect their eyes when needed. Luckily, there are several dog-loving companies out there who make eye protection especially for dogs! We compared the best of the best to bring you a comprehensive listing of must-have dog goggles. Before going on a car ride, taking your pup to the beach, or heading into bright sunlight, dress your dog with some shades for safety and style!

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Uses for Dog Goggles

Car and Bike Rides

     Sticking their heads out of the open window and feeling the breeze on their fur is a special treat for many dogs. Dogs love tagging along for car rides with their human companions, but why do they love it so much? For pet parents wondering why car rides matter to dogs, here are a few reasons car rides are so special for your pooch:

The sensory experience:

     Dogs have extremely sensitive noses that can pick up on a multitude of smells. As your car is cruising down the highway, your dog is having a wonderful time sniffing everything in the air. New smells are very exciting for any pup!


     Like people, dogs are outgoing and enjoy new adventures. Being in a car means going somewhere exciting, and dogs love all the possibility! Anywhere that isn’t home is sure to spark a curious excitement in your pooch, and the car is the gateway to all these fun places.

Pack bonding:

     Riding in a car can make a dog feel like they are spending time with their pack. Some pet experts theorize that the forward movement of a vehicle can stimulate a hunting instinct in your dog and make them feel like they are in pursuit with their pack-mates!

     No matter the reason, most dogs jump for joy at the opportunity to go for a ride in a vehicle. As a responsible pet parent, you should want your dog to have fun on car rides while staying as safe as possible. There are a variety of safety measures that can be taken to keep your pooch protected; such as pet seat belts, car barriers and more. However, something that is commonly overlooked is dog eye protection! If your pup is a fan of hanging their head out of an open window, eye protection is a must. Cars travel at high speeds, and while debris such as leaves and twigs may seem harmless, they can pack quite the punch when flung into your dog’s face at 30 mph or more.

Beach Play

     Bringing the dogs along on a family beach vacation is a great way to enjoy the summer with your pet. With all of the excitement of splashing in the surf and running on the sand, dogs tend to love the beach. However, the beach poses a few risks to your dog’s eye safety that you shouldn’t ignore:


     Many dogs love to dig holes in the sand because it is a natural instinct  and can be tons of fun! Unfortunately, sand grains are rough little suckers and can seriously irritate your furry friend’s eyes. Because dogs are so carefree and motivated,  they often times won’t stop digging even when some sand enters the eye. In turn, more and more sand will build up and cause damage to the eye’s delicate tissues. Sand grains can scratch the cornea or cause deeper abrasions to the eye that can cause long-term damage.


     Aside from sand, the saltwater at the beach can sting your pup’s eyes as they frolic in the waves. As a result, this can cause your pet’s eyes to burn and become very sore and irritated. Like sand, beach dogsaltwater contains small abrasive grains that can scratch parts of their eyes, which can leave permanent damage.


     Extra sun protection must be in place at the beach since there are no trees, buildings or other structures to block the sun. Plus, the light-colored sand greatly reflects the sun, causing a bright glare. Just like humans, dogs’ eyes need to be shielded!

Sunny Days

     If you’re playing with your dog in your own backyard on a hot summer day you may not think they need any kind of special protection. Think again, because the sun is a commonly overlooked risk to the health of your dog’s eyes. Just like humans, dogs can be injured by the sun’s harsh UV rays. Dog’s don’t know better than to look towards the sky, and looking directly at the sun can be extremely harmful to their eyes. Even if your pooch doesn’t stare at the sun, they can still be affected by the powerful rays.  Repeated exposure to the sun’s rays can be responsible for cataracts, vision degeneration and even cancer in your pet’s eyes. Don’t let that happen to your best friend!

Our Top Picks for Dog Goggles

     Doggie eyes are precious and pet parents should do everything possible to protect them. Unfortunately, once the eye tissue or retina is damaged, you will not be able to gain it back. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of picking out the very best eye protection for your dear furry friend, don’t stress, because we already have! Our team compared key aspects of each goggle product, like sizing, how it will fit on your pup’s face, materials used for UV protection, and durability.

Pet Leso UV goggles

     Made specifically for larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, these chic-looking goggles are sure to turn heads and keep your pup’s eyes super safe. The goggles feature a long, easily adjustable, elastic strap that comfortably fits around your dog’s chin and head. Unlike some other dog goggle brands, the Pet Leso glasses have a hinged nose piece that sits between the eyes in order to better conform to your pup’s face.

