NPIC may not be the most recognizable name, but they’re a brand that we have come to trust, especially when it comes to their puppy products. They have an assortment of teething rings that not only satisfy your dog’s urge to chew but give them the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. 

Puppy chewing

All puppies have a natural instinct to chew.  Nylabone Puppy Teething Toys are great for your new puppy’s mental health, behavior, and oral health. They will help your new pup develop healthy chewing habits, keeping them chewing on toys, rather than household items. Puppies will often chew to relieve the pain caused by teething; teething toys are a healthy way to promote healthy new teeth for your pup without causing pain. Even better, they’re soft enough to prevent your pup from chipping a tooth.

A Word About NPIC

You may not have ever heard of NPIC, and we’re happy to introduce you to this dog-loving brand. Their two main focuses within the company are innovation, and quality – and they have excelled in both aspects. All of their products are made in the USA, and they are constantly trying new things to improve the quality of their products. Most of their puppy teething products also contain DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid that helps puppies with their cognitive development. This is one of the biggest things that sets their treats apart from other brands. 

NPIC also gives back to their community in every way possible, including donating to dog-friendly non-profit organizations. They help organizations such as Operation Kindness, SPCA of Texas, Paws in The City, and more. We have grown to love this brand due to their high moral expectations of themselves, and their high-quality products. 

N-Bone Teething Rings

The N-Bone Teething Ring is a great treat for puppies going through the teething process. It’s gentle enough for their delicate teeth and crunchy enough to satisfy their urge to chew. Unlike traditional puppy chews, the N-Bone teething ring goes a step further to provide your puppy with nutrients they need to develop. These teething rings even have DHA which is an omega 3 fatty acid that helps puppies in their neural development. In addition to DHA, they also have a high percentage of calcium which will help your dog develop strong teeth and bones. 


N-Bone Teething Ring

Your pup will also love these treats because of their delicious pumpkin flavor. They also include Rice flour, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, water, pumpkin, natural pumpkin flavor, oat fiber, calcium carbonate, sweet potatoes, cranberries, citric acid (a preservative), brewers dried yeast, cinnamon, fennel, algae meal, turmeric. All of these natural flavors come together to create a natural and nutritious treat for your pup.

Ingredients such as the sweet potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin will give your dog vitamins they need such as Vitamin A, B6, and C. The cranberries are also a great antioxidant for dogs. We would highly recommend these treats for just about any pup that needs a healthy outlet to satisfy their chewing needs. 

The teething rings are 7.5 x 2.2 x 6.5 inches and weigh about 5 ounces. Puppies that are 5-10 lbs. ca have 2 to 3 rings per week, dogs 10-20 lbs. can have 3-4 per week, and dogs 20-35 lbs. can have 5-7 per week. You can purchase a pack of 3 for Amazon for around $5.

N-Bone Puppy Stix

The N-Bone Puppy Stix are another great chew for teething puppies. They’ll satisfy your dog’s need to chew with their crunchy texture. They not only support healthy digestion but healthy neurodevelopment as well! Not many dog food companies can say that. They’re grain-free, made with organic ingredients, and all-natural. This makes them great for sensitive puppy tummies. Just like the teething rings, they also contain DHA omega 3 fatty acids, the ingredient that will help your dog’s brain develop. They also have other nutritious ingredients that will keep your new pup full of energy and ready to play, and at only 27 calories per treat, you can spoil your pup as much as you want to!


The N-Bone Puppy Stix contain a variety of healthy all-natural ingredients great or growing pups with sensitive stomachs. They contain dried potatoes, vegetable glycerin, gelatin, water, chicken, natural chicken flavor, algae meal, carrots, organic flaxseed, alfalfa, cranberries, calcium carbonate, cinnamon, parsley, chia seed, agar-agar, peppermint. The dried potatoes and carrots will allow your pup to obtain Vitamin B6 and C. The carrots are also great for your dog’s eyesight. These treats are also rare in the fact that they contain organic flax seed. Flaxseed will help your pup develop a healthy coat and skin. 

We would highly suggest the puppy stix for any new puppy that needs a crunchy treat to satisfy their chewing needs. The puppy stix will gently soothe your dog’s gums, and scrape tartar off of their teeth in the process. You can purchase a pack of either 6 or 18 puppy stix right from Amazon. 

N-Bone Puppy Bones

N-Bones Puppy Bones are a great ingestible bone for teething puppies. They have the perfect texture and mixture of ingredients to keep your dog growing and comfortable in their early stages. Just like the rest of their puppy line, these bones are formulated with DHA, which is great for your new puppy’s cognitive development. They’re also made with all-natural ingredients, and free from soy, corn, and wheat. This makes them great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The puppy bones are unique in the fact that they contain milk protein that is not only great for your dog’s teeth but their overall bone health. 

The N-Bone puppy bones are one of our favorite treats made by N-Bone. They have a great crunchy texture that not only soothes your dog’s teeth but scrapes plaque and tartar off of their baby teeth. Your pup will achieve fresh breath and healthy energy after consuming these delicious treats. They’re also the perfect size for just about any puppy. The bones are 6.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches and weigh just 4.6 ounces. 

In addition to the natural chicken flavoring, these treats also contain brown rice flour, rice flour, vegetable glycerin, water, tapioca starch, milk protein concentrate, calcium carbonate, carrageenan (natural seaweed extract), algae meal, vanilla.