Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the Nite Ize company began in 1989 with only one product. Now, the company has grown to specialize in all things tech. You can find everything from reliable cell phone accessories to durable bike lights. In our world of pets, we are more interested in their doggie products. In particular, the Nite Ize Glow Streak LED Dog Ball provides a cool, technology-based toy for you and your pup. Because Fall is now upon us, gifting a great night-time ball to your dog is both smart and fun!

Perfect for Fall

We all know Fall as the season between Summer and Winter. It’s when leaves give way and temperatures begin to drop. As the traditional season for harvest, history has given us joyous holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. In particular, Britannica defines Autumn as the “…period between the autumn equinox […] and the winter solstice…”. For the Northern Hemisphere the time runs roughly from September 22nd to December 21st. For the Southern Hemisphere, this time changes to March 21st to June 21st.

For dog owners, Fall marks the beginning of evening walks in the dark. Because the season’s days are shorter, the sun will set earlier. The Farmer’s Almanac notes, “After the autumnal equinox, the nights will get longer and the days shorter until the December solstice near Christmas.” Unfortunately, this change in lighting can impose a drastic change in your pup’s daily routine.

Instead of upsetting Fido’s evening walk or outdoor play, take a look at what the dog market has to offer. Many companies are upping their games to include both glowing and/or reflective gear. In short, don’t succumb to mother nature!  

The Product: Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball

Packaged Deal

 Although both the company and Amazon offer different variations of the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball, you will get the best bang for your buck through purchasing a combo pack. This combo pack includes their renowned LED Dog Ball, plus a matching collar light! On Amazon, the combo pack is labeled “Disc-O with Spotlit.” Our easy link below will take you straight to the package.


Nite Ize’s Glowstreak LED Dog Ball measures 2.5” in diameter and weighs 3.9oz. As a mater of fact, the ball can be combined with your favorite dog ball launcher. We recommend the Chuckit! Ball Launcher, which you will find more information about in Featured Item: The Chuckit! Ball Launcher.

The true selling point for this interactive dog toy includes its battery-powered flashy light. Both you and your pup will easily see the ball in darkness and most environments. While customers can choose from red or Disc-O glow colors, we recommend the later. In specific, the Disc-O color choice is simply more fun and playful. Your Glowstreak LED Dog Ball will change between various bright colors, mimicking a disco ball!

We love how Nite Ize designed the Glowstreak LED Dog Ball. With a rubber exterior, the product is both durable and bouncy. Fantastically, its flashy lights are activated when the ball bounces on the ground. Furthermore, a 10-minute auto shut-off saves your battery life! The company notes that their product is not recommended for heavy chewing pups. Although harder than their previous product version, the Glowstreak LED Dog Ball should always be used under supervision.

Adventurous dogs who love a good nighttime swim will love the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball. Its material is waterproof and fabulously floats! In fact, even the battery pack screw cap creates a water lock seal. Although, some customers notice water damage when the screw cap becomes loose.

Customer Tip

 Smartly, one customer brings forth an excellent tip for use. While using the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball, make sure to bounce it once on the ground before tossing into the darkness. This allows the balls to light up before you through. If not, you risk chucking your dog’s new toy into the night, never to be found again! Yikes!

Battery Use

In order to produce light, the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball harnesses the power of replaceable batteries. The source is housed in a shockproof, polycarbonate removable core and secured with a screw top cap. You can expect to use 4 Lithium metal batteries, but the first set comes included.

Upon receiving the toy, you will need to remove an insert found between the batteries. The insert is used to prevent flashing lights during packaging and transport. Once this insert is removed, the ball now can light up!

Removing the battery pack will be difficult the first time. Not only do customers confirm their difficulty, but the company notes that “force will be needed.” They recommend using a flathead screwdriver or small knife.

A slight downside presents itself with the screw cap securing the battery pack. Unfortunately, you will need to check it regularly for tightness. Tosses, throws, and bounces will cause the cap to become loose. Consequently, you should use a flathead screwdriver to tighten it. On the other hand, Nite Ize is aware of this factor and will be working on a new, hopefully improved version.

Collar Light Bonus: Spotlit

If purchasing our recommended combo pack, you will be receiving both the ball and a matching collar light. In specific, this collar light is called the Spotlit. Although not water proof, this little light is water resistant. Simply clip the product to your furbaby’s collar using the included stainless-steel carabiner clip.

Like its larger cousin, the Spotlit hosts beautiful lights powered by replaceable batteries. In contrast, you can switch between red and Disc-O colors with the push of a button! These fun, bright lights provide a wonderful safety measure for nighttime walks and play. Both owner and other bystanders will easily see your pup bouncing around!

Outstanding Interactive Play

Interactive play uses toys and activities to engage a pup in both physical and mental stimulation. Dog owners can either participate with their pups or purchase certain toys, like treat feeders, for alone play. Balls, such as the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball, are best when both owner and dog participate together.

First, interactive play presents the opportunity for crucial bonding time. As your dog’s human companion, you are responsible for much of their wellbeing. This undoubtedly includes training. Especially, in a new environment, training becomes your opportunity to prepare Fido for the world around them. The bonding nature of interactive play is the perfect time to teach and practice key commands like “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” etc.

Second, play time doubles as physical and mental exercise. Dogs of all ages and breeds need play to varying degrees. While young puppies have boundless energy for chasing and bouncing, senior dogs will take a slower approach. Furthermore, those in working or sporting breeds with eat up time with hours of energy. At the end of the day, you want your furbaby worn out from fun and ready for a good night’s rest.

Third, interactive toys fight doggie boredom. Unfortunately, a bored dog will begin to exhibit bad behaviors like digging, home destruction, wrongful chewing, and more. Therefore, the more interactive toys you have available, the better! Take a look at the Wellwood Dog Treat Dispenser for an option.

More Nighttime Visibility

If simplicity is more your style, consider Corky’s Reflective Wear ‘See Me’ Over Collar. Using the power of reflective materials, your pup will become quite visible to cars during those walks in the dark.

We love the fact that this product simply slips over your pup’s existing collar, remaining uncovered from any luscious fur. Furthermore, the ease of putting it on and taking off is less stressful for both owner and pup.

Corky’s Reflective Wear ‘See Me’ Over Collar is made from a comfy fleece-like material. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of cool colors like orange, blue, pink, and more. Check out our full-length review on this recommended product in Corky’s Reflective Wear OverCollar.


With the season of Fall upon us, soon nighttime will creep increasingly closer. Our days begin to come up short and threaten to disrupt your dog’s important daily routine. However, mother nature does not have to dictate you and your pup’s evening adventures! Dog product companies recognize the importance for night visibility and offer some pretty decent options.

We have researched and scrutinized the Nite Ize Glowstreak LED Dog Ball from bottom to top. For under $15 you can purchase a combo pack, which includes a cute matching collar light! While other light-up dog balls do exist, the Glowstreak LED product has received the best reviews. Yes, the company is still working out some kinks, but we can look forward to an improved version shortly!

Finally, whether you utilize the featured product or one of your own choosing, keep up the interactive play time! We want both you and your pup to be healthy and happy, nothing less.