     These glasses are perfect for car rides and are made with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that resist anything life may throw at your pooch’s eyes. In addition, the lenses are also tinted to provide UV protection for when your pup is enjoying some fun in the sun.

     The lenses may become scratched after continuous wear, but at around $11, these goggles are easy to replace. Most pet parents are thrilled with their dogs’ willingness to wear these glasses and keep them on. With the use of wide straps and foam-lined eyepieces, your dog will be provided with the comfort they need. To meet your pup’s unique style, the goggles come in black, gray and red so you can choose your favorite option.


7.2 x 2.4 x 2.2”

Dog Goggles by Enjoying

     These goggles made specifically for small dogs (and cats, and even rabbits!) really have it all! Not only do they offer adjustable straps, tinted UV protection and padded eyepieces, they’re also waterproof. Your tiny pup will be ready to ride in the car, hit the beach or head out on a rainy day with these glasses.

     The goggles have an adjustable head and chin strap to allow you to fit the glasses to your dog’s head size. Some pups can get fussy when wearing these glasses and try to paw at them, so make sure that they aren’t too tight! If your dog prefers a slightly looser fit, the glasses won’t be effective at keeping water out of their eyes. However, if your pup is more easygoing and allows  for a snug fit, they can splash around in the ocean without hurting their eyes!

     Before purchasing these products, you should be aware that these glasses may slide around. But, for the majority of pooches these glasses work perfectly and keep eyes safe. With both black and pink options to choose from, you can pick whichever fits your pup’s personal style. The pink goggles are a bit more expensive, but we guess that’s the price to pay for fashion!


10cm chin strap length (minimum), 10cm frame

Namsan Dog Goggles

     These super sleek dog goggles keep out sun, wind and water. The shatterproof lenses are encased in frames that come in pink, yellow or blue. The glasses feature head and chin straps that keep the glasses secure on your pup’s face. In addition, there is also a hinged nose bridge to help the glasses fit to your pup’s unique head shape. Adjustable straps allow most small and medium dogs to easily fit in these great goggles. With use of a foldable design, these glasses provide portability for your travel needs. Although slightly more expensive than other brands of dog goggles, these glasses are still worth it to keep your best friend’s eyes protected.


Lens Height: 33mm, Lens Width: 49mm, Frame Width: 150m

Adjustable head strap: 22cm-40cm, adjustable chin strap: 17cm-28cm

QUMY Dog Sunglasses

     These glasses were designed for dogs over 15 pounds. With features like shatterproof lenses and adjustable head and chin straps, these glasses are great at protecting your pooch from water, sun, debris, and more. Plus, the QUMY Dog Sunglasses have a hinged nose bridge that makes them flexible and easily folded. Choose from a wide variety of colors; these glasses are available in black, red, pink, blue, white and yellow to suit any stylish pooch!

     QUMY designed these glasses with earth’s elements in mind. By blocking out harmful UV rays, you can be sure Fido is safe on a sunny day. Also, their eyes will be safe from splashing water at the beach or pool. With the use of foam and adjustable straps, your dog will have the ultimate comfort while wearing the sunglasses.

      Compared to many other brands of dog glasses, these run on the cheaper side. However, low price is no substitute for quality! Most pet parents are extremely satisfied with this product. These goggles also have a very stylish look to them — the lenses reflect light and appear to have a shiny rainbow coating. Your pup will be the coolest pooch on the block with these wonderful glasses.


Lens Height: 33mm/1.3″

Lens Width: 49mm/1.93″

Frame Width: 150mm/5.91″

Neck around 95-190mm/3.71-7.41″

Head elastic band minimum: 82mm/3.20″ maximum: 170mm/6.63″

Final Thoughts

     Remember to always test your new dog goggles at home before actual use. That way you can be fully prepared once you’re at the beach, in the car, or just going out on a sunny day. Dog goggles do a great job of keeping out debris, but you should still be observant and notice anything that may have slipped through the cracks into your furry friend’s eyes. Ultimately, if you notice Fido messing with his or her eyes after an adventurous day, inspect the affected area. If or when the irritation continues, make an appointment with your trusted, local vet.

     By using dog goggles, you and your dog can expand your horizons while keeping safety a priority. Go for a ride, splash in the waves at the beach or just run around the backyard, but no matter what you do, make sure your pooch is protected. Let the adventures begin!